Create an Uber-like app for tutors.
To Utilize On-Demand Tutoring Services
Begin developing an Uber-style tutoring software that links students with tutors all around the world. Earn a lot of money in a short amount of time!

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Development of a cutting-edge on-demand tutoring app

With the increasing competition in the job market, it is more important than ever for students to keep current in their studies in order to start their careers on the right foot. They must also be well-educated in order to succeed academically. Despite the fact that schools and universities provide them with all of the necessary learnings, many students still require additional tutoring services to further their education.

Uber caters to the demand for tutoring services through its tutoring app solutions, which are leading the online education industry. These services allow students to communicate with tutors through the internet, regardless of time or place. App Clone Script provides white-label Uber for tutor apps that are stable and dependable in every way. You can leave an indelible imprint on your target audience by deploying the app in your specialty. Don’t put it off any longer. Get started right away!

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How Can You Make Money?

What Can You Expect From Our On-Demand Tutoring Service App?

  1. Tutors will pay you a commission for each tutoring session organized through your on-demand tutoring app.
  2. Collect monthly/annual subscription fees from students to access your platform and take advantage of courses or tutoring services.
  3. Charge students a service fee for each tutoring session they book through your platform.
  4. Charge tutors who want their tutoring services to be featured in the top lists sponsored fees.
  5. Promote third-party businesses for a fee by displaying their ads on your Uber for tutor app.

Important Characteristics

Like Uber, we have an on-demand tutoring app.

App for Students

App for Tutoring

Admin Control Panel

Signing up is safe and secure.

Students can quickly register for on-demand tutoring using their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media identities.

Dashboard for students

For a rapid overview of pupils, the details of completed, cancelled, and forthcoming tutoring sessions are given.

Examine the profiles of the tutors.

Students can read through the list of tutor profiles and check information such as topic competence, experience, availability, and more in order to schedule tutoring sessions.

Set aside time for sessions.

After selecting tutors, students can book tutoring sessions with them at a time and date that is convenient for them.

Notifications through push

Students receive timely updates on the status of their service requests via push notifications on the app.

Tracking in real time

Students can follow tutors’ locations after they begin travelling to the students’ places to provide tutoring services.

Payment options that are flexible

Once the tutoring schedule has been established, students can quickly submit payments using any method they like.

Chatting in real time

Students can easily contact tutors if they have any questions regarding the tutoring sessions or would like to learn more about their tutoring services.

Reviews and ratings

Students can evaluate teachers and submit reviews on their profiles at the end of each session, assisting other students in making educated decisions.

Invite people and make money.

For successfully referring the Uber for tutors app to other students in their circle to download and install it, students can earn reward points.

How Does The Student App Work?

Is There An Uber-like Tutoring App?


With the platform’s many registration options, students may join up in no time.


Students can look through the profiles of tutors who have enrolled with the Uber for tutor app and see all of their information.


Students can book a tutoring session with their favourite tutors at a time and date that is convenient for them.

Once tutors begin visiting students’ homes to offer their services, students can track them.


Students can use the secure payment alternatives to submit payments quickly after using the tutoring services.


Students can rank and comment on the tutoring service they received.

The Workflow in Detail

Our Tutor-on-Demand App


Tutors can sign up by entering their email addresses or phone numbers.


Tutors can have their profiles verified by uploading the required papers.


Once the tutor accounts have been authenticated, they can immediately begin giving courses.


Tutors will receive fast notice of student requests via push notifications.


After examining the student requests, tutors can accept them.


Tutors can go to their students’ homes and provide their services as promised.


Students can process payments as soon as the service is given.


Tutors can link their bank accounts and receive immediate payment.


Finally, tutors can give comments to students who have taken their classes.

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Exclusive Advantages

Development of Our On-Demand Tutor App

a whole solution

All of our goods are ready-to-use. You can begin with ZERO time-to-market and gain the most market share.

