Metamorphose your entrepreneurial vision into a reality now by developing a Careem clone. Arise as a neoteric in not just one but multitudinous sectors!

Launch All-In-One Super App With 50+ On-Demand Services! -Careem Clone

Nowadays, you can find a smartphone with an on-demand app almost anywhere. This is due to the astronomical results and benefits they provide. And there’s no shortage of reasons why you should start investing in the super app industry. Consider this: if one on-demand service can yield higher returns, what would happen if you offered multiple services? Without a doubt, you have a better chance of winning the tight race.

Our clone app script provides you with a multi-services app solution that will propel you to the top of the industry! You can use the key to launch over 50 on-demand services and reach out to most of the world’s population.

If you want to give people a land full of possibilities and turn it into a thriving kingdom, our Careem clone script is the way to go. The script is compatible, white-label, and most importantly, end-to-end customizable; all you have to do is fill in the columns with your company’s requirements! What else do you require in addition to this?

Put this solution to work for your company and watch it run smoothly as clockwork!

What Is Careem Clone?

Careem clone is a ready-to-use super app that includes various on-demand services. The solution allows you to seamlessly integrate any on-demand service, including taxi, food, grocery, and pharmacy delivery, as well as home services. Because it is well-suited and scalable, the clone can be customized to add new services, features, and plug-ins and launched on any platform, such as Android or iOS, to meet your needs.

H-Careem App Clone Has 50+ Premium On-Demand Services.

Careem, a white-label app, is a beautiful package of over 50 on-demand services. Take a look at everything it has to offer!

  • Taxi Tour
  • Motorbike Riding
  • Delivery of Groceries
  • Water Supply
  • Bouquet Delivery
  • Delivery of Perfume
  • H Added Services
  • Taking Care of Children
  • Personal Trainer
  • Mechanic
  • Plumber
  • Electrician
  • Car Detailing
  • Tutors
  • Those who walk dogs
  • a security officer
  • Controlling pests
  • Animal Welfare
  • Maids
  • Plows for snow
  • Massage Therapy is a type of treatment that involves mass. A lesson
  • Repairing an air conditioner
  • Maintenance of Vehicles
  • Doctors
  • Barber
  • Carpenter
  • Cleaning after a party
  • Workers
  • Guided Tours
  • Painting in the House
  • Physiotherapy
  • Catering
  • Photography
  • Vet
  • Agent for Travel
  • Agent for Insurance
  • Towing Vehicle
  • Beautician
  • Tutor
  • Painting
  • Grooming for Dogs
  • Smith, Lock
  • Fuel
  • Helpers
  • Lawyers
  • Technician on the Move
  • Sofa Renovator
  • Spa
  • Translator
  • Psychologist
  • Grass Cutting
  • Designer of Interiors
  • Carpet Renovator
  • Computer Technician
  • Those who fight fires
  • SUBAddress Reduction

Who wants to type in their address every time they need something? There are none! An address can be saved to a user’s profile. They won’t have to type it every time; instead, they’ll be able to select a service by tapping.

Allow users to share about your app on social media platforms to expand your brand’s reach to the far corners of the globe!

Tracking in Real-Time

Thanks to the in-built GPS tracking, users can track their orders or deliveries in real-time without incurring any fees. Whoa!

Profile Management

Users can edit their profiles at any time to add or remove information such as photos, a bio, and their date of birth. Because the app does not store any info, your privacy will be protected to the fullest extent possible.


Allow users to take full advantage of the services by booking the app right away or scheduling it later. The app will send the request precisely, and the benefits will arrive on the specified date and time.

If you were to ask someone in most Middle Eastern countries about a ride-hailing app they use on the spur of the moment, they might respond with Careem. Careem began as a simple ride-hailing app and has since grown into the largest startup in the world, selling to Uber for $3.1 billion in 2020. On the other hand, the company was laying the groundwork for expanding its services.

