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How to Create a Similar App to OnlyFans: Features, Steps, and Cost

In the past few years, subscription-based social media apps like OnlyFans have grown in popularity. The app’s social network-based design makes it highly convenient for users. Not only adult workers but also A-list celebrities, bloggers, and influencers have access to the platform.

Despite the existence of OnlyFans, the niche is relatively open to competition. This article will discuss the essential characteristics of OnlyFans Clone, as well as the primary development steps, tech stack, and monetization models. So, let’s dive in!

What is OnlyFans? How Does it Function?

OnlyFans is a social media platform where original content can be sold. The service enables fans to subscribe to watch their favorite artists for a fee. The app’s distinguishing characteristic is that published content has no restrictions.

Since its 2016 launch, the website has paid over $600 million to creators. Creators can offer monthly subscriptions ranging from $4.99 to $49.99 per month for fans to pay for content (OnlyFans retains 20 percent commission). They may also provide free pages on which fans must pay to access pay-per-view (PPV) content. Other contributors have both free and subscription pages to maximize their earnings and diversify their income streams.

After actress Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans and made millions of dollars in a few days, OnlyFans imposed transaction limits that capped the PPV price at $50 per post and new fan tips at $100. In addition, they changed the frequency of payments in certain countries from weekly to every 21 days.

Is It Worth Developing OnlyFans Clone App?

Apps like OnlyFans are currently the most popular trend. If you decide to develop a comparable service, there is a significant chance that you will become an overnight sensation! Investing in an OnlyFans clone app allows you to distinguish yourself and establish yourself as a market leader.

Let’s examine some fascinating statistics:

  • The majority of artists do not profit from OnlyFans. The majority of them earn less than $145 per month.
  • For the fiscal year ending in November 2018, Fenix International reported a profit and total income of £1,483,705. A year later, this number increased to £4,037,452
  • Subscriptions account for 64 percent of revenue, with pay-per-view messages and tips accounting for the remaining 36 percent.

Essential Features of Video Subscription Platforms like OnlyFans

OnlyFans has many entertaining and valuable features for creators and fans, and the number of these features increases yearly. Here is a list of the most significant.

User Profile Capabilities

User Profile

Users must be able to quickly sign in to the application with basic information.

Identify Creator Profiles

People should be able to search for specific profiles and select their favorites.


It is essential to implement chat capabilities. Thus, individuals will be able to communicate with the developers.

Pay for Content

Customers can request customized content, such as birthday greetings, etc. Or to purchase content that already exists in creator profiles.


The app should provide personalized recommendations based on the user’s interests.


Customers will be informed of any updates or pertinent information.


Multiple payment options are required to simplify and facilitate the user experience.

Content Creator Profile Features

Creator Profile

Content creators register for the app with information about the content they intend to create.

Subscription Plans

Creators should be able to tailor subscription plans to provide subscribers with unrestricted access.

Share Content

Creators must share photos or videos upon request from subscribers.

Obtain Payment

Content creators can receive payments from subscribers after platform-specific commission deductions.


Creators can communicate with their subscribers via chats and one-on-one phone calls. Additionally, it can be an additional way to earn money.

Request Status

Creators of content can view all follower requests and their status.

Admin Profile Features

Manage User Accounts

The administrator can access each user’s profile and delete or block them if they violate the application’s rules.

Manage Creator Accounts

The administrator can view all content creator requests to join the application and accept or reject them.

Set Commission Percentage

The administrator can set the percentage for the platform based on a variety of factors.

Observe Payments

All payment information is processed and displayed to the administrator.

Manage Advertisement

Administrators can promote other projects and generate revenue by placing advertisements on the platform.

Manage Alerts

Administrators are responsible for managing the customer notifications.

Now that you’re familiar with the essential features, it’s time to move on to the main stages of developing an app like OnlyFans.

Steps to Create an Application Similar to OnlyFans

Now let’s examine the specifics. What does each component of the progression signify? Why is the procedure so lengthy? What steps are required?

1. Business Evaluation

A skilled business analyst can calculate and avoid risks, monitor the development process, and bring the project’s ROI to a high level immediately after launch. 

2. Design & Development

The website’s design will immediately impact the consumer’s impression and desire to return, so strive to make everything as fashionable, straightforward, and convenient as possible. The first step is to develop a fundamental style. The second step is establishing specifics such as an authorization form, profile management, chat, payments, settings, account management, etc.

3. Front-End Development

The platform appears simple, but its design, performance, and functionality result from a mobile app development team’s extensive time and effort. When designing functionality, you must consider every detail.

4. Back-End Development

Back-end development requires close attention to detail and excellent developer skills. Basic functionality includes environment configuration, project initiation, database architecture and design, deployment preparation, authorization, subscription/unsubscription/blocking of users, profile management, notifications, payments, payment system integration, wallets, commission, etc.

5. Examining

Creating a large-scale application like OnlyFans necessitates many tests at all stages of its implementation to prevent bugs and ensure an exceptional user experience.

6. Deployment

Next, deploy the application on your server and submit it to the major app platforms.

7. Support

Support and updates for the project following its launch.

Stack of Technologies for an OnlyFans Clone Application

Numerous tools can be used to create a Video Subscription Platform Like OnlyFans. Nonetheless, we can provide an approximation of the technical stack our team would employ for such a product.

  • Programming language: Kotlin, Node.js, Swift
  • Frameworks: Flutter, jQuery, SocketCluster
  • Database: MySQL
  • Cloud Solutions: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform

How to Make Money with an OnlyFans Clone

There are numerous prevalent methods to monetize a Subscription-Based Social Media Platform as OnlyFans. The following are:

☑ Premium Subscriptions

Content creators can determine their subscription fees. Followers can be charged any amount of money for a monthly subscription. It enables creators to profit from their content and platform owners who receive a percentage.

☑ Live Transmission

Creators can run Livestream while subscribers submit tips for a variety of requests.

☑ Premium Messaging

Customers can send personal messages to creators. Messages are delivered using the pay-per-view model. It implies that users can write to the content creators for free but must pay to view the response.

☑ Referral program

Referral programs will benefit content creators. Creators can earn a percentage of other creators’ earnings by referring them to the app.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Similar App to OnlyFans?

The final cost of developing the Personalized OnlyFans Clone Application ranges between $20,000 and $30,000. Creating a complete product will cost approximately $50,000. Numerous factors affect the price. That is, the number of platforms (iOS, Android, or both), the design’s complexity, the project’s requirements, and the number of hours required to build the application.

Do you desire to save money? Therefore, we have a few suggestions for you. The first is to initiate MVP development. It will help you obtain customer feedback and determine their needs. The second is to employ a dedicated development team. 

Wrapping It Up

Reading this article is the first step in developing a Website Similar to OnlyFans. Cost and time estimates may appear daunting, but remember that the investment will pay off rapidly.

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