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Launch a dependable On-Demand Beauty App Development to break into the lucrative beauty services business. Create an app like Uber for beauty to connect service seekers with skilled beauticians or take your spa and salon business online. Get in touch with us right away!


Increase the Size of Your Company

With On-Demand Beauty App Development Services, you may create a beauty app whenever you want.

People found it increasingly difficult to obtain beauty services at their leisure in the early days. They had to wait in congested spa and salon establishments for long periods of time. However, since the introduction of beauty applications like Uber, the scenario has been turned upside down. Customers may easily arrange appointments with the professionals of their choosing and take advantage of these services from the comfort of their own homes now that these applications are available. A few touches and swipes can make a huge difference!

Join this profitable market right away, because demand for apps like Glamsquad isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Included Services

Our Beauty App Development Service is Available On-Demand.

uber for clone beauty script


In your customer-facing beautician on-demand app, your customers may always know where the nearest beauticians are in real-time.

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Users have the option to alter their minds and cancel a reservation at any time.

Uber for hair and beauty services


Customers and beauticians can communicate with one another directly using the Uber for Beauty Service app.

App for on-demand beauty services


A great front-end website for your customers to log in, book a service, pay, leave feedback, and view their service history.

App for beauty services


Use the review option to alert other customers by leaving a detailed review of the service.

uber for clone beauty script


Customers can construct a thorough profile on the app and save it for future reference.


Our Beauty App Development Service Is Available On-Demand


Profiles to Manage

Customers may easily build and maintain their profiles. If necessary, they can supply personal and contact information.

Advanced Lookup

Customers can look for beauticians by using the powerful search engine to identify those that meet their requirements.

Cost Estimation

The bill amount is automatically presented to consumers by the on-demand salon app, which takes into account a variety of parameters such as the beautician cost, the distance to be covered, and so on.

Make an Appointment

Customers can make appointments with their chosen beauticians at any time and on any day that suits them.

Instant Notifications

Customers receive push updates about the state of their service, the profiles of the beauticians, and other relevant information.

Optional Payments

Customers can pay using any of the mentioned payment methods at their leisure.

Cancellation of appointments

Customers who are caught up with their job before the specified day and time can cancel their sessions.

Bookings made in advance

Customers who want to reserve or plan a service for a later date will benefit from this option. Customers can make reservations ahead of time, regardless of the situation.

Reviews and ratings

Customers can rate and comment on the service provided as well as the app experience. It aids in the control of service quality.

Earn money by referring others.

Customers can refer their friends to use the on-demand beauty service app, resulting in a larger customer base. They can earn reward points based on how many people they’ve invited.


Creating a profile

Beauticians can develop and update profiles with information about their services so that clients can choose them based on their interests.

Toggle the availability

With the availability toggle, beauticians can make their availability visible to customers and opt to extend their services throughout their available time.

Check out the reviews and ratings.

Customers’ evaluations and reviews for the services provided by beauticians are visible to them.


Beauticians may easily find customers’ locations with the GPS-enabled geolocation feature, ensuring that their services are delivered on time.

Report of the Commission

The on-demand Uber-style beautician app is based on the daily compensation rate of the beauticians. The commission received to handle their finances is explained in full in this report.

Accept or reject the request.

Depending on their availability, beauticians might accept or reject inquiries. If they are already committed to another customer, they can decline the request, and it will be taken up by another provider.


From the perspective of God

To ensure better management, the admin can have a complete view of the Uber for Beauty app’s operations.

Profiles that have been verified

With the availability toggle, beauticians can make their availability visible to customers and opt to extend their services throughout their available time.

Reports for advanced users

With advanced reports, the admin can see which sections of the business require more marketing in order to grow. It also provides a clear picture of how to plan a business.

Customer service

Customers’ problems and grievances can be swiftly addressed by the admin via a 24×7 customer service option, strengthening brand loyalty.

The use of advanced analytics

The admin can get a bird’s eye perspective of the actions of clients and beauticians, such as the number of requests, reservations, commissions earned, and the most visited area.

Set the provider’s price range.

The distance range of the beautician who accepts the request can be specified by the admin. When a customer submits a request, it is forwarded to the beautician within the provided distance range.


View from the heat

The admin can identify where more people are looking for beauty services so that beauticians can be rerouted to certain areas and take requests.

