Take control of the ride-hailing business with the incredible white-label Uber Clone solution. Assorted with the most advanced features and the most intuitive interface, all geared toward assisting you in taking the industry by storm.

Using an Uber clone, Launch An On-Demand Ride-Hailing App

Uber Clone is an impeccably designed, ready-to-use taxi app solution that enables you to convert your traditional taxi service into a digital ride-hailing service. You can easily scale up your domestic taxi business to meet the high demand for on-demand taxi services. From ride-hailing to bike taxi, carpooling, and fleet management, this all-in-one solution enables you to manage every aspect of your taxi business.

We are the market leader in taxi application development. Our Uber-like app solution package provides you with a taxi booking app that will help you stay ahead of the competition in this competitive market. We will deliver a technically advanced yet user-friendly taxi app solution to you in just three days, white-labeled with your brand name and logo in the language and currency of your choice.

Additionally, what is there? Additionally, we develop Uber-clone iOS and Android native apps for your customers and drivers, obtaining approval and submitting them to the iOS AppStore and Android Play store. You can jumpstart your business by utilizing our comprehensive taxi booking app solution.

Our White-Label Taxi App Solution’s Algorithms

Customers will select a suitable service from the available variants, and the system will send requests to the nearest or highest rated service provider. Once the service provider accepts the request, the customer is notified of the estimated time of arrival.

Booking taxis has never been easier or more convenient than with our feature-rich white-label taxi app.

  • App Sign-Up/Log-In Screen
  • Register/Login
    Provide an easy entry point for customers with a simple signup process and social media login. They are ready with a simple tap.
  • Book Rides App Screen
    Provide your customers with the ability to easily book rides for themselves or their loved ones. Concerning themselves with the details of the ride is a non-starter, as the app takes care of that automatically.
  • Schedule Rides App Screen
    Especially designed for busy bees! It enables customers to book their ride immediately or later. Who would have guessed taxi booking could be this simple!
  • App Screen with Auto-Location Auto-Location
    When customers are stranded in a desolate location or a nameless town, they do not need to be aware of the location in order to book a ride. They can accurately locate and track their rides using the in-app GPS feature.
  • App for Ride History-The History of the Screen Ride
    They can view a list of all the rides they’ve completed thus far, complete with details such as pickup location, destination, price, and time taken.
  • Screenshot of the Fare Estimate App
  • Estimated Fare
    The icing on the cake of a taxi booking service on-demand. Instantly inform your customer of the fare, followed by their entering their pickup and destination locations and selecting a ride that fits their budget.
  • Screenshot of the SOS Alert App SOS Alert
    If the customer finds themselves in an unfortunate situation, they are not required to search through their contacts. Simply tap on the SOS alert button, and assistance will arrive before they realise it!
  • App Screen for the In-App Wallet
    When we stated that our solution is comprehensive, one of the reasons was as follows. Our Uber-like app includes an in-app wallet that enables customers to pay for rides conveniently without constantly hunting for cash or credit cards.
  • Notifications App Screen
    Notifications Bar none, the customer will be informed of the ride’s status via push notifications.
  • App Screen Reviews
    Businesses are born and developed through feedback, and no one understands this better than we do. Therefore, here is a feature that allows customers to rate their ride, allowing you to improve your service.

Today, Give Your Ideas Life By Acquiring The Taxi Booking App Solution.

What Characterizes Our Uber Clone Script?

Uber Clone Script Pre-Configured avoids the pitfalls that come with building an online taxi booking app similar to Uber from scratch. Wave down to our ready-made Uber clone script and prepare to witness success in the near future.

  • A highly scalable prefabricated solution.
  • Customization and branding on an end-to-end basis.
  • Significant for synchronising a high volume of user activity.
  • Preparations have been made for implementation and deployment.
  • Created by a team of astute web and mobile application developers.
  • Available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Exclusive admin panel for app management.
  • Unflinching customization, deployment, and support.

How Does Our Uber-Style App Work?

Workflow of the Rider

Rider \sRegistration

The rider creates an account in the app using his or her personal information or a social media handle.

Provide a Location

They will enter the pickup and destination locations and will receive a list of variants with their associated prices.

Choose a vehicle

They can select the vehicle type that best suits their needs and budget.

Keep an eye on the ride

Following the completion of the booking, the rider can track the ride in real time.

The journey began.

The trip begins successfully once the ride arrives.


After the ride is complete, the rider can pay using a variety of payment methods, including credit or debit card, PayPal, Strike, or the in-app wallet.

Reviews & Ratings

After completing the trip, the rider can rate it.