Admin Dashboard with Lots of Power

In your admin dashboard, you have complete control over your websites and mobile apps.

Product That Can Scale

Do you intend to take off and scale up quickly? With the most scalable and resilient products in each area, we’ve got your back.

Solution with a Private Label

Our system is completely white labelled, allowing you to use any brand you desire. Your visitors and users will be completely unaware of YAIM.


YAIM is the most feature-rich solution in its tier, with pricing that starts at the bottom and allows you to extend your runway.

Apps for Mobile Devices That Are Native

Our iOS and Android apps are created natively to provide the best user experience possible on their respective platforms.

Screenshots of the App

Apps for online service that have been improved. Designed with pure technology knowledge to aid businesses in their success.

App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)


App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)


App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)


App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)

Add a new subject

App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)

Detail from the past

App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)


App for Tutors (Uber for Tutors)

View in List

Get It Right Now!


The Android and iOS apps are also free. After all, starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive!

Uber App Development For Tutors Uber App Development For Tutors

App Clone Script

App Development for Tutors on Uber

[email protected] is the user name.

123456 is the password.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

[email protected] is the user name.

123456 is the password.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

[email protected] is the user name.

123456 is the password.

Package Deals



Login as an administrator

Have you forgotten your password?

Dashboard for the Admin

User Management/Viewing

Tutors can be viewed and managed.

Approval of the Tutor


Organize your ratings and reviews.

Service History Management

Scheduled Services Management

Types of Services to Manage

Organize your chapters

Organize your pending requests

Service Statement Management

Organize your promotional codes

List of Documents to Manage

Rules for Referral Management

History of Payments

Configure Payment Options

Change the site’s settings

Tutor Response Time Management

Control the search radius


Manage your social media settings

Organize your CMS Pages


Admin Account Management

Password Change


Registration of Students

Login for Students

Have you forgotten your password?

Login with your social media account (Facebook)


Select a Subject Category to View/Choose

View/Select a Subject

Management of Accounts

Check Out Our Service History

Look at the Coupon

Wallet Management

Organize your credit card information

Request a Referral

Manage/Add Emergency Contacts

See our About Us page for more information.

Visit Contact Us for further information.



Share your contact information

Password Change

Tutoring Appointment

Service Cancellation

Option to Chat/Call

Manage Session Schedules

Notifications through Push

Review and rate (Tutor)


Registration of Tutors

Documents to be uploaded

Login as a Tutor

Have you forgotten your password?

Option for Offline/Online Service

Management of Profiles


Service History Management

Scheduled Service Management

Earnings Chart

Dashboard for Revenue


Add a new service (Subject)

See our About Us page for more information.

Visit our Contact page to learn more.

Send to a Contact

Spread the word about the app.

Service Accept/Reject Accept/Reject Accept/Reject Accept/Reject Accept/Reject Accept/

Sessions Cancelled

Option to Chat/Call

Notifications through Push

Review and rate (Student)


Why should App Clone Script


Our Uber for Tutors software is a white-label solution that can be fully customised to fit your business’s needs.

User Interface That Is Easy To Use

Integrate a user-friendly design and simple interface to make it easy for instructors and students to use your Uber for tutoring app.

Launch in a flash

The completely customised on-demand tutoring service app is quickly and painlessly launched on the server of your choice and on all major app platforms.

What We Have to Offer

App Development for Tutors on Uber

Apps for mobile devices

Mobile apps that are simple to use, technically advanced, and seamless for any vertical.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

App for the Web

Apps based on cutting-edge technology. In-app functions that are highly functional, pro-customizable, and frictionless.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

Dashboard for the Admin

An all-in-one dashboard allows you to swiftly scan the app’s activity and overall performance.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

Support for Customization

For speedy app transformation, limitless customising options with immediate add-on support are available.

App Development for Tutors on Uber

Optional Payments

Secure payment methods are available through any of the recognised online payment platforms.

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