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Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Qatar

The mobile application market in Qatar is quite active, and companies have experienced the impact of engaging the end-user using their smart gadgets. Collaborating with the right mobile app development company in Qatar is vital for every new invention, even when you simply wish to modify or enhance an existing concept. This selection of firms includes companies with experienced developers who will help create applications your target audience will understand and cause the needed results or outcomes. In this list of the best mobile app development companies in Qatar, we check the top ten companies to help you find the right developer for the perfect app.

What is Mobile App Development?

Mobile application development can be described as creating applications and software that can be installed on handheld devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, or other portable devices. It can be used for recreational purposes, effectiveness in office or organizational activities, communication, and as business equipment. The development process encompasses several stages: mining, concept creativity, design, implementation, integration, validation, and deployment. Mobile app development is a complex process that must employ some assignment of social creativity, technical ingenuity, and the consumer’s requirements.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

If you consider building an app independently, you must understand the following benefits of hiring a mobile app development company. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  • Expertise and Experience: Mobile application development firms have key personnel comprising groups of developers involved in various tasks related to the app’s design, creation, coding, and launch. They can use this experience to deliver your app right, avoiding inefficiencies and problems that are likely to occur and implementing recommendations that are considered standard.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: As we have previously mentioned, hiring a development company might seem like a pricey option at the beginning glance, but in fact, it is more effective in the long term. They can also coordinate the project effectively by providing the capital needed to fund it and the personnel to execute it, which can save you money that would otherwise be used to source for a competent development team.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Full Solution Providers are app development companies that deal with application development and can adapt it to cover the whole process, from the concept to application launch and use. This helps to ease you from the burden of running numerous businesses and instead allows for the more essential business to be managed.
  • High-Quality Design and Functionality: A development company will build a high-quality app with a viewable graphic, navigational interface, and new functionality. They will also follow the current app store policies to facilitate their approval once they prepare an app for submission.
  • Security and Scalability: Mobile app development companies know the significance of security in any venture and can design your app with efficient security measures to secure users’ data. They can also discuss how the app will be expanded to attempt to gain a bigger market share in the future.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Qatar

1. Suffescom Solutions

Suffescom Solutions mainly focuses its aptitude on developing advanced mobile applications and is recognized in the market for this particular specialty. Specializing in new technologies and customization for people, it provides complete product development from idea to implementation involving product design and creation, software development and integration, and project management. It is established to provide knowledge of modern concepts like artificial intelligence or blockchain to guarantee that clients get the best results.

Founded: 2013
Employees: 250+
Average Price Hourly: $30-$50

2. RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc services include product designing in efficient and competent mobile applications for business. Their team is strong in developing, deploying and sustaining business-critical apps that are scalable and portable across platforms. RisingMax strictly confidentiality our projects, and most of our clients consider us their primary contractors due to our efficiency in terms of cost and time.

Founded: 2015
Employees: 200+
Average Price Hourly: $25-$45

3. Hyperlocal Cloud

Hyperlocal Cloud develops mobile applications by providing services for markets and businesses on the local stage. Organizations require location-based solutions that can engage customers and help grow their businesses; this is where the specialists come in. It is characterized by mobility and creativity, guaranteeing the applications meet the changing market demands.

Founded: 2017
Employees: 150+
Average Price Hourly: $20-$40

4. Clone App Script

Clone App Script is famous for selling pre-built app solutions that can integrate with clients’ requests. They provide a plethora of clone scripts for almost every industry, and their platform makes it possible for businesses to develop apps within a relatively short period and at a lower expense. They offer state-of-the-art solutions that are well-suited to establishing firms and large corporations.

Founded: 2014
Employees: 100+
Average Price Hourly: $15-$35

5. Appinventive

Appinventive is quite popular in the context of mobile application developers, as it boasts a well-deserved reputation for timely delivery of outstanding solutions. They offer a range of services that span application development and digital business. That explains why Appinventive’s team consists of highly professional individuals with knowledge in multiple domains and technologies to offer clients the best solutions that advance their operations.

Founded: 2015
Employees: 300+
Average Price Hourly: $30-$60

6. Chetu

Chetu provides a broad set of professional services and fluently performs mobile app development from scratch. It serves various sectors of the economy, overlooking the needs of particular niches for particular outcomes. Many verifiable factors exist as to why Chetu has established a firm grounding within the industry, which has been affirmed by its commitment to superior quality and innovation.

