Top-Notch TaskRabbit Clone App Script

Conquer the on-demand services marketplace vertical with our TaskRabbit clone, which is brimming with incredible features and functionality. Customizable to the nth degree and ready to launch! Now available on Android and iOS.

Clone of TaskRabbit

Launch A Marketplace For On-Demand Services Similar To TaskRabbit And Thumbtack!

Entering the burgeoning world of on-demand handyman services silo necessitates the possession of an extraordinary solution.

It is meticulously designed to meet instant scalability requirements and is built to help you establish an imposing presence. 

With its cutting-edge technology, the on-demand services marketplace solution enables easy management of millions of users and transactions.

As a business-grade solution, customers are granted the ability to quench their thirst for services with a few taps. Profiting from this rapidly growing business sector has never been easier!

How Is A TaskRabbit Clone Script Defined?

Consider TaskRabbit clone app as a virtual bridge connecting millions of freelancing labourers with customers.

Customers can use the TaskRabbit clone to post required services or tasks, which are then fulfilled by freelancers who have been vetted through a rigorous bidding process. The use of intuitive gaming techniques in conjunction with a leaderboard transforms the entire process of booking a handyman service into a pleasurable experience.

With the addition of a stunning credit system, the TaskRabbit clone script perfects everything associated with the on-demand service industry. Customize it to your specifications and enter the market in a matter of days. Make contact with us to learn more!

The Most Important Features Of The TaskRabbit Clone App

Numerous Services

Navigate the plethora of on-demand services available in the vicinity of the selected location using an advanced search bar utility equipped with filtering capabilities.

Support in Multiple Languages

Shower provides a unified service booking experience across the world’s major languages. Concurrently targeting regional and global user bases!

Examine Employment Opportunities

Service providers can scroll through a diverse range of tasks/jobs and access their current bids with a single tap. They can take advantage of the platform’s thousands of similar jobs.

In-App Messaging

Eliminate any possibility of misunderstandings by immediately connecting customers with service providers via a secure internal chat channel.

Support for Multiple Currencies

Instill a sense of financial relatability in your customers by allowing them to pay in their native currency, accompanied by an intuitive currency converter.

Toggle Availability

At the touch of a button, service providers equipped with a competent digital calendar can instantly display their availability for a specific service request or for the entire day.

Pricing Flexibility

Increase the scale of your business operations by configuring service engagement modes and pricing on an hourly/task basis and rewiring it as needed.

Pricing for the City Radius

Adjust the nuances of your business strategy by establishing different service fees for different cities and a service acceptance radius.

Intelligent Job Bidding

Empower service providers to independently assert service charges for a selected job that is effectively assigned to the provider when accepted by the customer.

Service Scheduling

Allow customers to structure their daily tasks by easily scheduling any required services according to their schedule.

Reviews and Evaluations

Increase the likelihood of rational decision making by allowing customers to express their opinions about a specific service provider via the ratings and review field.

Are You Considering Developing An On-Demand Services Application Similar To TaskRabbit? No Need to Look Any Further!

How Does It Work?

CUSTOMER 1 Registration of Customers

Signup using phone number, email address, or social media credentials.

2 \sBrowse Services \sSail through the marketplace; select the range of dates.

3 \sBook a Service

Select and book the required service, approved by a confirmation notification.

4 Make a Payment. Make a payment using one of the numerous online payment gateways available.


1 Provider Login

Log into the marketplace through your smart credentials.

2 List the Services

Mention the offerings, available schedules, and rules of the service.

3 Approve Booking

Receive booking requests, view customer profile, and confirm the booking.

4 Receive Commission

Instant commission is transferred to the bank account.

TaskRabbit Clone Helps You Grow Your Business

In a world where the mundane details of daily life are routinely circumvented through Internet-based solutions, customer expectations have shifted away from competence and toward convenience. We’ve created a TaskRabbit competitor with robust service booking capabilities, and we’re poised to win over a global user base. With the economy being so reliant on and dictated by the on-demand model, launching a world-class services marketplace has never been more critical, and our TaskRabbit clone is all you need!