It integrated rides, grocery and restaurant delivery, and digital transactions in over 100 cities. And, as you might expect, it proved to be highly efficient for users, as they can complete multiple tasks from a single app that already has their information. According to the company, its user base has grown by 900 percent, assisting 48 million people. Whoo!

It is currently the only supereminent player in the MENA region, having been the first to introduce the Super app market to the region.

What Makes Our White-Label Super App Solution So Special?

Careem clone is a customizable, super app solution that offers users a simple way to book services. Users can get a variety of on-demand services such as in-home services, auto-care services, beauty, and more with just one app. It has become one of the major driving factors for the success of super apps because they save users from having to log in every time they want to use these services. For years, entrepreneurs have been searching for a cost-effective and time-saving way to create a White-Label Super App. And, guess what, the time has finally arrived!

We provide development services in which entrepreneurs can specify their development preferences, and our clone app can be customized to meet those criteria to help them become successful appreneurs. The following are some of our Careem clone’s unique metrics:

  • The white-label script can be rebranded.
  • Any service can be fused on a multi-scale platform.
  • Offerings of services are limitless.
  • Flexible enough to accommodate any service expansion.
  • Interfaces for smart payments

How Does the Careem Like App Work?

  • Ride Services are a sub-category of SUBRide Services.
  • The app can be accessed using personal credentials or a social media account.
  • They use the app to enter the pickup and destination addresses.
  • Ride requests are sent to nearby drivers, who can accept or decline them.
  • After the driver accepts the request, the user can track the ride in real-time.
  • The driver arrives at the destination and begins the journey.
  • The user pays for the trip after it is completed by selecting the preferred payment mode in the Careem clone.
  • Finally, the user and driver give feedback on the app and rate the service.
  • After registering their information, users log in to the app.
  • They choose their preferred method of delivery from a list of options.
  • They add the items to the cart and place the order after making their selections.
  • Until the order is delivered, the user can track the items using GPS navigation.
  • They can pay cash or pay online after receiving the order and leaving a review.


  • The user must first log in to use the services.
  • They then select the service they desire.
  • They select one service provider from the list and submit a request.
  • After receiving the request, the provider has a particular time accepting or rejecting it.
  • After the service is completed, the users can pay for it using any payment method they prefer.
  • Finally, the service experience is rated by both the user and the service provider.
  • Every entrepreneur looking for ways to build a universal user base and maximize profits has arrived at the right place!


  • App for iOS users
  • Android app for users
  • For iOS, there is a driver/service provider app.
  • Android app for drivers and service providers
  • Web interface for service providers
  • For iOS, there’s a store/restaurant app.
  • For Android, there is a store/restaurant app.
  • Web panel for a store or a restaurant
  • Panel of dispatchers
  • Website for the main landing page

Admin control panel

Forget about the tedious registration procedures required to use the app. We make it so easy to sign up for the app that it only takes a few seconds. Users would even forget they had registered, according to Pintsized!

Log in to social media

When we’re stuck in a rut, our social media accounts come to the rescue. Tada! It’s no different here! They don’t even need an email address or a phone number; all they need is the handle of one of their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn, and they’re good to go.

Use a variety of services

A collection of the best on-demand services, all in one place. They could immediately flail their arms as a farewell to other on-demand apps!

Choose a vehicle.

A one-size-fits-all solution allows your users to use any type of vehicle for ride-hailing. There are no longer any requirements for enjoying luxuries, whether a thin or fat wallet.

This location has a stunning collection of intelligent filters for users! The user can find the nearest store and choose from various partnered restaurants that have offers or ratings that appeal to them based on their needs.

Users can stack items and place orders through a single checkout without having to deal with multiple steps. In our Careem clone, a low-cost price guarantee with options like item modification or removal is a plus.

Estimate of the fare

What amazing things technology can accomplish! Users can estimatedealing the cost of the transportation services they intend to use. All that is required is a pickup and destination address, and the app will fill in the rest.


People may forget to track their spending, but the app does not! All completed rides, deliveries, and on-demand services are displayed thanks to data storage technology.

