Easily Launch Your B2B Ecommerce Platform. Prepare to stash billions of dollars by acquiring the e-commerce market using the Alibaba Clone script. Tailored meticulously with the critical features, this solution will assist you in scaling your business without a hitch in any silos.

Increase Your Ecommerce Profitability With A Well-Constructed Alibaba Clone

Global business-to-business e-commerce is expected to grow to a $1.2 trillion industry by 2021. There is an acute need for more modern, reliable, and diverse options.

Today, it’s incredibly simple to launch your own online business using our cutting-edge Alibaba clone app. Additionally?! You do not need to be a genius programmer or an expert app developer to participate. Our services are completely white-labeled and can be easily customized to meet your specifications. Our team is composed of industry experts and talented developers who work collaboratively to develop scalable and user-friendly solutions for your business.

What Is An Alibaba Copycat Application?

Since their inception, e-commerce marketplaces have never been out of style. However, among the various eCommerce allies, the B2B e-commerce business model is gaining popularity daily. It is cherished by many because it provides the convenience of buying and selling without the hassles associated with phone orders, managing paper clutter, and so on. Alibaba and other B2B websites/apps are colossal in this space.

Alibaba Clone App is a business-to-business e-commerce app solution that is packed with innovative features and revenue-generating revenue models. You can quickly launch a new venture or expand your existing e-commerce business. You can assist independent businesses in selling their products to other businesses by utilizing our Alibaba Alternative App solution. Impregnated with extraordinary functionality and drilled with an endearing user interface, our solution serves as the ladder for your success to reach the summit. Globalize your customer base and immediately reach any corner of the globe!

Our Alibaba e-commerce alternative package includes both an Android and an iOS application.

Admin Control Panel

Specially designed to give you authority over your business, the user-friendly interface and most powerful panel make managing all operations a breeze.

Vendor Management Dashboard

Carefully designed to accommodate multiple vendors, the Alibaba Alternative enables you to offer a diverse range of products to your customers under one roof.

White Labeling Customize the solution to your specifications. Whether you want to add features or customize the themes, designs, and colors, our solution is adaptable to your needs.

100% Ownership

From the moment you join forces with us, you will have complete control over the admin dashboard, Android, and iOS apps.

Our Alibaba Clone App’s Easy-to-Use Workflow

Vendor App 

01’s Easy Workflow Vendors login / register their accounts via email, phone numbers, or social media accounts.

02 They will enter information about their business, such as its name, website, products, and bank account information.


Vendors can add products they wish to sell to the products list and create special offers to entice customers from the Vendor’s home list.


They can add or delete products from the product list based on their availability.

Applicant 01

Users login / register using their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts.


They will enter desired products into the search bar and refine their search using filters.

03 Once they’ve located comparable products, they can choose the best deal and add it to their cart.


Finally, they can check out by paying for the items using a variety of payment methods and successfully placing their orders.


They can easily track the delivery using the app.

06 They will receive their order on the specified date.

Why Would You Want to Use Our Alibaba Clone Script?

Our Alibaba Clone is a viable alternative to Alibaba that enables you to launch a B2B marketplace that could even compete with the parent company. Whether you’re a startup or an established online business, this scalable script is ideal for online selling.

As a cutting-edge technology solution, it enables you to launch a tech-savvy e-commerce store that streamlines the process of providing the best deals from merchants to small traders.

Our script already includes a foundation that is customizable and scalable to meet the needs of millions of merchants.

You are not required to embark on the arduous task of developing an Alibaba alternative app from scratch.

Finally, you can customize some Alibaba Clone features to make them truly unique, allowing you to advance in leaps and bounds without much effort.

The Price of Creating An Alibaba Clone

Building a B2B eCommerce app is similar to building a dream home. The cost of developing an Alibaba Clone App is influenced by a number of factors.


The basic version is less expensive than the advanced ones. The advanced version, on the other hand, is required to captivate a global audience.


You can download the Alibaba Clone app for Android or iOS. However, the prices are too dissimilar. However, it is strongly advised that you download both versions of the app.

App Development’s Characteristics

Native apps are the industry standard, despite the fact that they are more expensive.

Plug-ins and Features

An additional fee is required if you wish to enhance the Alibaba Clone with unique features such as multilingual support, signup, and so on.

Plugins that cost money

Inventive Add-ons

Add these high-end add-ons to your solution for a cutting-edge B2B eCommerce marketplace.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

Stay ahead of the curve by understanding your users’ futuristic AI preferences and providing them with highly efficient personalizations and recommendations.

Integration of AR/VR

By incorporating snazzy augmented reality and virtual reality into your app, you can give your users a taste of tertiary virtual mirroring and boost their shopping experience to new heights.

Support is available 24/7.

Chatbots can take over the mundane tasks of connecting with your customers through phone calls. Concentrate and channel your company’s resources into high-priority projects.

Assistive Voice

Create a flexible voice search feature that allows users to search for products without having to click on anything.

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