The Snapchat clone app enables you to connect with the world and allows you to share your best photos and establish a presence among your peers. You can also upload photos and videos directly from your smartphone. Create your own narratives, share images, and take a look at a 10-second video. Develop into an overnight internet celebrity.

Services Include a snapchat clone script


Capture images with the snapchat clone’s custom camera screen. Take a ten-second video.

Snapchat clone script


Set a timer to make the photo vanish from the recipient’s app after a specified amount of time, in keeping with snapchat’s ephemeral image concept.

Snapchat clone script


With our crisp editing software, you can edit the photos you wish to upload. Upload them to increase your likes.

Snapchat clone script


Utilize your custom login to determine who in your contact list is using the app and invite those who aren’t.

Snapchat clone script


Additionally, you can share photos and videos taken on your phone with your app friends. Keep them informed of your activities.

Snapchat clone script


You can block any users with whom you no longer wish to be friends.

The application includes a snapchat clone script.

Login to Social Media

Sign up for the app using Facebook or Google+ to avoid the hassle of requiring users to register separately with an email address or phone number.

Module de recherche

The application allows users to search for anything. It can be the name of a channel or a user.

Timer Configuration

Set a timer to make the photo vanish from the recipient’s app after a specified amount of time, in keeping with snapchat’s ephemeral image concept.


Determine when a screenshot of the shared image was taken. Acquaint yourself with the various classifications of it and be aware of them.

We Provide Solutions

Complete Solution

Our entire product line is ‘Turnkey’. You can begin with ZERO time-to-market, capture the largest market share, and establish yourself as the leader that everyone else follows.

A Highly Effective Admin Dashboard

Your admin dashboard gives you complete control over your websites and mobile apps.

Product That Is Scalable

Have you considered taking off and rapidly expanding? We’ve got your back with the most robust and scalable products available in each category.


Our solution is completely whitelabel, allowing you to use any brand you want. Your customers will be completely unaware of Snapchat.


Snapchat is the most feature-rich product in its tier, and its pricing is rock-bottom, extending your runway.

Native Mobile Applications

Both our iOS and Android applications are built natively for the best user experience on their respective platforms.

Paid SnapChat Plugin for iOS with Bitcoin Wallet Integration $1000

Integrate our blockchain wallet, host a native cryptocurrency exchange, and begin trading multiple cryptocurrencies.

Custom Stickers for Snapchat on iOS

It’s a good idea to provide your users with options. You can incorporate this module into your application to keep your users engaged through the use of custom stickers.

snapchat application for iOS

For Business Use of Snapchat

You can use this module to promote your business. This section will display the most popular stories or featured posts, and you can monetize this section.

Custom Filters for Snapchat on iOS

Not exclusively the stickers. Additionally, you can integrate this module.

A chat application similar to Snapchat

Integrating Advertising Services

Utilize the adservice plugin to connect with more relevant customers. Tagged with platform for advanced technology.

A chat application similar to Snapchat

Translation of Languages $199

The entirety of the Sneakpeek apps, website, and backend will be translated into your preferred language. All the way down to the button labels, login text, and so forth.

A chat application similar to Snapchat

Voice Communications (VOIP) $1499

For a small fee, we will be able to integrate voice calls into the app, ensuring that none of your providers or customers can share their phone numbers.

A chat application similar to Snapchat

$2499 Video Calls

For a small fee, we will be able to integrate video calls into the app, ensuring that none of your providers or customers can share each other’s phone numbers.

Feature of the Premium Add-On “Friend Checkup”

Snapchat has been developing a feature that allows users to rate their friends. Users are notified to conduct a friend list review. They have the ability to unfriend anyone who is no longer interested in being their friend. Although this feature has not yet been launched, it has received an enormous amount of positive feedback on social media. 

Users are overjoyed that this has been integrated into the app, as reviewing and removing friends has previously been tedious. Users were required to search for and delete friends one by one by tapping their profile and then selecting the remove friend option from a list of options.

Snapchat has announced that this feature will be available on Android in the coming weeks, followed by the iOS app. App Clone Script can assist you in quickly integrating this not-yet-launched feature into your Snapchat clone.

By incorporating such unique features, you can expand your user base while also establishing your brand as more authentic in the market. Take advantage of this premium add-on feature to set yourself apart from the competition.

What We Have to Offer\

It is a snapchat-like chat application.

Whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your users that are built entirely in native iOS and Android source code for flawless execution.

Script to clone the SnapChat Web App

A robust front end website that allows users to login, post snaps, view others’ snaps, and chat with one another.

Snapchat clone script

Admin Control Panel

Additionally, you receive a robust Admin Dashboard that allows you to manage your entire business, from validating and approving different user groups to adding new payment methods.

100% Customizable Snapchat clone script

The Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS, and Android apps are all distributed with their source code unencrypted and with complete documentation.

Snapchat clone script

PayPal & Credit Card

Sneakpeek is built using the Paypal Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing, and Cash on Delivery as standard payment methods. Additional items can be added upon request.

Add Photographs And Videos

We have expertise in providing and expanding services for the development of Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Web Hosting, UX & UI designs, Digital Marketing, and Support, as well as other associated services.

  • Capture images and short videos using the custom camera screen.
  • Utilize the ‘Memories’ feature to upload previously taken photos or videos.
  • Auto-adjustment of photos taken outside of the app.
  • Options for location sharing on photo and video uploads.

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