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10 Best Entertainment App Development Company 2022

The entertainment business is one of the biggest industries for generating revenue. While looking at the entertainment industry, we can realise how fast the marketplace is growing and how they are making billions from entertainment applications. 

There was a time when people had a television craze, but as the technology enhanced itself, the demand for television is still present. Still, more people moved towards the television with 6 inches screen. The demand for television decreased when smartphones joined the entertainment industry & now each of the big ventures has to reach the people via mobile application.

In the first quarter of 2019, entertainment applications were downloaded 200 billion times. The application was downloaded 1.48 million times {approx.} ⁇  through the Google Playstore and 491 million times from the App Store. In 2021-2022, the number of downloads and platforms for entertainment increased. If you plan to keep your foot in the entertainment business, you are on the right path to generating a good revenue and make the platform the brand. 

For building an application, one needs to hire an entertainment app development company. So here is the list of best entertainment app development companies in 2022. You can select them according to their work experience, strength, client reviews, etc. 

List of Top 10 Entertainment App Development companies in 2022:

Suffescom Solution- Entertainment App Development Company

Suffescom Solutions is one of the leading software development companies that began its journey in 2013. From then till now, they are setting up the new milestone of success and set up the new benchmarks every day for their competitors. They are the most renowned software development company in the UK and USA, leaving a great global presence. The team of developers and designers is making the best possible applications for their clients, leading Suffescom Solutions to be on the top of the list. 

Apart from being just the best, their service cost is also affordable, which any business owner can bear. They deal with every business size, from helping big ventures to startups, and provide 24*7 support to their clients. 

While researching the best companies for entertainment app development, I also went through the reviews of their clients toward the company. I hardly found any bad experiences or moments from the company’s end, and their retention rate is around 70-75%, proving that they are providing quality service to their clients. Hiring Suffescom solutions for entertainment app development would be a win-win situation for anyone.

The company has a workforce of more than 400 employees, so each of the projects delivers on time. The multi-level checking process of the company for any application leads to delivering each of the applications with 100% bug-free. 


Second, on the list of the best entertainment app development company RisingMax is giving tough competition to the Suffescom Solution while setting up a new benchmark in the app development industry. The team of RisingMax is fully equipped with young and dedicated minds with great learning and serving quality products with experienced developers who have been serving in the same field for years. 

The excellent mixture of youth and experienced employees provides a great solution to their clients. The company began its journey in 2011, and in a decade, they are one of the leading software development companies in the UK and USA. With more than 200+ excellent developers and a team of management makes sure that each of the clients gets the best quality work with 0 bugs.

Their service is cost-effective and reasonable and holds the legacy of not delaying the projects. The company has also won multiple awards on the global platform for providing good service and enhancing the experience through the application developement. 


The third on the list is Prismetric, an India-based company that provides great solutions to its clients globally. With a strength of 200+ employees, the company is extracting the best output for its clients. The company started its journey in the year 2008, and from then, it never saw back; now, in the year 2022, they are one of the leading companies to provide excellent solutions for in-app and web development. 

Prismetric has already delivered multiple projects from various sectors, including entertainment apps. The developers and designers have great hands in their relevant fields with years of experience. While going through the reviews by their clients, I hardly found any negative comments. Moreover, they have also won multiple awards for better performance in the software development sector.

Apart from India, they are al; so acquiring the offices in USA and United Kingdom. The work process and the quick and always available support for the clients are why they are on the list of top 10 entertainment app development companies. 

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The Utility is one of the most renowned names in entertainment app development. They are the end-to-end app development company providing their services globally. The Utility team is enhancing the experience of the user application for millions of users. They have experienced, creative and skillful developers, analysts, and designers who are taking the company up and up. They have already provided solutions to multiple international companies. 

