The most well-known ICO rating service on the market. With your concept of the analytical ICObench-like software, you may be a pioneer in the blockchain community.

ICObench Clone, Your Personal Initial Coin Offering Rating Platform

When raising funding, businesses run into the problem of investors lacking analytical, legal, and technical knowledge. A team of ICO specialists takes the lead in the market, giving consumers the most up-to-date data, in order to close knowledge gaps and urge investors to take action. Individuals and businesses may use an ICObench-like app to obtain a rating platform that is backed up by investors and financial professionals. Users may choose the finest ICOs among a large number of existing and forthcoming ones, allowing them to invest more wisely.



The newcomers are offered a wide range of services, ranging from technical to marketing assistance.


Enter the name of an ICO into the search field to analyse it.


Search for ICOs based on their current state, rating, nation, platform, and currency.


Purchase a premium subscription that allows you to remove rivals and continually be on top of the listings to ensure that your ICO is discovered.


Share your company’s news with a press release to get the word out.

Features of the App

Assets & Exchanges in Cryptocurrency

To learn more about current trends, conduct research and browse crypto assets as well as exchanges.

ICO Entertainment is a company that specialises in providing entertainment

Watch the top-rated videos in the app to gain some insight into the world of ICOs.

Contributors & Experts

Learn about the top ICO influencers and their personal accomplishments in the area.

ICO “Bounty” is a kind of ICO.

Participate in the “Bounty” programmes to earn free coins for completing various activities (writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, translating whitepapers, etc).

Services We Provide

Complete Turnkey Solution

All of our goods are delivered fully assembled. You may begin with ZERO time-to-market, gain the highest market share, and become the industry leader that everyone else aspires to be.

Administrative Dashboard with a lot of power

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control over your mobile app. It includes an easy-to-use interface and may be customised.


The most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, ICObench clone, is the most resourceful product from the bottom of your barrel, extending your company runway.

This is a paid plugin.

Language Conversion

Choose your favourite language for the app’s backend and frontend, and then relax and enjoy the simplicity of the interface.

Support for Chat

Request a conversation with one of our advisors/experts when you need help and we’ll help you solve your problems right away.

Widget for ICO Lists

Make money by including an ICO List Widget in your app and populating it with the most recent cryptocurrency ICOs.

Integration of a Payment Gateway

The payment gateway means that you may collect money for premium/paid listings from your ICO/STO issuance firms.

Services We Provide

Apps for mobile devices

Mobile apps that are simple to use, technically sophisticated, and seamless for any vertical.

App for the Web

Apps based on cutting-edge technology. In-app functions that are highly useful, pro-customizable, and frictionless.

Administrative Dashboard

A single dashboard allows you to swiftly scan the app’s activity and overall performance.

Completely customizable

For speedy app transformation, limitless customization possibilities with immediate add-on support are available.

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