Superior Quality

Global Operational Reach Extensively Scalable

Suitable for Immediate Launch

Splendidly User-Friendly

Our White-Label Assignment

Package for Rabbit Clone

Package for cloning the Thumbtack application ScreenShot

A collection of exceptional pieces of ground-breaking technology. Designed to assist you in your entrepreneurial endeavours.

Our Home Services Marketplace Script Includes the Following:

  • Customer Application
  • App for Service Providers
  • Admin Control Panel

Advanced Functions

Instant Authentication

Allow your customers to enter the service marketplace by entering their email address, phone number, or social media username and password.

Investigate Services

The app’s plethora of available services and registered service providers can be accessed and selected using a powerful search bar utility with multiple filters.

Establish a Budget

Customers establish amicable business relationships because they can predetermine the exact amount they are willing to pay service providers.

Numerous Payment Methods

Customers can instantly access the service by paying with a variety of methods ranging from credit/debit cards to an in-app electronic wallet.

Live Tracking Instills a sense of transparency in customers by allowing them to receive real-time location updates on the service provider without incident.

Timer for Work

The moment the provider initiates the requested service, it is tracked by an integrated timer, which also timestamps the moment the service is completed.


Customers are assigned an electronic invoice that details the actual charge and tax, as well as the entire service details.

Service Record

Customers can confidently reschedule a service request because they have access to their entire history of service bookings, including transactional details.

Chat in Real Time

With a messaging service integrated into the app, customers can communicate effectively, negotiate, and take advantage of better service request deals.

Reviews and Evaluations

Customers can literally define their service experience by rating and reviewing it within the app.

Are You Willing To Become The Next Big Thing In The On-Demand Service Sector Similar To Thumbtack?

Your wait is now complete. Purchase our illustrious TaskRabbit clone at a discounted price.

Revenue Model

Of Our TaskRabbit Alternative App Development Solution

A plethora of exciting income streams. One application.

Commission Charges

The business owner receives a substantial commission fee for each service request fulfilled via the platform. Possibly the most stable source of income!

Fee for Trust and Support

Business owners can tack on a layer of trust and a support fee to the base charge when a customer books a service request.

Pricing at the Peak

According to market demand and customer endowment, business owners can aggressively increase pricing plans and generate handsome revenue.

Promotional Fees

Businesses can rent out critical advertising spaces such as banners for third-party promotions as well as for displaying Google Ads.

With Our TaskRabbit Clone Solution, You Can Create Your Own Unique On-Demand Service Marketplace Brand.

Establish Your Own Enterprise

Due to the fact that the TaskRabbit clone is a comprehensive white-label solution, it is perfectly legal and ideal for launching your own on-demand service marketplace. There are no hidden fees, no complications with certification, only success!

Completely Customizable

We, as entrepreneurs, understand the value of your time and deeply ingrained business sensibilities and have designed the TaskRabbit-like app development process in such a way that it can be astonishingly customised and launched in a matter of days.

Free Installation of Web and Mobile Applications

We take on the responsibility of installing the TaskRabbit clone on your preferred server and submitting it for free to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Our Thumbtack Clone App Development Process

Analyze Requirements

Our team of graceful customer relationship executives spend time with you to jot down all of your requirements, needs, and extended vision, and then produce a comprehensive planner.

Design of the User Interface/User Experience

We wireframe each app screen, which is followed by our skilled designers meticulously designing various iterations of the user interface.


Our master developers completely code the TaskRabbit clone, utilising some of the most advanced technologies available to infuse the app with sturdiness.


Our quality assurance engineers subject the application to the most rigorous testing techniques available to ensure that any bugs or glitches do not exist.


We install the app on the server of your choice and submit it to the major app platforms to make it available for user downloads upon your complete approval.

Hire A Mobile Application Developer For A Service Marketplace

Developers and development firms have sprung up everywhere, but if you want the best solution on the market..

Our decade of experience has equipped us to create world-beating applications that exceed your expectations and, most importantly, the customers’ imagination. Develop your ideal service marketplace by hiring our experts on a flexible engagement model at an affordable price.

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