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An Ultimate Guide on Best Discord Marketing Strategies in 2022

Marketing is one of the best ways to attract a large audience. This is fundamental for every business enterprise to promote and sell its brand. With the rapid growth in the field of technology, Discord has outdone all the existing social media platforms. It has several users on its platform while the active ones are from the background of gaming, study groups, art, business, hikers, etc. The estimated worth of Discord is nearly around $15 billion.

What is Discord?

Discord is a social media platform that helps people in building their own communities. It is an amazing instant messaging application that helps users communicate with each other seamlessly. This can be done via text messages, video calls, voice calls, etc. It is done either by being a part of “private chat rooms” or as a “server.” Launched in 2015, it has given tough competition to several chat services, Skype, Chatwee, and RumbleTalk.People with similar interests can connect with one another and gradually grow their audience. Some people will be oblivious of this platform today, but it will be the next big thing in the future. Before moving forward, let’s have a look at its key statistics ;


  • There are approx. approximately 300 million valid users on Discord 
  • More than 960 messages are sent on this platform
  • In the year 2020, the valuation of this platform was $7 billion, and at the end of 2021, it reached $15 billion
  • Every month, the active discord servers are around 19 million
  • Approx. 70% of users utilize this application for gaming and other stuff
  • In May 2020, 707.9 million times had accessed the platform

Features of Discord Platform

First of all, download this application; it is compatible with every platform, such as android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows. After getting downloaded, it will take some time for the file setup to be launched and updated.Following the successful launch, we can go through the features of the discord platform;

Rules screening

Once the user signs up for the application, there are certain sets of rules. These are mandatory and need to be followed before any communication takes place with fellow members.

Noise cancellation

The major drawback of any instant messaging application is the presence of commotion. It just irks the user present on the other end. With the current updated version, the presence of any unwanted sound is completely removed. This noise cancellation feature is provided in the voice channel.

Screen share

There is a screen share feature available on Discord where one can go live and share their own screen with their friends. This feature is available on both desktops as well as mobile systems. This enables your friends to see what’s happening on the screen and simultaneously have a chat with them.

Playing music while being on call

One of the most refreshing features of Discord is that one can enjoy listening to their favorite song while calling. It can be achieved by adding a third-party app called “Groovy” to the app. On visiting the website, one can add this feature to the discord button and enjoy their favorite song.

Utilizing customized emoticons

One can add customised emoticons when someone owns the server. For this, click on the server settings, use the emoji tab and then upload it. It is very simple to use the feature and is readily available for every person on the server.

Channel following option

It is very common to share some parts of the content with your friends and mates. This can be achieved by the “Channel Following” .This feature is available over a variety of servers known as “Announcement Channels.” On selecting the channel, click on the “Follow” to broadcast announcements straight to the server.

Game invites

There is an awesome feature available in Discord that helps exhibit a smaller or full discord profile. It is accessible to games that are having “Rich Presence” API. It enables the users to witness the games and join parties of their choice. The invitation to the game can be sent through the chat bar. Click on the “+” option, check out the green play button and click on the drop invite to chat. Then, whoever wants to join has to select the” Join” option.

How to create a server in discord?

Creating a server in Discord is a very uncomplicated process; let’s see the step by step procedure;

  • The first thing is to create a server; simply scroll down the server column on click on the “+” sign
  • There will be two options, i.e., “Create or Join” the servers. Choose the “Create” option
  • After that, enter the server’s name, change the server icon, and click on “Create.”
  • The other way is using an invite. Simply launch it and create a server
  • Another choice is to select “club and community” or” me and my friends” option
  • On choosing this option, it will take you to the next page, and thus, one can add the servers name
  • Click on the “Create” button to finish the process

What is discord marketing?

marketing.” The promotion is done through the Discord platform and is known as “discord marketing. This can be achieved by creating servers inside the application where the admin will have full control over the members. The admin can rightfully remove the junk content. The existing members are provided with referral bonuses so that they can add a new member to the server.

Best Discord Marketing Strategies in 2022

Recognise your audience:

 Discord as a platform is very easygoing and not a professional platform. Looking into the demographics, one can easily find out the age group. The people available are generally the ones who are teenagers or young adults. Therefore, in the case of brand promotion, it’s paramount to see which section of people will be suitable for your brand’s popularity.

