Remitano Clone Script is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange script that allows you to launch a platform similar to Remitano. The Remitano Clone Script has a well-designed user interface and provides traders with a great exchange and trading experience.

The ready-to-use White-label Remitano Clone Script includes all of the necessary and cutting-edge exchange business features that are critical to the successful operation of a cryptocurrency exchange platform.

The Remitano Clone Platform includes a robust dispute management system that allows the Exchange website administrator to change, intervene, and fairly resolve disputes between buyers and sellers.

Premium Remitano Clone Script Features

1. A Stable Escrow System

2. Handling Secured Transactions

Integration of a Payment Gateway

4. Trading (online and offline)

5. Dispute Resolution

6. Support for multiple currencies

7. Integration of Trading Bots

8. Integration with the Liquidity API

9. Admin Dashboard that is easy to use

10. Integrated Multi-Signature Wallet

-Remitano Clone Script Security Features

1. Authentication with two factors

2. CSRF Security

3. CMS Safety

4. Escrow Account

5. Verification of KYC/AML

6. Chatbot with encryption

Anti-Phishing software is number seven.

8. DDOS protection

 What is the Remitano Clone Script’s Process?

1. Signup/Login: Traders must first register and log in to begin the trading process.

2. Account verification: An email with a verification link is sent to them. Verify the link by clicking the verification link sent to the email address provided during registration.

3. KYC/AML: After logging in, traders are given access to an escrow-protected wallet. They must upload an authentic document proving their citizenship in the country in question. After the verification process, users must check the status of their accounts.

4. Search for matching orders: Buyers and sellers can search for matching orders to trade.

5. Create Buy/Sell Ads: The exchange admin can create a matching order ad. Traders can contact you through your advertisements.

6. Seller requests Escrow Service: Once you’ve connected with a trader, the seller sends their digital assets to the escrow.

7. Buyer completes transaction: Once the buyer has completed the transaction, they attach the payment proof to the chat.

8. Seller Payment Confirmation: After the seller confirms the payment, the option “I receive payment” is selected, and the crypto is transferred directly from escrow to the buyer’s wallet.

9. Buyer receives cryptocurrency in exchange wallet: The buyer can receive payment after realising the cryptocurrency from escrow.

Development of a Remitano Clone App

Matiz technologies offer Remitano Clone App development services, which will reduce the size of your crypto exchange world. Our Remitano clone app was created for cross-platform traders on Android and iOS. You can stand out from the crowd by downloading our eminent Remitano clone mobile apps.

– Features of the Remitano Clone App

• Facial recognition using biometrics

• Alert for Notification

• Wallet with multiple signatures

• When should you log out of a session?

• Authentication with two factors

• Escrow Insurance

• Possibility to post advertisements

• Investing Bot

• Options for live chat

Additional features for your Remitano Clone Site

We have a long list of add-ons that will set your exchange apart from the rest. Here are a few examples:

• Investing Bots

• Simulator for Trading

• Calculator for trading

• Trade Options That Can Be Customized

• IEO Launchpad (Innovative Enterprise Office)

 The Advantages of Maticz’s Remitano Clone Script

Administrative advantages:

• The administrator can block traders who engage in fraudulent or spam activities, as well as view the profile information and transaction history of other traders.

• Through software, the admin can approve the user’s KYC verification document automatically.

• Earn money by charging fees such as trading fees, listing fees, commission fees, and so on.

• The administrator can allow buyers and sellers to list their tokens on the website.

• The administrator can display various types of trading, such as margin trading, binary trading, and peer-to-peer lending.

Benefits to Users:

• Buyers and sellers can trade their digital currencies quickly, securely, and without hassle.

• Traders can simply fill out a form on the exchange website to list their tokens.

• They can increase their earnings by joining an affiliate programme.

• Use a trading bot to follow the crypto market trend.

• A variety of payment options

• Can trade all cryptocurrencies.

• Participate in an initial exchange offering as an investor.

Creating a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange similar to Remitano

Because of its growth and demand, many entrepreneurs wish to start a cryptocurrency exchange and trading business. However, some of them have no idea how to create a secure and reliable exchange platform like Remitano.

Maticz provides comprehensive Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Services at a reasonable price. No one is obligated to purchase our script or services. Simply speak with one of our experts and compare our features and services to those offered by other service providers in the market. Then you can decide who is the best team for your exchange business and who can take it to the next level.

Maticz creates scalable P2P crypto exchange clone scripts such as Remitano Clone Script, Localbitcoins Clone Script, Binance Clone Script, WazirX Clone, Paxful Clone, and others that can be customised to meet your future needs.

Our Software Development Process for Remitano Clone

We follow a structured workflow that allows us to create high-quality Remitano Clone scripts and apps.

• Preliminary documentation and a draught of the project will be distributed.

• A primary platform will be built to house all of the client’s requested features.

• We get a design confirmation from the client, and then we start working on the project.

• The Remitano clone software will be installed on your server once the project development is completed.

• At every stage of the project, we will incorporate our client’s feedback.

• Our marketing experts will also help you with to do the marketing and promotion of your exchange and trading platform

• Our post-sales programme helps you with updating and upgrading your platform

– Technologies We use to Build Remitano Clone Platform

Java Platform: Spring, Spring Security, Spring Cloud, and Spring MVC

Nodejs Platform: Expressjs , nodejs

FrontEnd Framework: Angular , Reactjs , Vuejs

Database: Mysql, Postgresql, and Mongodb


Architecture: Microservice

 We are Ready to Serve You Better

It’ll take only a few seconds to reach us. Our Crypto Exchange Developers are waiting to provide you with our innovative crypto exchange products.

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