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FoodHub Clone App Script | Make An App Like Food Hub

Foodhub clone is a ready-to-use solution for quickly developing an online food ordering app. It has a lot of great features and can be adjusted to fit your business’s needs. Entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, cloud kitchen startups, and established company tycoons may benefit from it. By establishing our Foodhub clone app, you can now reap the rewards of the lucrative online meal delivery market.

Your Instant Solution to Launch a Food Delivery App is a Foodhub Clone App

In response to the post-pandemic behavioral change, on-demand food delivery applications have become a part of people’s life. Customers expect to be able to enjoy the flavors of their favorite restaurants’ cuisine in the comfort of their own homes. The on-demand meal delivery app industry has exploded as a result of this behavioral change.

With such a large client base, it is often assumed that any new firm that provides on-time delivery and lists consumer favorite eateries will be a surefire success. Why put it off any longer? When you have the chance to take our Foodhub like the app and develop a completely customized on-demand food delivery app that targets your specific demographic in a matter of days. Join us as we go on a journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

What Exactly Is An FoodHub Clone?

Foodhub Clone is a white-label food delivery solution that allows entrepreneurs or existing company owners to quickly build an on-demand meal delivery service. It may be adjusted in terms of functionality and design to meet the needs of the customer. The app may be made using the client’s corporate logo and color palettes, making it appear as though it was built from scratch and displaying it as more authentic. The FoodHub like the app is on par with FoodHub and other worldwide food delivery applications in terms of performance. Join us and go on a rampage of banging on doors, ringing doorbells, and knocking on establishments.

What Is the FoodHub App Clone and How Does It Work?


Users may use their email address, phone number, or social network credentials to sign up for the site.

Search for Restaurants

Users may utilize an advanced search tool to find various restaurants and arrange them by various filtering criteria such as location, price, cuisine, and so on.

Add to Shopping Cart

Any of the food products may be easily added to the cart and checked out in a matter of seconds.

Confirmation of Order

Users may pay using any of the available payment methods, confirm their order, and have it delivered to their door.


When a user puts an order, the admin has access to all of the data associated with that order.

Check the Order

Admin sends the order request to the appropriate restaurant manager, and if he accepts it, admin quickly verifies the delivery request.


The order is processed, prepped, and packaged, and it is ready for the appointed delivery person to pick up.


Notification of Delivery Request

The responsibility of delivering the food item to the relevant users is allocated to the delivery executive closest to the pick-up site.

Pickup is available at the restaurant.

The delivery driver then picks up the bundled order and sets out to fulfill the meal delivery request.

Delivery Is On The Way

By changing the delivery status to ‘Out for delivery,’ the concerned user is alerted of the delivery, along with an accurate ETA report.

The order has been fulfilled.

Users are given their requested food and asked to rate and assess the delivery service as a whole.

The advantages of using Foodhub Clone App Script

Each of the above-mentioned features of our product has been incorporated into our company’s apps. If you have anything else you’d want to include, we can do that as well. When it comes to food delivery app creation and modification, Bytesflow has both experience and competence. Our organization has offered services to over 30 countries and has a long list of delighted customers all around the world. So, certainly, you may put your faith in FoodHub like app development, and we will reward you with a successful outcome.

You’ll never lose a customer again!

Seamless communication through SMS and mobile application for an online food ordering website.

Customers should place their orders in three steps.

Check out the menu, customize your order, then pay for it all on this food ordering website.

Create a Personal Brand

Promotional deals and marketing with a branded mobile app with extensive social sharing capabilities.

Make yourself accessible.

Allow clients to find their way to your restaurants and takeaways via well-defined map Directions.

Customer Requests to Manage

Define hours and items, and send emails based on order status. Customize Delivery Rules based on Zip Code and Order Accuracy.

Get Paid Online

With Online Ordering & Payments, you can easily manage all of your activities. Add as many payment choices as you want.

Orders are processed quickly.

Orders are tracked in real-time, and responses are dynamic. Acceptance of orders using the Restaurant Admin App.

Food Chains with Multiple Locations

Your chained food company may be simply managed with an integrated food portal system that dynamically integrates everything.

Why Should You Hire an Open Clone Script For Developing App For You?

Because purple has specialized in creating clone app solutions, we are well-equipped to create a FoodHub clone. Here are the features of our app development.

Features of Advanced FoodHub Clone App Development:

  • Advertisement Management with Multi-Vendor Support
  • Assign Orders to Delivery Boys
  • Products can be added, removed, or edited.
  • Analytics & Reports
  • To Get Orders, Use Social Media
  • Logistics Integration
  • Customer Redeeming Point
  • Customer Reward Points may be found here.
  • Customer Feedback
  • Specifications for Delivery
  • System of Reward Points
  • Integration with Bank APIs
  • Integration with Chat
  • Integration of SMS
  • App for Vendors
  • Model of commission/subscription
  • Module for News
  • Integration of a taxi app
  • Live Tracking of Food Delivery
  • Featured Tip
  • Re-skinning
  • Integration with NFC
  • Integration of Wallets

We also offer front-end website development for food delivery services. Aside from the development, hiring Open Clone Script for your food delivery app clone creation comes with a slew of additional features.

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