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Best Unreal Engine Game Development Companies in California, NYC

The gaming industry has developed into a potential platform for the newest games since they don’t require traditional game production organizations and have low operational expenses. Gathering information and just displaying games pertinent to a gamer’s most recent searches to meet their interests and preferences genuinely may also assist gaming firms in taking a more focused approach.

Numerous advantages of playing video games include increased social interaction, enhanced mood, and increased cognitive power. It also improves dexterity, problem-solving skills, and focus. Additionally, playing games will boost your engagement if you have autism.

You start by contacting a reliable game development studio for Unreal Engine. They have the games and a captivating website that draws and keeps players.

The top 20 Unreal Engine game development businesses for 2023 are listed below for your consideration.

1 Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions is the best company for creating games using Unreal Engine. For the past 13 years, the firm has accumulated extensive expertise in providing the world’s best development services in various industries.

Suffescom Solutions has a long list of Fortune 500 clientele. Their development staff has extensive training and expertise in producing action games and e-learning materials. The organization is proficient in other technologies, including blockchain, metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality IoT, and artificial intelligence or machine learning.

  • Manpower:250–9999
  • Location: USA
  • Estd:2013
  • Hourly Rates:$25 — $49 / hr

2 RisingMax Inc.

The best video game creation studio in the USA is RisingMax Inc. Their game developers and designers employ cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of their customers. Their created games are expandable and adaptable, which is excellent for grabbing clients’ interest. Additionally, it offers game creators round-the-clock technical support so that they may realize the aspirations of every game lover.

RisingMax Inc.’s top-notch game development solutions have benefited both small businesses and established corporations. Their passionate team of programmers uses agile methods to create strong gaming systems. The business offers specialized gaming solutions that raise conversion rates.

  • Manpower:50–249
  • Location: New York, USA
  • Estd:2011
  • Hourly Rates:< $25/hr

3 NineHertz

This popular and leading game and software development company serves clients worldwide. It specializes in creating qualitative games for various mobiles and PCs.NineHertz is a trustworthy Video game development studio with experienced game designers and developers who are proficient in establishing top-notch gaming solutions. Besides, it has expertise in Unreal Engine Development, mobile game development, Unity Engine Development, and many more.

NineHertz has experience in game development for various genres. This mobile app development company can develop software in augmented reality and virtual reality. It has delivered more than 650 game development projects. Furthermore, this company builds Facebook games, Multiplayer games, Adventure games, Action games, Cross-platform games, Video games, Unity games, Casino games, Console games, E-learning games, etc.

  • Manpower:250–999
  • Location:3/1, Chitrakoot Scheme, Sector -3, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019
  • Estd:2008
  • Hourly Rates:$25 — $49/hr

4 iTechArt

iTechArt is one of the greatest mobile game development companies for startups and fast-growing tech companies. It has credible game developers, talented minds, artists, and creative & next-generation technologies. The devoted game development team of iTechArt takes widespread measures for writing game scenarios, offering post-launch QA, and conceptualizing designs. Additionally, the skilled professionals of iTechArt support using Unreal Engine and Unity Engine for game development purposes.

It’s one of the top game development companies capable of conducting not only the best previsualization but also post-release optimizations for many games. iTechArt’s post-release services assist you in implementing monetization strategies and accumulating data such as daily or monthly users. The core services of this company include cloud development, UI/UX design, and many more.

  • Manpower:1,000–9,999
  • Location:575 Lexington Avenue, 14th Floor,, NYC, New York NY 10022
  • Estd:2002
  • Hourly Rates:$50 — $99/hr

5 DecentaMinds

The next significant business is DecentaMinds, which is headquartered in the USA. It is one of the most well-known rivals in the global gaming industry. This firm has a solid track record of developing websites, applications, and video games and is keenly interested in cutting-edge, futuristic current technology.

Over 70% of DecentaMinds’ customers remain with the company after one year. They provide a wide variety of games that satisfy the interests of all gamers while attempting to reduce risks and open up new avenues for sustainability.

  • Manpower:200+
  • Location:2041 East St, Concord, CA 94520
  • Estd:2013
  • Hourly Rates:$27 — $50 / hr

6 Juego Studios

Juego Studios’ game development company has already delivered over 500 games and applications for clients from many industries. The team consists of more than 300 designers and developers from specific game development disciplines, including programming, game design, art, testing, animation, and project management.

With the experienced team of Juego Studios, it offers game development services for web desktops, NFT, Metaverse, and Blockchain. This company’s portfolio has games from diverse genres, namely, hyper-casual games, card games, shooters, and MMORPGs.

