White-Label Bizzby Clone Solution For Launching Your On-Demand Handyman App

An innovative all-in-one platform that quickly connects people with on-demand handyman specialists.

Create A Bizzby-Like App With An On-Demand Handyman App

The days of waiting for a plumber to pick up the phone are long gone. Users may book any service with just a few taps using specific applications like Bizzby clone. This on-demand home services app can help you fix your broken shower, clean your dusty garage, hang your new flat-screen TV, or even install an EV charger for your brand new electric car. With an app built and constructed using our robust Bizzby clone script, you can quickly cater to the lucrative market of on-demand services searchers. We make certain you get the most user-friendly, feature-rich, and secure on-demand platform available.

For Your On-Demand Handyman Business, Bizzby Clone Script

We use cutting-edge technologies like Mailgun API for transactional emails, web sockets from Socket IO, Twilio for SMS services, Stripe for adaptive payments, and other modern technologies to build a well-crafted and scalable platform for your business.

Additional administration systems are available with your customised Bizzby clone, including:

Finance Management

Payroll Administration


The sophisticated Home Services platform includes separate client and service provider apps as well as a rich admin interface.

Features of Our On-Demand Handyman App Script


The advanced search option displays the most relevant service providers near the user’s location based on their inputs.


Integrate a variety of common payment gateways with a variety of payment methods like as credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and more.

Login to social media

Users may log in to the Bizzby clone platform using their social network accounts, such as Facebook, Google+, and others.

Messaging in the Building

The in-app chat tool allows service seekers and handymen to convey critical information.


Provide language options in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and other languages to appeal to a worldwide audience.

Ratings And Reviews

Customers may see the service providers’ ratings and review their experience thereafter.

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

This well-designed Bizzby-like App feature allows customers to schedule services at their leisure at a later time.

Combination of maps

Service providers can find the quickest route to the service seeker’s location. Customers may also track the handyman who has been assigned to them in real-time.

Promotions And Discounts

Use this incredible tool to entice consumers by giving exclusive discounts and promo coupons. Admin has the ability to change the offers at their discretion.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Unique design aspects are used in our solutions to provide a consistent user experience. With your cutting-edge On-Demand Home Services App, you can help bridge the gap between service seekers and service providers.

Extensive User Interface

Users will be greeted with a well-designed interface, which will remain consistent throughout.

Fast and Simple Cloud Setup

Bizzy clone allows you to quickly set up a cloud installation.

Customization from beginning to end

Our Bizzby Like App Development solutions are completely customizable to meet your specific needs.

Pre-made Options

Our prebuilt solutions are built with the most reliable and scalable technology to meet any of your on-demand service requirements.

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