Legally safeguarded

A GPS tracking device is used to track each request. In the worst-case situation, the geographic location will be required for legal purposes.

Bookings can be made via phone, SMS, or email.

The beauty services app is not available to everyone who owns a smartphone. As a result, the admin can accept support requests through phone, SMS, or email and respond appropriately.

Notification through email

The consumer receives a proper email containing the service’s specifics, such as the final cost breakdown, the beautician’s contact information, and more.

The Workflow in Six Steps

Our Beauty Salon On-Demand App

Take a peek at how Uber customers may get beauty services with only a few touches on their phones.


Using their email addresses or phone numbers, users can instantly sign up for the on-demand beautician app.

Look through the profiles.

Users can look through the profiles of beauticians to pick one that best suits their needs.

Make a reservation.

Users can book meetings with beauty service providers on their own time and date.

Updates on the situation

Users will receive push notifications that will keep them informed about the progress of the service they have requested.

Take use of the service.

The beauty services planned on the Uber-like app are provided to users in the privacy of their own homes.

Review and rate

Users can rate and submit their thoughts for the service they received after using it.

App for On-Demand Beauty Services

Scalable Scripts Development Package

At App Clone Script, we try to create high-quality Android and iOS apps like Glamapp for the business ecosystem’s stakeholders. Our apps are completely responsive and work with any personal digital assistant device, providing seamless performance.

Our on-demand spa app development service includes:




App for Android


App for iOS


Web Control Panel

Agent of Service

App for Android

Agent of Service

App for iOS

Agent of Service

Web Control Panel


Web Control Panel

Why Should You Use Our Uber-Like Beauty App?

a whole solution

All of our goods are ready-to-use. You can begin with ZERO time-to-market and gain the most market share.

Admin Dashboard with Lots of Power

In your admin dashboard, you have complete control over your websites and mobile apps.

Product That Can Scale

Do you intend to take off and scale up quickly? With the most scalable and resilient products in each area, we’ve got your back.

Solution with a Private Label

Our system is completely whitelabel, allowing you to use any brand you choose. Beautician will go unnoticed by your customers.


With pricing starting at the bottom of the barrel, Beautician is the most feature-rich product in its tier, allowing you to extend your runway.

Apps for Mobile Devices That Are Native

Our iOS and Android apps are created natively to provide the best user experience possible on their respective platforms.

The Development of an On-Demand Beauty App in Four Steps

Analysis of Requirements

We examine your business model and its requirements first and foremost. We can jot down the technologies to employ and the feature set to integrate in this manner. In addition, the development team for the on-demand beauty service app is assigned appropriately.

Customization on the front end

Our ready-made solution’s user interface may be customised from start to finish to meet your branding requirements. Its logo, colour scheme, and other connected aspects are customised to your company, making you the exclusive owner of the app.

Setup of the backend

To provide a cutting-edge solution, our skilled Android and iOS app developers work on establishing a robust and stable back-end. Everything is tailored to your company’s needs from beginning to end.

Testing and implementation

The completed Uber for beautician app is next put through its paces to confirm its security, storage, and other features. It is released on major app and online platforms once it has passed all testing processes.


The Android and iOS apps are also free. After all, starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive!

uber for beauty clone script uber for beauty service uber for beauty clone script



Login as an administrator

Have you forgotten your password?

Dashboard for the Admin

User Administration

Management of Providers

Approval by the Provider


Organize your ratings and reviews.

Service History Management

Scheduled Services Management

Types of Services to Manage

Service Statement Management

Organize your promotional codes

List of Documents to Manage

History of Payments

Configure Payment Options

Change the site’s settings

Manage the response time of your providers.

Control the search radius



Admin Account Management

Password Change


Registration of Users

Login to your account

Have you forgotten your password?


Services to View/Choose

Management of User Accounts

Password Change

Organize your credit card information

Check Out Our Service History

Look at the Coupon

Wallet Management



Service for Bookings

Service Cancellation

Schedule a Service

Option to Chat/Call

Manage the Service Schedule

Notifications through Push

Review and rate (Provider)


Registration of Service Providers

Login as a provider

Have you forgotten your password?

Option for Offline/Online Service


Service History Management

Scheduled Service Management

Earnings Chart

Dashboard for Revenue


Add a new service

Document Management/Upload

Spread the word about the app.

Accept or reject the service.