  • Manpower: 250–999
  • Location:1000 Island BLVD, #1806, Aventura, Florida 33106
  • Estd: 2011
  • Hourly Rates:$25 — $49/hr

7 Innowise Group

This company has over 15 years of experience in developing digital games. Innowise Group has approximately 1400 developers who are working on its projects. The entire focus of this company is on creating the most interesting, engaging, and entertaining games. The success of the company is attributed to its customer service. It’s committed to offering all of its clients the best possible experience to ensure that they will complete their projects on time and on a determined budget.

  • Manpower:1,000–9,999
  • Location:7901 4th St N STE 300, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33702
  • Estd: 2007
  • Hourly Rates: $50 — $99/hr

8 Zero Games Studio

Zero Games Studio develops games for PC, Mobile, and Console. It has expertise in Unreal Engine Development, Mobile Development, serious games, Unity Engine Development, and Advertising Games. The core services of this company include Independent Video games, innovative technology creation, and Mobile applications. The most famous games that this company has made are Pat the Dog, Battle Dawn Earth Arena, Garfield Wild Ride, The Wanderer, etc. Additionally, it supports iOS, Windows Phone, Android, etc.

  • Manpower:11–50
  • Location: France
  • Estd:2013
  • Hourly Rates: NA

9 Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts is commonly known as EA Games and is famous for offering digital interactive entertainment services, game development & online services. This company works on games & content services for internet-connected consoles. You’ll be shocked that over 300 million players are enrolled with EA. Besides, it’s the ideal video game development company that lets you enjoy comprehensive eSports games based on familiar sporting events- FIFA, NFL, F1, and more.

Electronic Arts’ mobile games maintain a stronghold in the video game markets of the USA and Europe. This company develops games for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The Play subscription of Electronic Arts offers you accessible game trails, special rewards, exclusive discounts, and more. Furthermore, the well-prominent games by this company include FIFA20, MADDEN NFL20, APEX Legends, and many more.

  • Manpower:1,000–9,999
  • Location:209 Redwood Shores Pkwy,, Redwood City, California 94065
  • Estd:1982
  • Hourly Rates:$200 — $300/hr

10 Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the oldest gaming hardware manufacturers and game development companies, and it is known for its outstanding games and hand-held gaming consoles. It took part in developing well-prominent games: Super Mario, Pokemon Shield, Ultimate Alliance3, Pokemon Sword & Fire Emblem. Additionally, Nintendo is the world’s most prominent video game developer, with over $85 billion net revenue.

This company allows you to publish your Nintendo Switch-compatible games on eShop. It’s possible for you to register on the Nintendo developer portal. You can enroll not only as a corporation but also as an individual if you want to launch your own video game. Furthermore, it’ll enable you to use the features of Nintendo and enhance your gaming experience.

  • Manpower:1001–5000
  • Location: Redmond, WA
  • Estd:1889
  • Hourly Rates: NA

11 Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a video gaming company that publishes games for various franchises. The developers of this company have excellent gaming experience to create the finest games in the industry for its clients across a plethora of genres. According to the size & revenue of the market, Ubisoft is the 4th largest company in the United States and Europe as well. Besides, it has over 40 gaming studios in over 20 countries in several parts of the United States and Europe.

The core services that Ubisoft company offers include designing video games, development, online programming, production & marketing. The most famous games it generates are Rainbow Six Quarantine, Gods & Monsters, For Honor, Watch Dogs: Legion, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, etc.

  • Manpower:250–999
  • Location:Studio Berlin Hardenbergstraße 32 D — Berlin, Berlin, Berlin 10623
  • Estd:1988
  • Hourly Rates:< $25/hr

12 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

This company was previously known as Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. It’s well-known for its games, consoles, and online store, which you can use to purchase, download, and manage your games. Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.’s primary objective is to handle Video game development for the PlayStation. Moreover, it develops games, including Spider-Man, The Last of Us, God of War, Ratchet & Clank, etc.

Sony works on Research, production, development, and sales of the hardware and softwares for the PlayStation gaming system. It has a team of developers who have made the biggest contribution to making this company the greatest game development company for PlayStation games.