The on-demand app is all about the user, the user, and the user preference. How could we possibly overlook this feature? Users can choose one service provider from a list of available providers, including information such as name, pricing, package, and ratings.

Cancel the ride or place an order

There is no longer any embarrassment in declining an order or a ride, as with traditional methods. They can cancel the order or ride with a single tap. Revolutionary thinking at its finest!

Increase your user base by offering them incentives for referring their friends to your service.

Profile management

The driver updates all of their personal information, such as their first name, last name, address, and profile picture, for everyone to see.

For verification, the driver or delivery person can add or modify the documents they’ve submitted, such as their driver’s license, ID profile, and vehicle insurance.

Report on Earnings

Allow delivery executives or drivers to see a total number of completed, ongoing, and pending ride/order requests to get the best picture of their accomplishments.


Earning money with the app is a lot easier than you might think. The agent or driver can edit their account information, link it to the app, and voila! The admin revenue will be credited directly to your account.

To get started with the lucrative opportunity, drivers can easily log in or sign up for the app using social media sites like Facebook or Google.

Request for a ride/order

A separate feature for the driver or delivery agent is to get the most out of the on-demand Careem clone script! They can accept immediate ride/order requests and begin earning money right away.

The app has an in-app chat feature to protect privacy while promoting efficiency and communication. They can chat with the user in real-time if they have any questions about the ride or order.

SUBDetails of the invoice

There are no hidden details or games like hiding and seek! The driver/delivery agent will receive a detailed invoice that includes total distance, tax, and payment information.


If the driver or delivery executive does not want to accept the ride request, they can cancel it using an app like Careem to enter the cancellation reasons.

Feedback from customers

The driver can take advantage of the opportunity to be more efficient and improve. They could quickly identify the pain points if they had a clear view of all of the drivers’ feedback, including their date, name, and ratings.

Toggle the availability of

It’s convenient at its finest! A store owner can now choose whether to operate online or offlineto inform customers of their availability to take orders.

Report on earnings

A comprehensive overview of all the company’s achievements. Store owners can see completed, ongoing, pending, and canceled orders.

With our Careem clone, arousing curiosity is now easier than ever! To deliver order requests, the store owner can set an estimated delivery time.

Getting people to come to you and keep them is never easy. Who are we kidding, though? With this feature, the store owner can expand the order scale and add or modify the store’s offer.

The brilliant way to target the company’s customers. Store owners can now specify a delivery service radius of one kilometer to deliver orders.

Allow them to raise the bar for their service, resulting in a sizable profit and a good reputation among customers.

Feedback from customers

Allow the store owners to see all of the user’s feedback. The user’s name, rating, feedback, date, and time are displayed right away.


The store owner can manage all details such as delivery time, tax, opening and closing times, and anything else they require with our Careem clone script.

Administrative Panel

Dynamic dashboard SUBDynamic dashboard SUBDynamic dashboard SUB

For you, a complete panoramic view of the Careem clone! You can manage the app like a king with a set of advanced features and functionalities!

Fleet management/service provider

You can quickly manage or add any information about the service providers or drivers. You have complete control over your profile, services, charges, and everything else.

User management

Have complete control over your customers’ information, including their name, address, payment information, and so much more.

Reports and analyses

With our Careem clone, you can get complete data-driven insights about customers, service providers, requests, earnings, and more right at your fingertips.

Ratings and reviews for

Manage all of the ratings that different stakeholders have left in your app to understand where the pain point is and how you can improve. After all, making progress is a success in and of itself.

Billing panel

Keep track of all of your earnings and currencies as they accumulate in your cash box. Like a boss, you can add or manage any of the revenue streams and percentages to your liking!

Addons To Improve Your Careem App Clone

With the stunning add-ons provided here, you can make your business stand out.


Establish the safest method of communication between users and service providers while keeping phone numbers private.


A feature that encourages user engagement to better track user retention. You can send notifications to all service providers, users, and drivers individually or in bulk.