Driver Workflow Registration of Drivers

When the driver is ready to accept rides and earn money, they log into their accounts.

Request for a trip to admin

The driver will submit documents to the administrator, who will verify them before allowing the driver to take trips.

Status of availability

They will begin receiving ride requests from nearby riders once they toggle their availability status to online.

Take rides

The driver accepts the ride request, thereby initiating the trip.


After the ride is complete, the driver either receives payment directly from the rider or it is processed through payment gateways.

Reviews & Ratings

After the trip is completed, the driver can rate it.


The administrator will pay the commission to the driver upon completion of the ride.

Paid Attempt to contribute for Safety Measures We Provide

Passenger restriction

A taxi can carry no more than two passengers at a time, and riders with more than two passengers will be refused. It is implemented to ensure that the government’s safety regulations are followed.

Verification of the face mask

Drivers must upload selfies wearing face masks to go online or take rides for safety reasons. Additionally, they should share selfies prior to accepting fares. The app incorporates the selfie technology ‘Real-Time ID Check’ to accomplish this.

Checklist for safety

Before accepting or requesting a taxi ride, drivers and passengers must follow a checklist that includes a series of safety precautions such as wearing face masks and hand sanitizing.

Self-portraiture technology

The ‘Real-Time ID Check’ technology leverages Microsoft Cognitive Services to match drivers’ selfies to their profiles before they enter the app or accept rides. If they do not adhere to safety regulations, they are prohibited from taking trips and may resume service only after passing the app business investigation.

Cancellation of ride

Both users and drivers have the option of canceling their rides if one of the parties does not feel safe taking the trip due to the other party’s negligence of safety protocols. Especially when the other party has not worn face masks or properly sanitized their affected items.

Ratings & Reviews for Safety

Users and drivers alike can rate one another and provide feedback on the driver’s compliance with safety protocols during the ride. It significantly aids in providing quality service and adhering to government safety regulations.

Our White-Label Ride-Hailing App’s Advanced Features

Our industry-leading Uber Clone script includes advanced features that enable you to run your business efficiently and maximise visibility, thanks to its remarkable ability to adapt to the needs and desires of your customers. Additionally, we offer you paid add-ons that will ensure your colossal success.

For the duration of your subscription, you will receive free app updates.

If you wish to update the features in your on-demand application, you may contact us at any time, even after the project is complete. For the duration of the app’s life, our team will provide unrestricted support in the app update process.

90 days of assistance in resolving errors

Our app solutions are bug-free and error-free, ensuring the smooth operation of your business. However, if your app does experience any issues, we will provide you with free support for the first three months.

Solutions for cloning that are adaptable

It’s your app, and we completely understand why you’d want your name and logo to appear on it. As a result, we replace our name and logo on the app with yours. Once we deliver the app to you, it becomes a dedicated source of revenue for your business, and we make no claim on it.

Policy on confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

We adhere to a strict privacy policy and will sign a non-disclosure agreement with your business as soon as you sign on with us. We guarantee that your app will not be mentioned on any of our websites or portfolios, and that you will retain sole ownership of your app.

Support in multiple languages is provided for free.

If you wish to go hyperlocal, we guarantee our full support. We assist you in integrating the language of your choice into your app for free. We extend our full assistance in any language.

Multiple currency support

When you launch your app in a specific country, we assist you in integrating local currencies of your choice into your app. Additionally, the app includes a feature that allows you to manage the exchange rate between your base currency and any additional currencies.

By Implementing The Best Uber-Like Taxi App Solution, you can cut through the ride hailing market’s traffic.

Achieve Success With The Market’s Best Taxi App Solution

Profitably increase your customer base with our top-of-the-line white-label Uber app clone.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce costs and workload by increasing the speed and overall performance of your taxi booking software using our industry-leading automation technology.

Increase Fleet Management Effectiveness

Easily manage larger fleets. Our Uber-like app development solutions enable you to monitor and regulate critical processes to ensure they run smoothly.

Increase Bookings

With the Uber clone source code, you can quickly build a large customer base, which results in increased bookings and usage of your services.

Our Uber Clone Offers Unique Paid Add-Ons

In a highly competitive market, innovative and unique business ideas help you stay ahead of the competition. Our team of skilled app developers creates one-of-a-kind paid plugins to integrate with the Uber clone script, further enhancing the aesthetics of your interface.

Advertisement Banners Display advertisements in order to earn passive income from the app on a continuous basis by contracting with interested businesses.

