For your business, a ready-to-use, customized fantasy sports app is available. Using our fantasy app script, you can outsmart your competitors.

App Development for Dream 11 Fantasy

Prepare to make a lot of money with your own fantasy sports app. The app, similar to Dream11, allows the user to create a new team by selecting players, schedule matches, participating in contests, earning points based on player performance, and pocketing money based on the results.

clone app script is a fantasy sports app similar to Dream11 that has been customized to cover a variety of sports such as cricket, football, NBA, hockey, and others. Join us to break into the multibillion-dollar fantasy gaming industry quickly.

Features of the User App


Users can use their email address or a social media profile to sign up. They can also use a referral code provided by other users to sign up.

Profile of the user

Users can create a profile by providing information such as their team name, email address, password, gender, phone number, and other details as needed by the client.


Users can choose a fantasy game from various options based on their favorite sport. They can also choose from multiple sports in the app and participate.

Create a Team for me

Players can choose their fantasy team based on their knowledge, personal preferences, and instincts.

Make your tournament.

Users can create their own tournament by entering details such as the name of the competition, the total prize pool, the contest size, the number of teams participating, and so on.

Join a Tournament

After filtering the tournament listings, players can join a tournament based on their preferences. Users can see information such as the total winning amount, the contest size, the number of entries per team, and the number of slots filled, among other things.

Earn by inviting others.

By sharing a referral code on any social media platform, you can invite your friends. Users can profit from the use of their referral code by others.

Players can see how many contests they’ve entered, as well as live stats and previous contest results.

Creative Commons

Several social media networks allow players to share their rankings and scorecards.


Users can easily add money to their accounts using a debit/credit card, net banking, in-app wallets, and other methods.


About us, Help, Contact Us, Legality, and Fantasy Points System will all be included in this section.

Administrative Features

Administrative Login

Admins can access the app by entering their User ID and Password.

End-to-end control of user accounts, including editing, adding, and deleting them.


Admin has complete control over the tournament’s changes, including the ability to edit, update, add, or remove contests.

Category Administration

With ease, manage the game categories (Upcoming, Live, and Results). This feature allows the administrator to update the contest’s status simultaneously.

Displaying advertisements can help you earn some extra cash. To ensure smooth gameplay, the ads will be strategically placed.

Match score in real-time

Live match scores and player statistics are available to users. Player stats include information such as points, credits, and other details.


Users will receive an email or push notification with information such as team creation, match timings, and match results, among other things.

Analytics in Real-Time

To aid in making better decisions, real-time data will be updated and stored in the database.

Point God’s of View

This feature lets the administrator see the number of players, upcoming/scheduled matches, live matches, previously played matches, and earnings.

The app has a cutting-edge anti-fraud and security system. The app is designed to keep players safe from outside influences.


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