UberEats clone is a ready-to-use solution for quickly developing an online meal ordering app. It has a lot of great features and can be adjusted to fit your business’s needs. Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, cloud kitchen startups, and established company tycoons may benefit from it. Launch our UberEats clone app immediately to reap the rewards of the lucrative online meal delivery market.

An app that is similar to UberEats: Your Quick-Start Guide to Creating a Food Delivery App

In light of the post-pandemic behavioral change, on-demand food delivery applications have become a part of people’s life. Customers expect to be able to enjoy the flavors of their favorite restaurants’ cuisine in the comfort of their own homes. The on-demand meal delivery app industry has exploded as a result of this behavioral change.

With such a large client base, it is often assumed that any new firm that provides on-time delivery and lists consumer favorite eateries will be a surefire success. Why put it off any longer? When you have the chance to take our UberEats-like app and develop a completely customized on-demand food delivery app that targets your specific demographic in a matter of days. Join us as we go on a journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

How Does An UberEats Clone Work?

Open Script Clone’s UberEats clone is a white-label food delivery solution that allows entrepreneurs or existing company owners to quickly build an on-demand meal delivery service. It may be adjusted in terms of functionality and design to meet the needs of the customer. The app may be made using the client’s corporate logo and color palettes, making it appear as though it was built from scratch and displaying it as more authentic. The UberEats-like app is on par with UberEats and other worldwide food delivery applications in terms of performance. Join us and go on a rampage of banging on doors, ringing doorbells, and knocking on establishments.

What Is the UberEats App Clone and How Does It Work?



Users may use their email address, phone number, or social network credentials to sign up for the site.

Search for Restaurants

Users may utilise an advanced search tool to find various restaurants and arrange them by various filtering criteria such as location, price, cuisine, and so on.

Place in Cart

Any of the food products may be easily added to the cart and checked out in a matter of seconds.

Order Acknowledgement

Users may pay using any of the available payment methods, confirm their order, and have it delivered to their door.


Request for Order Receipt

When a user puts an order, the admin has access to all of the data associated with that order.

Confirm Order

Admin sends the order request to the appropriate restaurant manager, and if he accepts it, admin quickly verifies the delivery request.


The order is processed, prepped, and packaged, and it is ready for the appointed delivery person to pick up.


Notification of Delivery Request

The responsibility of delivering the food item to the relevant users is allocated to the delivery executive closest to the pick-up site.

Pickup is available at the restaurant.

The delivery driver then picks up the bundled order and sets out to fulfill the meal delivery request.

Awaiting Delivery

By changing the delivery status to ‘Out for delivery,’ the concerned user is alerted of the delivery, along with an accurate ETA report.

The order has been fulfilled.

Users are given their requested food and asked to rate and assess the delivery service as a whole.

What Services Do We Provide?

The UberEats Clone App comes with the following features:

  • User Web Pane on the Main Website
  • Restaurant Web panel
  • Restaurant Android App
  •  User iOS App
  • The delivery guy in the restaurant iOS app
  • iOS App Dispatcher Panel 
  • Android App Delivery Person
  • Admin dashboard-All-in-one dashboard for swiftly skimming over app activity and performance.

UberEats Clone Script Features


Customers can use their email address, phone number, or social media credentials to use the Food Ordering App.

Search for Restaurants

Users may narrow down their preferred restaurants using an advanced search box based on factors such as location, cuisine type, price, and so on.

Real-Time Monitoring

Allow your customers to receive real-time location updates on their orders as well as delivery status updates. This is a much-requested feature!

Place an order for takeout

Customers who do not want to use the home delivery service can place an order and pay for it via the app and pick it up at the restaurant.

There are a variety of payment options available

Allow your clients to pay using a variety of methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, cash-on-delivery, and so on.

Discounts and Offers

Accelerate your company’s growth by providing enticing offers, discounts, and unique celebratory rewards to your consumers.

