Bring your real estate company concept to life with our incredible Zillow clone, which is meant to assist millions of people looking for real estate services all around the world.

An app that looks like a Zillow clone

With App clone Script’s Zillow clone script, you may become the dominant real estate online marketplace. Provide vital information to real estate service seekers and link them with the top local specialists that can easily match their needs. Serve the whole real estate cycle with your customized Zillow clone, including owning or living in a property, selling, purchasing, renting, remodeling, financing, and much more. Become the go-to app for critical information regarding the availability of properties for rent and sale in the market, as well as a variety of other topics.

How might a Zillow clone help a real estate firm become more automated?

Using your customized Zillow clone created with App clone Script’s robust Zillow clone script, you can manage your real estate business operations. Your app will be jam-packed with cutting-edge features that will guarantee that your business runs smoothly. A cutting-edge admin panel that provides you with an entire control over business functions, as well as an intelligent monitoring system that ensures flawless functioning all the time.


There are no limits to the number of users or the number of items that can be listed.

The Zillow clone was built from the ground up to accommodate an endless number of users and listings. The same might be limited based on your needs.

Registration of agents

Users or agencies may join the platform via an easy registration procedure using a Zillow-like app. Agents do not need to register separately because the app allows members to choose whether to serve as an agent or a normal user.

Purchase, rent, or lease a home

Users can list their properties for rent, lease, or sales, such as villas, flats, lands, and other types of real estate. Buyers, renters, and lease searchers can use the relevant listing to find what they need.

Search based on a map

App clone Script’s Zillow clone includes a sophisticated map-based search that provides users with real-time results.

Listing of several devices

The Zillow clone real estate script is compatible with all major mobile platforms, including iOS phones and tablets, Android phones and tablets, and Windows tablet PCs. So, offer your properties and watch them sell on all major platforms.

Includes a calculator.

Users may use the built-in calculator to calculate mortgages, rents, buy amounts, and fast estimates on a variety of listed properties at their leisure.

Special categories

Admins can add additional custom fields to the Zillow clone to enable users better describe their listings. First and foremost, the app will provide pre-loaded description fields.

List of features

Users may upgrade to a featured listing, which prominently displays the property in all key parts of the app, assuring maximum visibility and increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Exclusive agents

Agents with a Zillow clone account can upgrade to premium status for increased visibility. Premium status guarantees a prominent listing for users looking for agents.

Advertising spaces

Admins can insert adverts in strategic locations on the app/web to maximize views.

Ratings and reviews

On the app/web, users looking for agents may see their ratings and reviews. User feedback aids agents in improving their services and establishing their trustworthiness.

Multilingual compatibility

Integrate a variety of popular languages, including English, Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, and others, to easily cater to worldwide users.

What Makes Zillow Clone Script So Special?

Leading real estate listing service providers in the market influenced our features. We’ve created a real estate platform that’s easy to customize and offers a fantastic experience for both real estate service searchers and suppliers.

Apps for mobile devices

Users may use specific iOS and Android applications to enjoy your end-to-end services.


Users and agents are connected through a sophisticated website with a distinctive user experience and smooth operation.

Administrative panel

Advanced admin panel to easily monitor, control, and monetize the functions of the online real estate website.

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