Similar to, the Lions Share clone app script is a completely decentralized white-label Smart Contract MLM solution. It is highly automated, guaranteeing that all procedures are completed without the need for human participation.

Because it is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, it assures that the whole system is secured and protected on several levels. Its solution’s main selling feature is that it guarantees 100% commission to consumers who join this MLM platform. Get started on your MLM business path by connecting with us!

Explained: Lions Share MLM Clone

The Lions Share MLM clone is a white-label decentralized MLM solution based on Ethereum Smart Contracts. It works on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) matrix compensation business model, allowing users to earn 100% commission quickly.

The MLM platform does not require manual intervention or administrative administration because it is a decentralized network. It self-executes the procedures, ensuring that the entire system runs smoothly. In a nutshell, it’s an automated investing system that allows customers to invest and grow their earnings quickly.

What Is The Lions Share MLM Clone Script and How Does It Work?

L1 and L2 compensation matrix packages are included in Lion’s Share clone script. Each of these packages includes 16 levels, and users may begin making money from any of them as soon as they see fit. The main benefit of this MLM script is that it does not need customers to upgrade their packages in order to make money. They may begin earning right away, and transactions are limited from one user’s wallet to another.

Package L1

There are 16 levels in the L1 matrix package, each having three users. The upgrade charge for each level is doubled, doubling the amount of cash made by users.

The first two referrals’ ETH go to the users, while the third referral’s ETH goes to the sponsor at each level. Users can refresh the matrix package and restart the cycle after all levels have been finished.

The profit of users is expected to be 55.59 ETH after deducting the upgrade charge to access each level from the total money received from all levels.

Package L2

The L2 package is organized in a 2×2 grid with 16 levels and 6 users per level. The first two referrals will be sent to the worldwide team, ensuring that users receive a large number of global referrals.

Similar to the L1 package, the profits from the third, fourth, and fifth referrals are delivered to the user’s wallet, while the sixth referral fee is divided with the sponsor. Users can earn at the same level as before as the matrix is updated, eliminating the need to upgrade to the next level.

The total profit from the L2 package is determined to be 111.16 ETH when considering the complete upgrade charge and income collected.

In the Lions Share Clone Script, there is a Wallet System.

Only two crypto wallets, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, are supported by Lion’s Share clone script.

MetaMask Preferred choice for MLM members who use PCs or Laptops to participate in the MLM cycle.

Trust Wallet Preferred option for members who use PCs or Laptops to participate in the MLM cycle.

The best alternative for members who want to join the MLM company utilizing their smartphones or tablets.

The Lions Share clone software allows for quick P2P transactions, allowing users to send ETH from one wallet to another without any effort. No transaction is delayed since the Smart Contract is in charge, and the commissions are sent immediately to the users’ wallets.

Only ETH is accepted on the site. It’s a fantastic way to get additional money because each user’s recommendations will earn them a referral of their own.

The Lions Share Clone Script’s Features

A white-label option is available.

Our Lions Share clone is a white-label solution that allows you to customize the branding components to match the demands of your company.

Completely customizable

The Lions Share clone script is very adaptable, allowing for any changes to be made. An amazing way to reach out to your users in the smallest amount of time!


The Lions Share clone’s MLM scheme is a decentralized network that eliminates third-party meddling and centralized authority control. A self-contained system that works flawlessly!

Intelligent Contract

The Smart Contract is built on the Ethereum Blockchain, which ensures maximum security and reliability. Furthermore, the entire procedure is automated, removing any potential for a stoppage.

Bitcoin wallets

MetaMask and Trust Wallet, two powerful crypto wallets, are integrated into the platform, allowing for quicker and more secure transactions between users’ wallets.

Pay-to-pay transactions

Transactions take happen exclusively between user wallets due to the lack of third-party participation. Payment delays are completely ruled out.


The MLM clone script is secured with military-grade encryption, guaranteeing that the system is completely safe and secure.

The model that is risk-free

The Lions Share clone’s MLM business strategy is completely risk-free, assuring that all users are paid on time and make money according to the system.

Compatible with all platforms

Users may use any device to access Lion’s Share clone script, including cellphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. Never miss out on a user with this fantastic feature!

Principal Advantages of Our Lions Share Clone

A system that is not centralized

a one-time payment

Smart Contracts are at the heart of all we do.

a hundred percent Processes that are transparent

P2P transactions that are safe

Matrix compensation scheme that can’t be changed

There is no participation of a third party.

Crypto wallets that are encrypted

Free of swindles

Commission promise of 100 percent

Option for a low-cost investment

The solution that is unbreakable by hackers

Our Lions Share Clone App Development Process

1 Requirement analysis

For us to present you with an approximate delivery date and an actual development cost, we must first understand your company’s needs. We may also plan our development procedure ahead of time.

2 Front-end development

Your users will engage with your MLM firm using the Lions Share clone script’s user interface. As a result, we make every effort to make it as appealing and user-friendly as possible.

3 Development of the backend

Our seasoned developers apply their extensive experience to create a responsive platform capable of handling any procedure and allowing any number of users to access the app without experiencing any downtime.

4 Quality Control Checks

Before you start your MLM business, you must make sure that your software is fully working and free of bugs. As a result, we put it through numerous steps of testing to ensure that it is correct.

5 The debut of the app

The Lions Share MLM clone is now fully functioning in the market, allowing it to expand its flawless functionality.

Why Build An MLM Platform Using A Lions Share Clone Smart Contract MLM Script?

There are various reasons why companies pick white-label MLM scripts like Lions Share clone over creating their own platform.

100% Customizable and white-labeled

Our Lions Share clone is a white-label solution that allows you to customize the branding components to meet your specific requirements. It may be entirely customized to develop a solid and trustworthy MLM platform for your organization because it is a 100 percent customizable script. Set your own compensation scheme, admission fee, and profit margins.

Efficient deployment

You may simply tweak the solution and deploy it in your niche with the quickest possible turnaround time. A quick start for your quick success!

Affordable alternative

Customizing a pre-built solution is less expensive than creating one from start. Choosing our white-label Lions Share clone will save you a lot of money.

Why Should You Use Our Smart Contract MLM Solution?

An unchangeable MLM scheme

The MLM compensation plan is extremely immutable, removing the option of making any modifications to the MLM compensation plan at any point. It guarantees that the platform will not be tampered with.


The Lions Share clone is based on the Ethereum Blockchain’s Decentralized Smart Contract. The solution eliminates the need for human intervention, giving users total control over their accounts. It contributes to their trust and confidence!

Transactions that are completed automatically

Automated Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions between user accounts are enabled by the decentralized MLM system. It results in quicker transactions with no downtime.

Reliable MLM company

The use of Blockchain technology in our Lions Share clone eliminates any potential redundancy caused by human interaction, making the system completely risk-free. Users may also be certain that the MLM system will never be removed, hacked, or disabled.

Hire an MLM Software Developer who works with Ethereum Smart Contracts.

We provide white-label MLM business solutions for many of the market’s major MLM companies at App Clone Script agency. These clone solutions include certain new capabilities in addition to the original system’s features and functionality. Our experienced engineers worked tirelessly to create a secure system that is hack-proof, risk-proof, and tamper-proof. We provide our clients with 24-hour support to guarantee that all of their requirements are met and all of their questions are answered. We’ve worked with everything from startups to conglomerates, allowing us to better understand the needs of companies of all sizes. Hire us to create a world-class solution that will help you to rise to new heights!

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