Delivery Schedule

Customers may plan the delivery of their favorite food products from their favorite restaurants at their leisure using our online ordering system.


Users may easily check their purchase history and reorder a previously ordered food item without having to go through the arduous process of searching for it.

Assistance Corner

Customers may receive comprehensive help through a unique customer support field that offers telephonic, email, and chat service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reviews and Rating
Users have the ability to provide ratings and reviews on a specific food/restaurant as well as the entire experience on your app.


Instructions for Delivery Executives in Voice

Users can utilize voice instructions to indicate the route that the delivery person should take to get to their destination. At Open Script Clone, we work hard to provide features that are both real-time and simple to use. The UberEats Alternative App now has a voice instruction function that allows users to give delivery people route directions.

  • Speech recognition software in the app will listen to the user’s voice, process it, and send it to the delivery person.
  • Consider a user who is starving and waiting for their order. The driver will arrive at the correct destination without delay thanks to voice directions.
  • Although the delivery person will be guided by the in-app map, the audio instructions will greatly assist drivers in reaching users who reside in remote areas.


Our Food Delivery Software has a powerful safety feature set that prioritizes the safety of all stakeholders in the business ecosystem, particularly users and delivery executives who are exposed to the outside environment on a daily basis. Below are some of the safety features included in our UberEats Clone Script to help your company provide more convenient yet safer delivery.

Delivery without contact

Users can choose to have their orders delivered to their homes or offices without having to deal with delivery personnel. The orders can be left in a secure location outside the users’ front doors.

Sharing of photos and videos

Once the order is delivered to a secure area outside of the users’ homes, delivery executives can share images or videos of the location with them. For enhanced security, users can pick up their purchases after the delivery personnel have left the location.

COD is disabled.

Cash has been found as a possible carrier of a variety of infectious illnesses. As a result, you may eliminate the cash-on-delivery (COD) option in your app to reduce user-to-delivery executive communication.

Details on the high-touch surface

Inform users on how to manage food orders that have been delivered. You may use the app to add disinfection stages for high-touch surfaces such as cover handles, food containers, and so on.

Ratings and reviews for safety

Our UberEats Alternative has a safety ratings and reviews area where consumers may rank delivery executives and restaurants based on whether or not they followed safety regulations and provide comments.

Recognition of the mask and gloves

The food delivery app we provide for your company has a mask and glove recognition feature, which allows delivery executives to log in or accept delivery orders after double-checking that their masks and gloves are on.

Certificates of safety

You can make regular inspections to restaurants to check that all cleanliness and safety precautions are followed. You may also come across delivery executives from time to time. You may give restaurants and delivery personnel safety badges based on your visits. Users may order meals after checking that their orders are in good hands in this way.

Take it with you

Users have the option of picking up their meal orders from restaurants on their own. They can avoid coming into contact with delivery people in this manner, lowering the danger element.

Banners of knowledge

Our UberEats Alternative App has a banner area where you may educate your stakeholders about the causes of different contact-based diseases and how to avoid them. It contributes to their faith in your company.

Why Should You Hire Open Script Clone for UberEats App Development?

White-Labeling is provided free of charge.

Our Food Delivery Software is white-labeled with your company’s branding components, such as a logo, color scheme, and so on, allowing it to be adjusted to your specific requirements.

Server Installation Is Free

Our backend engineers will deploy the Food Ordering App into your servers for free on the basis of rapid launching.

Free Bug Assistance

For a limited time, our quality assurance engineers will free of charge eliminate the presence of any faults or malfunctions.

App Deployment Is Free

We quickly submit the software to Google Playstore and Apple Appstore for free in order to make it available in the quickest period possible.

360-degree support

We at Open Script Clone provide all-encompassing support from idea to implementation and are constantly at your disposal.

Native Apps 

For refined functionality, our maverick developers used their skills to create iOS and Android versions of UberEats similar App that are designed in their respective local languages.

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