Building community

This is one of the most important steps in the Discord marketing strategy. One has to build a community with the correct frame of people. These people need to be the target audience that can help structure the community and promote the businesses in those communities. There are many channels created by the server for discussion purposes only. So, the people who need to be included in those channels have to be the ones with the same interests. Only this will help acquire the requisite brand value. The essential purpose of community building is to make the brand popular eventually. This can be achieved by creating text, video, or voice channels. In simpler words, one can say that the brand’s growth is directly proportional to the community’s growth.

Sharing suitable content

Sharing useful content has always been the essential element of the discord marketing strategy. The created discord server helps in gaining popularity by sharing relevant content. The content could be of any form, text, image, video, or meme. This could also include sharing tweets, articles and blog links, GIFs, etc. Apart from this, it is not based on any algorithm; thus, the content that is shared in the channel is viewed by every member. The basic crux is to share the content that is apt for the growth of the business by making the entire experience creative and engaging.

Interacting with like-minded people

For the successful expansion of the brand value,it is necessary to spend time with the people who have the similar vision of growing.To connect with more people and target a much larger audience, one can join other communities. Just have a look at which community can benefit you, join them, and then start interacting with them. Brand popularity is all about looking for opportunities, grabbing them, and advertising them on social media platforms.

Prompt customer service

One thing that irks the user is the non-availability of customer support or improper handling of customer requests. Helping the users with their doubts is something that every user appreciates. The best discord marketing strategy is to respond quickly to queries. These are basically the questions that the users ask when they face any difficulty. The promptness related to customer service can be shown by the addition of chatbots i.e., interactive agents.

Benefits of Discord Platform

Simple and easy to operate:

Discord is a social media platform that can be easily downloaded and acquires less space in the system. It has a slightly different look in comparison to other social media applications, but operation-wise, it’s just the same. One needs to get the hang of it; then, everything runs smoothly. The easy-to-use features help the user create channels, be part of servers, establish video/voice calls, or set up a meeting.


There is absolutely no cost charged from the users while signing up and creating the account. The other features like text, screen sharing, video calls, and voice calls are free of cost. In case of any business organization, the employees can connect with a free membership. There is a premium version of Discord known as “Nitro.”It has access to more HD quality resolution videos, customized emoticons, larger servers (2 server boosts), larger upload options upto 100 MB file size, animated personal profile, etc.

Integration with various tools

To obtain most from a platform, integration with other tools is a must. This incorporation helps in increasing productivity and efficiency. Some of the top Discord Integration are Zapier, Slack, YouTube, Google Sheets, Twitch, XSplit, etc. This pairing helps in sharing the presentations, infographics, and other relevant content, thereby helping the creators to be more well-heeled.

Amazing server limit

The server limit in Discord is just perfect. It can assimilate upto 250,000 members, while it has 25,000 existing members and can serve upto 500 channels. So, such a facility will always result in arranging conversations on several topics.

Building engagement

This social media platform is well suited for engaging the audience. One can have different channels for different purposes. This is much more entertaining than email marketing, as one gets a quick response from the target audience. It even includes an emoji feature which is quite helpful in getting a response from the audience. This is applicable when there is not detailed feedback received by the viewers. So, the possibility of engagement is the next level in Discord. 

Discord marketing for NFT projects

Discord marketing is not only limited to gaming and brand promotion. No doubt, in the beginning, it was launched for gamers to interact with each other. It became more popular in the gaming industry to share ideas while live streaming. Along with this, shilling nft discord services is considered as one of the powerful tools in brand promotion. 

The perks of Discord are not just limited to the above-said things. Now, it has also created a transformation in NFT and crypto-related projects. On this platform, there are various events that take place, such as AMA(ask me anything) sessions, NFT announcements, giveaways, etc.The process of promoting NFT and motivating people to invest in it is known as NFT shilling.Along with this, shilling nft discord services is considered as one of the powerful tools in brand promotion. 

The discord marketing strategy works in a way by making the brands stay as close as possible with their end-users. Go through their requirements, analyze them carefully and take a step forward in establishing a healthy and flourishing community.

Wrapping up!

To stay relevant and ahead in any industry, there is a specific approach that needs to be followed. Similarly, discord marketing has been extremely beneficial to beat the competition and take the lead in brand promotion. By utilizing various discord marketing strategies, one can eventually gain business popularity and attention or you can hire a discord marketing agency to promote your business on Discord.

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