Uber for Plumber App Is Stunningly Customizable
With our white-label on-demand plumber service app, you can meet the massive need for an Uber-like app for plumbers. With top-of-the-line features and dependable functioning. Both iOS and Android versions are available. It’s very scalable and ready to go!


Instantly Launch Your Own On-Demand Plumber App!

Taking advantage of the internet’s ubiquity is now a critical component of creating your plumbing company’s success, and what better way to do so than with a world-class on-demand plumbing service app? App Clone Script has combined the best of our technological process to bring you a never-before-seen Uber for Plumbers app, supported by cutting-edge technology. Your consumers may use a single solution to log in, search, book, pay, rate, and discuss their experiences.

If you’re a business owner hoping to capitalize on the growing demand for plumbing services, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The astounding number of capabilities melds seamlessly with the sophisticated capability to quickly connect plumbers with end-users. The array of online payment options is the cherry on top, enhancing the whole client experience. Our On-demand plumber app development has enabled you to scale Himalayan heights!


Exceptional Advantages

Our Approach to Holistic On-Demand Plumbing App Development

Consolidate the complete spectrum of plumbing business processes into a single location. It’s never been easier to entice a legion of users!

App Launch in a Flash

App Development at a Reasonable Price

Customizable End-to-End Solution

What We Have to Offer

App for iOS users

Android App for Customers

Web Panel for Customers

App for iOS: Plumber

Android App for Plumber

Web Panel for Plumbers

Admin Control Panel

Panel for Billing

The primary website

Detailed Features List

App for Customers

App for Plumbers

Admin Control Panel

Registration in a flash

By inputting their phone number, email address, or social media credentials, you may authorise your users to immediately use the online plumber service platform.

Bar for Advanced Search

Customers can browse the extensive list of registered plumbers according to their specifications, skill, geography, and a variety of other criteria.

Request for a Service

Customers can confirm their service request and schedule an appointment with the plumber in the blink of an eye, with no hassle.

History of Service

Rebooking the same plumber’s services is now a piece of cake, as consumers are presented with a comprehensive list of previous service requests.

Estimated Payment

Provide consumers with a thorough estimate of the bill, as well as a proper tax breakdown, to eliminate even the tiniest misunderstandings regarding the payment.

Tracking in Real Time

Allow your customers to track the whereabouts of their allocated plumber serviceman using the GPS connection built into the app.

Notifications by Push

Customers are redirected to an army of in-app push notifications relevant to the newest deals, discounts, and announcements in order to increase user engagement.

Service Request Schedule

Customers can not only book/cancel service requests on the spot, but they can also schedule them according to their schedule.


Allow customers to save any plumber serviceman’s profile as a favourite, allowing them to use their services more easily in the future.

Discounts and Special Offers

Customers can voluntarily participate in a range of promotional activities that platform management has planned and provided.

With our on-demand plumber app development, you may start your own plumbing service platform.

Taking advantage of the benefits of having a large internet presence is now a reality, thanks to App Clone Script’s Uber-like Plumber App. Connecting a legion of clients with dotting service providers from a single platform is a home run.


Advanced Options

Reports that are more advanced

You can check out the regions that need more marketing to improve your commission with advanced reporting. It also provides you with a clear picture of how to plan your business.

Web Panel Responsive

Customers may book a service with just a few clicks on responsive searches, and it’s simple to do so without any difficulties or misunderstanding.

Invitations to Referrals

Customers can refer their friends to try out your app, resulting in a larger customer base. With the number of friends they have invited, customers can receive a modest percentage of referrals.

View from the Heat

The administrator may observe where clients are looking for Plumber in specific areas and reroute the Plumber to those areas to fulfil demands.

Bookings can be made via phone, SMS, or email.

Not every customer has a smartphone, thus they won’t be able to download your app. Receive various forms of requests, such as phone calls, SMS messages, and emails, and give services to customers.

Ratings And Reviews

Customers can leave authentic ratings and reviews for the Plumber who has agreed to do the requested job.

Our Uber For Plumbers App’s Workflow


Customer Registration

Customers can log into the plumber service platform after completing up the required details.


Service Reservations/Scheduling

Customers look for a plumber and book an appointment right away. Alternatively, they can schedule the plumber’s arrival.


Confirmation of Service

The user receives an in-app notification confirming their service request and providing the plumber’s contact information.


Making a Payment

Customers can pay using any of the available online/offline payment methods once the plumber has completed the task.


Please provide feedback.

Customers can use the exclusive ratings and reviews box to convey their complete satisfaction with the service.


What is the purpose of App Clone Script?

Breakthrough Technology

We construct our goods with the utmost precision and professionalism because we are the leading proponents of next-generation technical developments.

Invest once and for all

The enterprise-level features we provide are now widely accessible at a low cost. Entrepreneurs are in for a real treat!

360-degree assistance

From conception to post-deployment, we provide our clients with constant support across all potential support silos.

Customization from beginning to end

We have extensive experience in completely re-creating a solution to meet your specific goals, specifications, and app expectations.


Infuse the app with your embedded business identity features like your logo, brand name, UX palette, and more to stamp your domination in the market.

Business Management That Is Centralized

The admin dashboard is an all-encompassing entity that allows you to access, alter, and control any aspect of your organisation without a single twitch.

Benefits of a Professional Nature

a whole solution

All of our goods are ready-to-use. You can begin with ZERO time-to-market and gain the most market share.

Admin Dashboard with Lots of Power

In your admin dashboard, you have complete control over your websites and mobile apps.

Product That Can Scale

Do you intend to take off and scale up quickly? With the most scalable and resilient products in each area, we’ve got your back.

Solution with a Private Label

Our system is completely whitelabel, allowing you to use any brand you choose. Xuber will go unnoticed by your customers.


