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AI—artificial intelligence—is strategically a significant sector for San Jose, United States, as it will continue to be one of the major drivers of economic development. Nowadays, companies based on artificial intelligence technology are in the lead in almost every part of the world. Regarding development and cutting-edge research in AI, it’s unsurprising that AI companies are emerging all over the United States. But do you have an idea which of the AI companies will be around in 2023? And which company will surely be the top dog?

Are you dealing with a startup or a big multinational company? If so, picking up the best AI development company in San Jose, USA, out of a huge list of options is undoubtedly a herculean task or a hard nut to crack for you. Are you making up your mind to integrate AI into your business? Innumerable firms can provide you with benefits in the most recent tech trend. However, finding an appropriate AI developer can be one of the most overwhelming tasks because many factors must be considered ahead of time. So, before picking the main AI company in San Jose from the huge list of artificial intelligence companies in the USA, you must investigate the company’s several important factors: quality, reliability, and ability.

Let’s delve into the list of some major AI companies mentioned in this blog, which can assist you in deciding to hire an AI company as per the requirements of your business ………

Selection of an AI Company: How?

Are you unsure how to pick the best AI development company for your business? This article will surely help you make the right choice-

  • Size of the company
  • Size of the company’s clientele
  • A variety of industries worked for
  • Market share of the company
  • Company turnover
  • The number of years of experience the company has
  • The number of successful AI products they have delivered
  • Their client feedback and reviews
  • Their cost of AI development services
  • Project delivered in various industrial sectors
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Feedback generated by client reviews
  • The annual business growth rate
  • The tech stack they use

1 Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a leading AI-powered platform with top-level AI development services. The company’s scalable solutions adapt to focus on ML, BI, computer vision, robotic process automation, custom-based AI services, and deep learning. It assists businesses by providing them with the best AI development services to boost their income at the speed of light.

Suffescom Solutions is a top-ranked AI company that serves industries worldwide, namely insurance, sports, travel, health, retail, and e-commerce. For the last 10 years, this company has served esteemed customers from startups and digital-focused enterprises to Fortune 500 companies worldwide, including- Morgan Elliott, PC Doctor, Unimilk, Lindsey Reishman Real Estate, Accurate DNA, and Samsung. In addition, it has a 4.8/5 rating on the clutch, demonstrating its proficiency in making countless flexible AI-based plans for the success & growth of businesses, like the Fixed Price Model, Time & Material Models, and more.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$25-$49/hr

2 RisingMax Inc.

The second worthy pick among AI companies is RisingMax Inc., a San Jose-based company founded in 2011. So, propel your business on the path to success with the bespoke AI advanced & data-driven AI solutions of RisingMax Inc., including- predictive analysis, Video, image, and Language Processing, natural language processing, chatbots, and conversational AI

RisingMax Inc. is a recognized AI company with a vision of helping innumerable businesses meet their requirements. This company serves the telecommunication, food, automotive, human resources, and education industries. As a top client partner, it has earned the trust of 500+ clients from various industry verticals.

“RisingMax Inc. transforms your dreams into reality! Join hands with this company, which will offer the industry’s high-quality services with genuine client reviews and testimonials. Cast aside your anxieties and enjoy its services to achieve your objectives!”

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:<$25/hr

3 Decentaminds

Decentaminds is a fast-growing AI premium agency with a good hand at making a strong imprint on the hearts of modern, demanding customers. With 9+ years of experience in AI technology, this company creates innovative tech solutions continuously for generating eye-catching & captivating digital products. Undoubtedly, it’s the perfect AI solution provider, as it focuses on a compelling, clear, and time-bound development procedure that leaves not even a single thing.

The ultimate solution for AI development, Decentaminds deploys a wide range of modern technologies that comply with your business motto. With top-notch AI development services, this company carves the future canvases of the business world. If you’re ready to build your ultra-modern AI solution with the ability of many services or are also willing to splash the spotlight on your AI development project, partner with Decentaminds!!

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$25-$49/hr

4 Western Stack

Located in San Jose, Western Stack, one of the foremost agile innovators, has served countless esteemed global clients: NBC, Universal, BMW, Deloitte, Verizon, Expedia, and others. This company concentrates on providing you with the best possible AI solutions to upgrade your business strategies. The AI services that Western Stack offers its customers include natural language recognition, speech recognition, and image recognition.

Being one of the fastest-booming AI solution providers, Western Stack follows a result-oriented approach to the creation of tailor-made solutions as per the requirements of each specific business. It ensures you concentrate on leveraging artificial intelligence to leverage its power to gain a competitive edge. It focuses on selecting an appropriate algorithm and implementing a perfect solution for a client problem. In addition, Western Stack’s AI-based solutions consider many factors, such as customer service quality and increased efficiency.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$25-$49/hr

5 Robiquity

Founded in 2015 by Jack Rimmer & Tom Gardner, Robiquity is an AI development company that delivers artificial intelligence to clients worldwide in retail, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, telecom, and utilities. It has entered the new age of intelligence and led the market with its AI development services. One of the most interesting things about this company is that it offers seasoned AI development services to assist you in exploring new technological pathways.