Founded: 2000
Employees: 2000+
Average Price Hourly: $25-$50

7. LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a well-known mobile application development company that specializes in new-age technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT. It offers strong security and flexibility in application development to guarantee the highest quality. LeewayHertz’s core objective is to embrace innovation while delivering exceptional services that suit the needs of several organizations.

Founded: 2007
Employees: 1000+
Average Price Hourly: $40-$70

8. WPWeb Infotech

WPWeb Infotech deals in developing applications for mobile devices to suit client cognition. Their team of programmers and designers is built to form a practical cooperation to produce the result correctly, functionally, and in a way that looks good. Consumer-centered and productive – the high-energy competition in the mobile app industry is well-addressed.

Founded: 2015
Employees: 150+
Average Price Hourly: $20-$40

9. Innov8 Digital Solutions

I received my information on Innov8 Digital Solutions from the company’s website. Innov8 is a dynamic company that specializes in mobile app development. They focus on delivering applications that improve engagement and make use of the applications comfortable. Innov8 is already strategic, but they are specifically creative and able to pave the way for changing trends.

Founded: 2018
Employees: 80+
Average Price Hourly: $15-$35

10. QatApp Studio

One of the most well-known companies offering localized Android development solutions in Qatar is QatApp Studio. They focus on service quality delivery and cost, making their services easily accessible to most clients. The team behind QatApp Studio strictly follows their goal of developing projects that will be useful for clients and profitable for them.

Founded: 2016
Employees: 50+
Average Price Hourly: $10-$30

Major Parameters While Selecting a Mobile App Development Company

Selecting a mobile app development company is very important for the success of the intended application. Here are some significant parameters to consider:

Company Expertise

  • Experience: Find a business with experience in creating valuable applications, especially from your field, or with components relevant to your idea.
  • Team Skills: The firm should have a competent team with past similar projects, including skills such as UI/UX design, app development for target operating systems such as iOS, Android, and others, and back-end development.

Project Understanding

  • Communication: Communicate the whole process strictly and consistently. Select an organization that is receptive to your welfare and can transform your vision into a technical reality.
  • Process: Be knowledgeable about the company’s growth mechanism. Ideally, look for a strategy with a plan, goals outlined, and designated places where your contribution is encouraged.

Development Capabilities

  • Technology Stack: Ensure the business applies and incurs the right technologies to suit your app’s needs and the intended platforms.
  • Quality Assurance: They should have a QA process to prepare your app for launch and quality control so that the app is bug-free and works as expected.

Additional factors

  • Cost and Budget: Search for more providers and ensure they offer the required rates for the work done.
  • Client Reviews and Portfolio: Read testimonials from people who have worked with the company recently and study the company’s work samples.
  • Location and Time Zone: Be sure to work with a firm located in the same area or a close time zone. Though some overlapping time differences can be successfully navigated, a larger gap can be problematic when it comes to communication.

Cost of Hiring a Reputable Mobile App Development Company

The cost of hiring a reputable mobile app development company can vary greatly depending on several factors, but here’s a breakdown to give you an idea:

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • App Complexity: New apps that are not full-featured and have limited functionality will be less costly than a full-scale app with numerous features and compatible with other apps.
  • Developer Location: The latter rates are much higher than in North America and Western Europe.
  • Project Scope: The harder it is loaded with features and functionalities, the more time is used to develop it and, therefore, the overall cost.
  • Development Team Expertise: Senior people in the professional hierarchy, such as senior developers with more experience in the switch, will be paid more per hour.

Cost Ranges:

  • Hourly Rates: $15 to $150 per hour, with an average rate of $25 to $49 per hour.
  • Project Cost: The cost ranges from $10,000 to $499,999, with the average project cost ranging from $25000 to $100000.


In conclusion, it is possible to state that the range of skilled companies providing mobile application development in Qatar is relatively wide. We recommend focusing on such aspects as experience in the focus industry, project comprehension, technical and creative skills and cost to choose the right partner for application development. Outsourcing mobile app development has countless advantages, including professional talent, cost efficiency, single-point contact, impressive aesthetics and utility, and strong protection. It is, therefore, possible to carefully harness the talent existing in Qatar to design a fully-fledged mobile application.

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