Coinmarket Cap Clone App Script

The most accurate software for tracking cryptocurrency capitalization. Make your own currency market capitalization mobile app that is totally automated.

The Clever Approach to Coin Market Capitalizations

Users may find it difficult to maintain the pace of the latest coins being offered on the market due to the rapidly expanding crypto industry. They require access to properly studied data in order to make a well-considered decision before acquiring a coin. Fortunately, you can create your own list of currencies and exchanges based on genuine projects and endeavors using a Coin Market Cap clone. Users might be given the option to examine the ratings of cryptocurrencies based on their capitalization amounts, allowing them to make the best decisions.

Coin Market Cap Development Services

Take the lead in the digital market by bringing unique crypto methods to the table with the aid of the Coin Market Cap.


Take a look at the price chart for the coin you’ve chosen, which was generated using the most recent data.


Enter the first few letters of your favorite cryptocurrency or exchange to find it.


Compare the market’s biggest profit-making and profit-losing participants.


Always be aware of new currencies and exchanges that arise on the app.


Examine the previous data records and sort them by time periods (day, month, year).


The circulating coin supply is a far more accurate statistic for calculating market capitalization.

Features of the App

Calendar of Events

Be the first to learn about future crypto events such as summits, conferences, seminars, conventions, and expositions across the world.


By subscribing to the app’s email, you won’t miss out on essential updates, interesting articles, and event invites.

Calculator for Converting Currencies

To convert the prices between the two cryptocurrencies in real-time, use the built-in online calculator.

Glossary of Cryptographic Terms

To expand your bitcoin vocabulary, look at detailed explanations of the terminology.

Night/Day Mode

Switch between day and night modes with a single click for quick navigation across the app.

Preferred Coins

This function allows users to bookmark those coins that they consider to be their favorites in order to keep track of their favorites.

Risers at the top

Admins can use this feature to create a list of the top-moving cryptocurrencies so that traders can locate the market’s bulls.

Fastest Fallers

Admins can use this feature to provide a list of the top dropping cryptocurrencies so that traders can identify the market’s bearish.

Services We Provide

Complete Turnkey Solution

All of our goods are delivered fully assembled. You may begin with ZERO time-to-market, gain the highest market share, and become the industry leader that everyone else aspires to be.

Administrative Dashboard with a lot of power

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control over your mobile app. It includes an easy-to-use interface and may be customized.

Economically Beneficial

The most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, Coin Market Capitalization clone, is the most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, extending your company runway.

This is a paid plugin.

$1000 for Bitcoin Wallet Integration

Integrate our bitcoin wallet and begin trading with tens of thousands of bitcoin users across the world. It is really safe and seamless.

Integration with WordPress

Using the Marketcap APIs, automatically construct a coin page for each cryptocurrency. It’s simple to sort by cryptocurrency price, rank, volume, and market capitalization.

Language Conversion

Choose your favorite language for the app’s backend and frontend, and then relax and enjoy the simplicity of the interface.

Alerts on Cryptocurrency Prices

Keep up to date with real-time app notifications as your favorite currencies climb or fall in value.

Portfolio Administration

Manage and track your coin profits with ease in a portfolio intended for easy tracking.

Services We Provide

Apps for mobile devices

Mobile apps that are simple to use, technically sophisticated, and seamless for any vertical.

App for the Web

Apps based on cutting-edge technology. In-app functions that are highly useful, pro-customizable, and frictionless.

Administrative Dashboard

A single dashboard allows you to swiftly scan the app’s activity and overall performance.

Completely customizable

For speedy app transformation, limitless customization possibilities with immediate add-on support are available.

Payment Alternatives

Payment methods are secure and may be made using any authorised online payment channel.

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