With the strength of more than 200+ employees, the company is doing its best to make the experience of using the application really enjoyable and user-friendly. The global brands that hired them for the solutions are Airbnb, Nike, DirecTV, Usher, etc. They charge a high amount for providing their service, and they wholly justify the amount with their work. It is more suitable for a big venture, but if one is just a startup, they try to save money, and in that case, hiring them can be a little worried about the expense. If you are a big venture, you can go with them for application development.

Protonshub Technologies

They are one of the reliable and trustable companies you can bet on for entertainment app development. Protonshub Technologies sets up new benchmarks for their competitors every day and success milestones. The company began its journey in 2018, and in a very short span, they have proven its art and dedication to the application developement.

 Apart from android application development, they also have skillful hands in web development, UI/UX design, cloud solutions, etc. The team of developers and designers is the perfect mixture of experience and tech-savvy attitude, which makes any organization successful. With more than 200+ employees, including developers and designers, they prove themselves as the best solution provider. The retention rate of their clients is also in a good state, which shows that they are doing good work in the industry. Protonshub Technologies is available in US and India and also has a great presence globally.


The bunch of MereixStudio exceedingly spry full-stack program engineers and originators. Merix Studio may be a driving computer program headway and arrange company that has built several complexes and wanders exceedingly affordably for clients worldwide. Merix Studio has earned the conviction of more than 50 businesses run by creative technologists looking for profitable and energizing taking care of their app progression wander. 

They have built out-of-the-box apps that have illustrated convenience for a wide collection of bunches of spectators, publicizing competent courses of action that offer help reach out to the finest in propels passing on fabulousness. The company is purely based in Poland with the strength of more than 100+ employees and can help develop the entertainment application.


Vervelogic is one of the foremost requesting on-demand program advancement companies, with its central station inside the Jaipur region. They are arranged with a talented and experienced group of originators. The central portion is inquisitive around passing on web arranging and exhibiting online organizations to clients. 

They also have a claim to fame in e-commerce headway organizations to expand the proper target reach. Additionally, they’re most well known for creative image arranged organizations with fitting branding comes about. Regularly one of the exceedingly strong companies since the year 2011. They offer end-to-end application plans, upkeep, and integration organizations for transformative endeavor courses of action to meet exhibit needs. They help companies update their brand mindfulness, advancement, and advancement with a committed app.

EBS Integrator

EBS Integrator is additionally on the best driving computer program improvement company list. They are setting up modern patterns & benchmarks for their competitors. The company’s maintenance rate is around 50%. The ace-class proficient designers and originators give fabulous applications to their clients. 

The company’s fundamental column is its developer’s group, which is completely stuffed with committed and adroit young minds. They are supported by an experienced group of designers; they idealize a combination of youth and experienced minds to make them remain solid within the competition. EBS Integrator is focused on passing on great experiences to each accomplice speedier.

EBS Integrator offers a full-cycle improvement approach for apps for Slightest Viable Things, Application Refactoring, and computer program overhaul companies. You can see an industry-related basis utilization, building, arranging, post-launch back, and amplifying.

App Maisters Inc. 

The next company on the list of top entertainment app development companies is App Maisters Inc. This company is purely based in the USA but has a global presence as a mobile application development company. They can be your digital solution provider in the US. They serve in multiple sectors, including government agencies, startups, and a big venture in healthcare and finance. The team of App Maisters Inc. is filled with young and energetic minds developing bug-free and quality products; they can deliver the project without any delay and have a cost-effective package.

AppTrait Solutions

Last but not least AppTrait Solutions are not fair but a full-fledged organization well-versed with the most recent showcase patterns and innovative progressions. They are domestic to talented techs that interface with clients and their businesses to create alter happen with flawlessness. They offer all the most current arrangements in terms of mobile application developement. The team of developers and designers are well-versed in iOS and Android working frameworks. They, too, have a devoted group for other conspicuous advances.


In conclusion, these were the 10 best entertainment development companies of 2022. If you are planning to put your feet in providing an entertainment platform, then anyone amongst them can be the best provider for it. Be sure to do in-depth research of the marketplace before hiring any companies, and make sure you have a clear business blueprint. 

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