LocalBitcoins is a great place to start if you want to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

With our included, configurable, and bug-free Localbitcoins clone script software, you can start your peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading business without breaking a sweat. With our help, you may create the business of your dreams!


Do you want to get into the lucrative decentralized cryptocurrency trading market?

Simply use our white-labeled and customizable LocalBitcoins clone software.

LocalBitcoins is well recognized for its peer-to-peer bitcoin transactions, as the name suggests. It is a typical P2P platform that began its services in one-to-one exchange services in 2012. It was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Helsinki. It’s a bitcoin exchange where anyone can buy or sell bitcoins for fiat currency and vice versa. It is encased in the most advanced security and functional characteristics, making it one of a kind in the bitcoin exchange market. This site is perfect for those who are new to cryptocurrencies and want to learn how to trade them. LocalBitcoins allows you to trade in any fiat money.


  • Deposit and withdrawal options for fiat money
  • Services for online and mobile wallets.
  • For maximum security, use multi-signature security and two-factor authentication.
  • The user interface is welcoming and responsive.
  • Trade fees are calculated based on the volume of the trade.

LocalBitcoins clones that are feature-rich and scalable that are ready to use

With our ready-made LocalBitcoins Clone, you may start your own peer-to-peer exchange. Your users can purchase and sell any cryptocurrency and pay with fiat or another cryptocurrency to the appropriate party. LocalBitcoins and other cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold with simplicity by customers. We’ll create a trading platform similar to LocalBitcoins that allows anyone to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies through peer-to-peer transactions secured by a blockchain. The exchange rates will affect the pricing of the LocalBitcoins Clone. The value of the cryptocurrency traded is calculated at the “close” of the trade rather than at the “opening” of the trade. Users can trade fiat currency for cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency.

The Admin panel for LocalBitcoins performs all types of identity verification using the KYC/AML framework. It is protected by stringent security measures that necessitate two-factor verification for each action you take in your account. Localbitcoins is an excellent P2P exchange platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to start with, thanks to its added features.

Clone App Script seizes the opportunity to assist businesses in launching profitable cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Localbitcoins.


Binance Clone Script with White Label

The clone software of the LocalBitcoins trading platform is known as the LocalBitcoins clone script. It works in the same way as the original clone software, but with a few new capabilities. This software can be customized to your liking. As a result, you can customize the software to meet your specific company requirements. This clone script is a decentralized, adaptable platform that allows users to work with ease. It offers a variety of payment methods depending on the user’s location, making it simple to convert crypto to fiat and vice versa.

We, at Clone App Script, recognize the need for a decentralized exchange platform and have developed a well-known peer-to-peer exchange software for your business. Our LocalBitcoins clone script software is created by a dedicated team. Our software creation includes careful optimization of variable features and allows for customization to help you get your business up and running quickly. Our product distinguishes out from the crowd because of its enthralling User Interface and helpful API. Clone App Script is where you can get your LocalBitcoins clone software.


With the LocalBitcoins clone software, you may provide a wide range of services to your users. Our clone app development services enable our businesses to provide their users with a wide range of cryptocurrency exchange options. The following are some of the features we offer in our LocalBitcoins clone app development:

100% development of a Local bit coin clone app Customizable cryptocurrency trading platform.

An experienced staff is responsible for the software infrastructure.

Clone script program with high security for your business.

Software that can clone several devices.

All major crypto coins and trade pairs are covered.

Clone App Script also adds further functionality to your LocalBitcoins clone app. You can also adjust the clone app’s features to meet your specific business needs.


Create a user account.

It’s incredibly easy to get started with the LocalBitcoins clone script software. The user must create an account by providing basic information such as an email address and a username. He must verify the mail after registering. The user can access his account by clicking the verification link.

KYC (Know Your Customer)

Following a successful sign-in, the user must provide additional information such as his phone number, verification documents such as government-issued identification, and so on. This is for the purpose of confirming your identity. After the user has been authenticated, he or she is free to trade or exchange on the site.

Cryptocurrency Exchange on a Peer-to-Peer Basis

The number of available buyers and traders of the given coin will be shown because it is a peer-to-peer exchange platform. The payment options would be determined by the seller’s payment options. LocalBitcoins provides users with a variety of payment alternatives. They are authorized to trade after the mutual request is accepted.

Option for Payment

After establishing an agreement, the buyer should pay the seller for the cryptocurrency value using the designated payment method. The seller must click “I have received the payment” once the payment has been received. He must deliver the specific crypto coin to the buyer. The transaction is then completed successfully.

Payment Arrangements

The buyer can open a payment resolution issue and confirm the money to a crypto transaction if the seller did not click the payment received button.

Dashboard for the Admin

You can check the availability of buyers and sellers of various cryptocurrencies on your website or application as an admin. The admin should only interrupt the trade between the buyer and seller if there is a dispute over payment or any other relevant effect.

Management System for One-to-One Transactions

LocalBitcoins is a complete peer-to-peer lending platform with a one-to-one management system. The Remitano clone script program performs a similar function. However, the owner will receive a minimum of 1% in fees for each successfully completed transaction, which is a significant source of money for cryptocurrency exchange owners.


The entire transaction will be managed by the Clone App Script wallet system, which the Admin will have access to. The transaction will only take place if the buyer sends payment and the seller confirms the transaction.

Every transaction is secured by a two-factor authentication process. You have the option of using the 2-factor approach to secure your user’s account.

If you are signing in to your account from a computer other than your laptop, you will receive an email verification link to access your account.

Customizable software – If you need a LocalBitcoins clone script with certain special features, our software may be changed to meet your specific demands.

Customer support – You’ll always have our back when it comes to technical and non-technical support for any issues with the LocalBitcoins clone software’s functionality.


Why should you use Clone App Script for LocalBitcoins? Script for cloning

When it comes to popular clone scripts like LocalBitcoins, Clone App Script is the best service provider. We provide our clients totally customizable clone script solutions and are open to software upgrades. We have a skilled team of professionals who specialize in offering clone script solutions that meet the needs of our clients. To set our client software apart from other cryptocurrency exchange platforms, we conduct thorough research and analysis and develop exclusive clone software solutions.

When it comes to tooling, we at Clone App Script use cutting-edge technology to create your program. We give full admin and security support for your software, making it the most secure bitcoin exchange on the market. We prioritize our software’s ranking mechanisms, which push reliable merchants to the front based on their trust score. Clone App Script is a clone script that is designed to help entrepreneurs and startups get their business up and running quickly and profitably. Because we give many money production options in our trading software, a Cryptocurrency exchange owner who uses our clone script will get more than one source of revenue. So, now is the time to get your cryptocurrency exchange platform, such as Localbitcoins, up and running with Clone App Script.


The solution is off the rack.

Off-the-Shelf (OTS)

Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script software is a complete solution that can be launched right away. It can be customized according to the needs of the client.

Admin dashboard that is helpful

To make the site look professional, we give amazing User Interface solutions. Our admin dashboard provides you with all of the important administration information, making your job easier.

API Liquidity that Supports

We not only employ modern technology tools, but we also use a specialized API to support the tools effectively.

High-level security

Our LocalBitcoins clone script software incorporates additional security features such as 2 Factor Authentication, Distributed Denial of Service, SSL encryption, and more, in addition to Blockchain technology. Depending on your business needs, you can also add some additional security features.

Simple to Use

The software is easily available and loadable and does not require any additional applications. At Clone App Script, you may acquire a fully customized, bug-free LocalBitcoins clone script.

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies

To increase user involvement, we, at Clone App Script, provide a variety of cryptocurrency-based trading possibilities in your LocalBitcoins clone program.

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