What makes Robiquity successful is its ability to make adopting AI as simple as possible. It’s a leading ‘pureplay’ Intelligent Automation (IA) services provider that delivers quick and efficient AI development services without any confusion, hidden agenda, or hassle. If you are thinking about artificial intelligence, it’s best to go for Robiquity, a fast-growing, client-driven, and ambitious company that will never disappoint you.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$300+/hr

6 Xekera Systems Inc.

Xekera Systems Inc., based in San Jose, has grown to be a major AI development business in the area and boasts extensive coverage from diverse industries. The convergence has a 5/5 score on Clutch, proving its ability to design, make, and upgrade AI software solutions. It is also a trusted provider of AI services to local and large corporate firms.

Having deep expertise in advanced technology, such as artificial technology, Xekera Systems Inc. provides robust, rapid, full-service electrical, mechanical, software, and firmware solutions to its Clients for digital data acquisition, management, security, and storage. Get the best AI development services with Xekera Systems Inc., which promises to amplify your business to another level and provide you with several AI, ML, and more services.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates: NA

7 ACL Digital

ACL Digital is an IT vendor to large enterprises, SMEs, and startups from different sectors that use AI and ML to create their software programs. It is one of the trusted manufacturers and providers of systems to its customers in energy, rail, aerospace and space, automotive, life sciences, rail, naval, and more.

From strategy to design, implementation, and management, ACL Digital is an IT company that can help you transform your business and bring innovation. While artificial intelligence and machine learning rapidly advance, UAE-based ACL Digital provides its customers with highly experienced, dedicated development teams that create AI-powered software solutions for them.

Location: San Jose, USA
Hourly Rates:$50-$99/hr

8 InfoObjects Inc.

San Jose-based AI company InfoObjects Inc. has disobeyed the outlook to become one of the most provocative unicorns around. It assists enterprises in converting how & where they prefer to run applications & infrastructure. The company prefers to follow a flexible approach to creating tailored solutions, strategies, and managed services with enterprise needs in mind.

InfoObjects Inc. addresses one of the most complex challenges to transforming businesses. It has a partnership with leading technology companies that it has chosen very carefully to deliver durable, valuable, and immediate value to its clients. This company serves its clients by offering them end-to-end services, including blockchain services, data science and analytics, microservices, IoT, AI/ML, and more.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$50-$99/hr

9. Grayphite

When it comes to artificial intelligence, graphite has to be mentioned. Its mission is to work with startups and corporations and scale their projects using AI technology. It is famous among clients for supporting their business growth, developing custom products with state-of-the-art technology, offering AI-based or bespoke software solutions, and providing innovative and exceptional services.

With an integrative approach, Graphite is devoted to speeding up the industry, moving from ideas to action, and breaking the entire project into smaller components. This company is the largest AI platform in San Jose, and it uses the latest technological approaches and environment-friendly initiatives to form dedicated teams and get your projects moving.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates: $25 — $49 / hr

10 Infrrd

Another artificial intelligence company in San Jose that needs to be mentioned on this list is Infrrd. Its mission is to assist businesses in running smarter and bringing their AI ideas and visions to life. The company takes an innovation-first approach to everything it works on. So, if there’s a new and better way to do something, its dedicated team is headed there. The best thing about this company is that it excels at 100% accuracy.

The most obvious AI business on this list is Infrrd, the largest and most significant company that is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for your business’s ground-level problems. It is the winner of the 2019 AI Breakthrough Award. A few of the major names that are included in its clientele list are- Allstate, Chrome River, Homegenius, Radian, Fannie Mae, State National, Sedgwick, Roostify, Sodexo, Zibo, GFK, AJC International, Adobe, Kore Wireless, Levi’s, Nasdaq, Staples, Viking Cruises, Volvo, Walgreens, and many more.

Location: San Jose
Hourly Rates:$150 — $199 / hr

Upon Reflection,

The future of artificial intelligence seems very bright, and San Jose, United States, is leading the way. The above-mentioned top 10 AI companies in San Jose are at the forefront of innovation in AI technology. They are also well-positioned as one of the top dogs in this rapidly developing industry.

But the worry is that, due to the abundance of AI companies around, hiring an experienced AI development company is crucial. Such a company will understand all your needs and demands and benefit your business according to your expectations. So, you need to keep an eye on the most obvious AI businesses over the next few years so that you can get familiar with the exciting new products and services they come up with!

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