Allow travelers to reserve services from a Kiosk stand, which will expand your user base for your Careem-like app.

Currency in real-time

Keep your users glued to your app! You can now provide users with the most up-to-date currency exchange rates as well as a calculated fare in their local currency.

Managing an entire app with more than 50 on-demand services and being an efficient owner can be difficult at times. But don’t be concerned! You can now create a sub-admin responsible for managing orders, promotions, and all disputes.

Tracking in real-time

Using the Careem clone script, users and you can check ETAs and track service providers and drivers in real-time with the utmost accuracy.

Find the repeat orders, customers, and revenues to plot your progress and success. Soon, the throne will be yours!

Delivery without the need for contact

In light of the current pandemic, we’ve included a feature called “contactless delivery” that allows service providers to deliver orders without contacting users. Users can take a picture or video of the location where they want the service providers to drop off the order to ensure its integrity.

Take it away

With this feature, users can now adhere to the safety protocol by ordering online and picking up their orders from stores/restaurants.

Banners of knowledge

Nothing is more important than informing people about how serious the COVID-19 outbreak is for the entire world. You can now display banners that will instill knowledge in your users and delivery partners as a preventative measure. You can never go wrong with a small gesture like this.

Badge of safety

Encourage and raise awareness among the general public by awarding safety badges to all stores that take precautions when transferring user orders to delivery partners.

Fees for commission

Fill your pocket with commission-based earnings due to the severe development of an on-demand multi-service app. You can earn a percentage of the total service payment, which you can directly credit to the service provider’s account. The more sales there are, the more currencies there are.

Plans for subscriptions

Provide exclusive services to people who sign up for subscription plans to ensure maximum user retention. Manage your target audience’s demographics and turn them into permanent users with ease.

Feature charge

This isn’t something you’ll find in other on-demand apps. Giving something special is, of course, a part of our Careem clone! Because service providers want to be at the top of searches, this revenue model will allow you to get the most money from them.

Fee for high priority

Make a lot of money by providing services at various levels. Fill the orders that have been marked as high priority and charge a premium. For both you and the service provider, it’s a give-and-take situation!

Fee for postponement

Charge for the longest intervals between services to fatten your wallet. Waiting for user charges, for example, can be a good revenue stream for the service provider to add to their bottom line.

How Is Our Clone of the Careem App Different From Others?

License for the rest of your life

You can purchase a perpetual license that allows you to modify or customize the solution to your heart’s content. Get the most out of your imagination and creativity for your app!

Improved compatibility

Whether you choose to deploy your app on the Android or iOS platforms, compatibility will be top-notch. Because combining cutting-edge technology with our expertise can never go wrong!


If you’re behind on technology, you won’t most extended complete in the on-demand market. Updating your app is both necessary and unavoidable. With our industry-leading annual upgrade service, you can get the most out of your upgrades.


You can conceal and nail the Careem clone with your brand’s name and logo with white labeling. We rework it in such a way that no one will recognize it as anything else!

Integration of payment methods

Don’t limit the app’s ability to earn the most money and, most importantly, to attract the most users. Without multiple options, here’s a big one you won’t want to miss! Integrate any payment gateways with the app to create a secure payment system.

Support for bugs is provided for free.

Finding a flaw in our solution can be difficult, but if you do, our team will be happy to assist you with free bug support for a year!

Apps that are native to the device

Without much effort, you could now take your on-demand business global. For all stakeholders, we provide solutions for both native Android and iOS apps.

UI Design That Is Attractive

With awesome color schemes and the best user interface, you’ll be able to win not only the hearts of the people but also the market!

White-label solution

You can revamp, twist, tweak, or whatever you want to turn into your brand name and logo because our solutions are purely white-label. After all, it’s all yours!


You can change the script to suit your needs. Whether it’s the features or the plug-ins you want to change, do it all flawlessly and to the hilt.


When compared to all of the order Careem clone scripts currently available on the market, our solutions are significantly less expensive. However, there is no compromise in terms of quality!

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