Service Cancellation

Option to Chat/Call

Notifications through Push

Review and rate (User)


Plugin that costs money

Uber for hair and beauty services

Integration of a Bitcoin Wallet $1000

Integrate our bitcoin wallet and begin trading with tens of thousands of bitcoin users around the world. Exceptionally safe and seamless.

App for on-demand beauty services

Scheduled Reservations: $699

Customers can schedule a service for a later day and time. Your drivers will be notified of a later appointment and provided their schedule.

App for beauty services

Live Navigation was $499, but it’s now free!

This functionality allows your Driver to navigate to your customer without having to switch between apps.

uber for clone beauty script

$750 for geo fence

This function uses GPS tracking to generate a virtual geographic boundary and sends an alert when the taxi enters or exits it.

clone script for aeroplanes,

$500 for chat integration

Once the ride has been accepted by the driver, the driver or rider can commence conversations or calls to connect with one another.

Uber for hair and beauty services

$500 for a bird’s eye view

This feature allows the administrator to see information such as overall earnings, a list of users and drivers with details, and whether or not they are busy.

on-demand beauty service app, on-demand beauty service app, on-demand beauty service app, on-demand beauty service app, on-demand beauty service

$499 for multi-language

The Xuber apps, website, and backend will all be translated into your preferred language.

uber for clone beauty script

$750 MLM Viral Marketing

Make use of multi-level marketing by having your riders and drivers promote your brand through referrals. It results in a win-win situation for everyone.

clone script for aeroplanes

Option to bid $1000 is now $750!

Allow riders and drivers to bid for the best costs for rides, allowing them to take advantage of the best potential possibilities. This offers them a sense of accomplishment.

Uber for hair and beauty services

$999 in Promotion Codes is Now Free!

This feature allows your consumers to share a promo code with their friends and peers, resulting in a better discount for both of them while also increasing the virality of your app.

App for on-demand beauty services

$2499 for video calls

For a nominal fee, we will be able to integrate video calls inside the app, ensuring that none of your providers are impacted.

App for beauty services

$1500 Wallet System

The passenger can use this option to add money to his wallet account from within the app. Top-ups can be made with Mobile Money or by the administrator.

uber for clone beauty script

$1499 Voice Calls (VOIP)

For a nominal fee, we will be able to integrate voice calls inside the app, ensuring that none of your providers are impacted.

Take a look with our Beauty Uber App.

The Beauty app has been improved. A cutting-edge Uber-style salon app development solution designed with cutting-edge technology to aid businesses in their success.


App for a Beautician

The Benefits of Our On-Demand Beauty Salon App

We can offer you the finest because of our extensive experience in designing smartphone applications.

App for on-demand beauty services

App for beauty services

Apps for mobile devices

Mobile on-demand beauty app development solutions that are simple to use, technically advanced, and seamless for any vertical.

uber for clone beauty script

App for the Web

Apps based on cutting-edge technology. In-app functions that are highly functional, pro-customizable, and frictionless.

clone script for aeroplanes

Dashboard for the Admin

An all-in-one dashboard allows you to swiftly scan the app’s activity and overall performance.

Uber for hair and beauty services

Support for Customization

For speedy app transformation for your On-demand beauty app, limitless customising choices with immediate add-on support are available.

App for on-demand beauty services

Optional Payments

Secure payment methods are available through any of the recognised online payment platforms.

The Tech Stack That Fuels Our

App Development For Spa And Salon Services


Is web installation included in the deal for the beauty service app?

No, but we do offer an installation kit that will help you get your app up and running quickly. We recommend Digital Ocean server because it meets all of the app’s needs.

Is App Store and Play Store submission included in the package for the uber for beauty clone script?

Is there any support for testing the app on a local machine rather than a server?

How long would the installation process take using Uber for Beauty?

Can we customize the code ourselves for an on-demand beauty service app?

What is the refund policy for the beauty service app?

Changing the Availability

As claimed by our clients, we have expertise in rendering and stretching services for the construction of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, Support, and related services.

With a flick of a toggle button, launderers can turn on and off their availability. They appear to have control over their working hours and sorting.

Anyone looking for a part-time job might consider becoming a tasker. An open door for those willing to go above and beyond.

This might be a point of recruitment marketing for your startup to entice students to come work for you and earn money.

It makes reporting and picking up the job schedule for the day a lot easier. It’s a simple approach to keep providers/users informed about one’s availability.

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