Xuber is the most feature-rich product in its tier, with pricing that starts at the bottom and allows you to extend your runway.

Apps for Mobile Devices That Are Native

Our iOS and Android apps are created natively to provide the best user experience possible on their respective platforms.

Model of Profit

Our Plumbing Service On-Demand App

Fees for commission

The commission fee for each plumbing service completed through the platform can be set at a high level by the business owner. Possibly the most reliable source of income!

Fee for Subscription

A recurring cost is redirected to the business owner over a defined time period for the plumbing servicemen to use the platform’s services.

Fees for Promotions

Businesses can profit from the app’s excitement by renting ad places on the platform, such as banners for third-party adverts and Google Ads.

Features Not Included

Support for several currencies

Embedding an automatic currency converter that gives the app’s services in the local currency allows you to tap into a worldwide user base.

Support in Multiple Languages

The Uber for Plumbers app transcends traditional geographic barriers by being able to conduct business in any of the world’s major languages.

Various Payment Options

Provide a variety of payment choices for your customers, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and even an in-app electronic wallet.

Exceptional Design

Utilize the best of customization and white-labeling to create a sumptuous user interface for your platform that will fascinate the complete user community.


The Android and iOS apps are also free. After all, starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive!

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[email protected] is the user name.

123456 is the password.

App development for on-demand taxis

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123456 is the password.

App development for taxis

[email protected]emo.com is the user name.

123456 is the password.

Package Deals



Login as an administrator

Have you forgotten your password?

Dashboard for the Admin

Control the Dispatcher Panel


God’s Point of View

Management of roles

User Administration

Management of Providers

Dispatcher Manager may be viewed and managed.

Account Manager (view/manage)

Dispute Manager can be viewed and managed.

Service Statement Management

Payroll Management

Control Zones

Organize your ratings and reviews.

View/Edit Promocodes

Management of Documents

Approval by the Provider

Cancel Reason Management

Control Notifications

Control Services

Organize your categories

Sub-Categories can be managed.

Service History Management

Scheduled Services Management

Manage the Site’s Configuration

Manage Your Payment Options

Manage the response time of your providers.

Control the search radius

Management of the Country

Administration of the City

Menus can be seen and managed.

CMS Administration

Ticket Categories can be managed.

Ticket Management

Personalized Push

Service for Bookings

Account Management for Admins

Password Change


Please log in (Guest)

Registration of Users

Login to your account

Forgot your password?

Services are available to view.

Service for Bookings

Service Cancellation

View the Promotional Banner

Service Scheduling

Management of User Profiles

Service History Management

Scheduled Services Management

Managing Your Wallet

Card Administration


Observe the Notifications


Make a Dispute

View Currently Available Services

Tracking in Real Time

Option to Call


Review and rate (Provider)


Registration of Service Providers

Login as a provider

Have you forgotten your password?

Control the status of being online or offline.

Accept or decline a service request.

Service History Management

Manage Services on a Schedule

Service Cancellation

Earnings Chart

Documents to Upload/Manage

Account Management for Providers

Make a Dispute

Password Change

Organize your credit card information

Wallet Management



Tracking in Real Time

Option to Call

Review and rate (User)


Plugin that costs money

Integration of a Bitcoin Wallet $1000

Integrate our bitcoin wallet and begin trading with tens of thousands of bitcoin users around the world. Exceptionally safe and seamless.

Scheduled Reservations: $699

Customers can schedule a service for a later day and time. Your drivers will be notified of a later appointment and shown their location.

Live Navigation was $499, but it’s now free!

This functionality allows your Driver to navigate to your customer without having to switch between apps.

Geo fencing costs $750.

This function uses GPS tracking to generate a virtual geographic boundary and sends an alert when the taxi enters or exits it.

$500 for chat integration

Once the ride has been accepted by the driver, the driver or rider can commence conversations or calls to connect with one another.

$500 God’s Eye View

This feature allows the administrator to see information such as overall earnings, a list of users and drivers with details, and whether or not they are busy.

$499 for multi-language

The whole Xuber app, website, and backend will be translated into your preferred language.

$750 MLM Viral Marketing

Make use of multi-level marketing by having your riders and drivers promote your brand through referrals. It generates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Option to bid $1000 is now $750!

Allow riders and drivers to bid for the best costs for rides, allowing them to take advantage of the best potential possibilities. This offers them a sense of accomplishment.

$999 in Promotion Codes is Now Free!

This feature allows your consumers to share a promo code with their friends and peers, resulting in a better discount for both of them while also increasing the virality of your app.

$2499 for video calls

For a nominal fee, we will be able to integrate video calls inside the app, ensuring that none of your providers are impacted.

$1500 Wallet System

The passenger can use this option to add money to his wallet account from within the app. Top-ups can be made with Mobile Money or by the administrator.

$1499 Voice Calls (VOIP)

For a nominal fee, we will be able to integrate voice calls inside the app, ensuring that none of your providers are impacted.

App Clone Script Can Help You Align Your Trust!


Years of Professional Experience


Mavericks in Technology


Delivered Projects



The Best Mobile App Development Firm

Features that have been highlighted

Geo-tracking in real time

In your customer-facing mobile apps, customers can always see where the nearest plumbers are in real time.

Changing or Cancelling a Reservation

Your clients have the option to change or cancel their reservations at any time.

Speak with your plumber.

Your customers and plumbers can chat or phone from within the Customer and Plumbers applications.

Work Experience

Customers and plumbers can look at their service history to see where their past service requests were submitted.

System of Evaluation

Both the plumbers and your clients have access to the job history and reviews, ensuring continuous improvement.

Profile in Depth

Your customers and plumbers can each develop and maintain a thorough profile, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your ecosystem.

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