Booking Application for the KiOSK

A kiosk with a tablet and internet access can be placed in front of hotels to assist travellers in booking rides from any location. As a result, the number of trips increases, which results in increased profits.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Administrator

Define and customise the administrator’s rights through predefined roles that enable them to monitor and approve user requests.

Rides for Businesses

Users can schedule rides for personal or professional purposes. If the taxi is being used for business purposes, the company is responsible for the fare. To take advantage of such services, the business must register with the app and approve employee travel. If the ride is being taken for personal reasons, the user is responsible for payment.

Disable Users’ False Profiles

As an administrator, you will have access to all of your ride-hailing application’s activity. You can block riders with forged identification, users who do not belong to an organisation but claim to work there, and other similar profiles, ensuring that your app remains free of fraudulent users.

Currency Exchange Rates Updated in Real Time

You are not required to manually enter the currency exchange rate as an administrator. Your app will automatically update the scales as they change, which will simplify your job.

Our Uber Clone App’s Effective Revenue Channels

Accumulate a plethora of currencies in your cash box with these tried and true revenue models.


A primary source of revenue for your ride-hailing business, this is initiated when the rider pays for each completed ride.

Advertisements within the application

You can charge a small fee to run advertisements for various business-related products or third-party products on your app.

Charge for Driver Onboarding

Because your app is a platform brimming with opportunities, you can charge drivers to use their services.

Increased Prices

Profit from the increased demand for your business and services by imposing a surcharge during peak hours. We refer to this as instant cashing!

Charge for Cancellation

On any cancellation, a cancellation fee can be charged to the customer and applied to the next ride.

Purchases Made Within the Application

Allow your customers to benefit from the numerous benefits associated with premium services.

Automate Every Aspect of Your Taxi Business With Our Uber Clone Software

Increase the efficiency of your taxi business by utilising the appropriate time-saving automation mode; quickly increase bookings and ROI.

Intelligent And Lightning-Fast Onboarding

Facilitate rapid onboarding by dispelling all stereotypes associated with manual joining and automating the time-consuming task of documentation with our taxi app solution. From this point forward, documentation is never about hour-long verification.

Monitor Your Business Using Cutting-Edge Analytics And Reporting Tools

Evaluate your drivers’ performance in terms of earnings, bookings, and so on. Additionally, monitoring your business is now a five-finger exercise enabled by advanced analytics that enables you to compare stats, gain insight into pain points, and improve overall performance.

Tools For Advanced Analytics And Reporting

Automated Billing for Drivers

Automated Driver Billing And Ongoing Commission Earnings

With automated driver billing, you can collect your commission from drivers for each ride. The system will consider factors such as the driver’s balance, incentives, penalties, and taxes when settling the driver’s payment.

Managing High Demand During Peak Hours

Bail out the difficulties associated with meeting high demand during peak hours with the automated ride-hailing system, and ensure that no requests go unattended or go missing.

Managing High Demand During Peak Hours

System of Automated Dispatch

Operate your taxi business with the help of the futuristic automated dispatch system, which dispatches the cab proficiently as soon as a ride request is received. Our software’s trailblazing feature is its hassle-free dispatching.

Our Product Is Powered By A Variety Of Technologies

We design and develop our iOS applications using Apple’s iOS Swift Technology. Our integrated development environment is Xcode.

Our Android applications are built using cutting-edge protocols such as Google’s Native Java Technology. Android studio is our integrated development environment.

Our skilled app developers create pixel-perfect user interfaces that are both simple to use and highly interactive.

Our on-demand taxi app web panels are powered by advanced PHP. Additionally, we can develop Uber clones using flutter or django on request.

Designed to run smoothly on a variety of popular servers, including Linux, AWS cloud servers, and shared servers.

Our applications incorporate the Google maps API to facilitate location and navigation.

Increase The Size Of Your Taxi Booking Service To A Market Monster

Whether you are a startup or an established taxi business with a large fleet of vehicles, you can leave all your worries about managing your business behind. Because our highly scalable ride-hailing app enables you to efficiently manage millions of riders and drivers.

The Most Recent Technology

Our cutting-edge technology will safeguard all of your critical operations.

Increased Availability and Uptime

True to our word, cloud hosting enables you to handle one million requests per second.

Flexible Integration Solution

Integrate any number of services, such as Google Maps, hotels, and airlines, and exponentially increase your revenue.

Want To Watch Your App Grow?

We are available to discuss your project 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Once we’ve reached an agreement on the project’s details, you’re invited to see your App being developed live in our development centre. Interact with your project manager, the App’s developers, and designers. We will assist you with the visa application process and other travel obstacles.

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