  • Manpower:5001–10000
  • Location: San Mateo, California
  • Estd:1993
  • Hourly Rates:NA

13 Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is a standalone company that has achieved an entertainment network of about 500 million monthly active users. In almost 196 countries, users are using its services. This company is one of Fortune’s 100 top-notch companies to work for. The operating units of Activision Blizzard are- Blizzard Entertainment, Activision, King Digital Entertainment, Activision Blizzard Studios, and Major League Gaming. Furthermore, it distributes & publishes intercommunicating entertainment or develops games, namely- Candy Crush Saga, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

  • Manpower:9000+
  • Location: Santa Monica, California
  • Estd:2008
  • Hourly Rates:NA

14 Epic Games Inc

Previously, this company was known as Epic MegaGames Inc and Potomac Computer Systems. It’s one of the well-recognized game development companies that develops software, Unreal Engine, and video games. This company is a commercial game engine that is popular for action games, namely Fortnite, Dauntless, Fortnite Chapter2, BorderLands3, ZombieArmy, etc.

This game development company builds Unreal Engine, which is significant for building quality 3D worlds. Not only this company but there is also a multitude of other best technology & top game development companies that use Unreal Engine for 3D designing. Besides, Epic Games Inc assists you in downloading, updating, and managing your games more conveniently.

  • Manpower:201–500
  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Estd:1991
  • Hourly Rates:NA

15 Worldwide Gameloft

Worldwide, Gameloft gaming company has more than 15 game development studios. This company is more focused on mobile games that are supportive of iPhone, Android, iPad, Nokia HD, and Xbox. This company is known for its high-quality action and racing mobile games. These games make Worldwide Gameloft one of the most successful video game brands.

The most popular games that this company makes are March of Empires, Disney Magic Kingdoms, Disney Princess Majestic Quest, etc. So, you can enjoy the qualitative business game services of this company, wherein it creates a wide range of business solutions through games. Moreover, Worldwide Gameloft is known for its eSports games, action games, and adventure games as well.

  • Manpower:5001–10000
  • Location: Paris
  • Estd:1999
  • Hourly Rates: NA

16 Square Enix Co. Ltd.

Enix Corporation and SquareSoft combined to form this game development company. It is the provider of the most famous games, namely Final Fantasy, Marvel Avengers, Builders 2, and Dragon Quest.

  • Manpower:1000–5000
  • Location: USA
  • Estd:1975
  • Hourly Rates:

17 Bungie Inc.

Initially, Bungie Inc. used to make Macintosh games, and it became famous for the two video game franchises, Marathon and Myth. The other popular games of this company include- Destiny 2, Desert Storm, and many more. This company’s games support various platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam.

  • Manpower:201–500
  • Location: Bellevue, Washington
  • Estd:1991
  • Hourly Rates: NA

18 Rockstar Games

Take-Two Interactive owns Rockstar Games, which develops quality games and products for all kinds of games. The company’s video game development studios offer games for macOS, Stadia, Wii, and many more. RAGE-Rockstar Advanced Game Engine is the latest proprietary engine of Rockstar Games, crucially speeding up the construction of open worlds for game development.

This company’s notable video games include Red Dead Redemption and GTA-Grand Theft Auto. Nowadays, GTA alone is responsible for more than 250 million shipments. Rockstar Games builds the most realistic graphics and game physics in all games. This game-launching company ensures installation, smooth downloads, and a smooth playing experience. Additionally, it offers community tools to ensure game installation and authentication.

  • Manpower:2,000+
  • Location: New York City, USA
  • Estd:1998
  • Hourly Rates: NA

19 WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech, an IT solution provider, envisions providing state-of-the-art mobile and web application solutions to every client. This company is mainly known for its holistic approach to providing end-to-end solutions, tech expertise, and business intelligence in web and mobile app development. Its highly qualified and experienced IT professionals enable you to integrate with your business ecosystem.

WebClues Infotech is a one-stop solution that fulfills all your web and mobile app development requirements. It has delivered over 950 web and mobile app projects to leading companies. This company has years of experience and a proven track record of quality services. Furthermore, WebClues Infotech continuously expands its access to a global clientele by delivering high-quality and the latest technologies.

  • Manpower:50–249
  • Location:6851 Roswell Rd., 2nd Floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30328
  • Estd:2014
  • Hourly Rates: $25–$49/hr

20. Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified has a team of enthusiastic gamers and developers. You will surely be amazed after viewing the captivating graphics, colors, and effects that the developers of this company bring to your life. If you want to transform your dream of collecting coins in games into reality, here is Logic Simplified. It has a team of game app developers and designers who offer Offshore Game Development Services to all game lovers.

  • Manpower:10–49
  • Location: 167 B Kishanpur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001, IN, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248001
  • Estd:2011
  • Hourly Rates:< $25/hr

To Bring Things To A Close,

Game development services are the face of every unreal engine. It’s what attracts all game enthusiasts and determines whether or not they will like the game’s features. It’s clear that hiring the best unreal engine game developers is crucial. The choice of your game will decide if the game development company is user-friendly.

The list of the top 20 unreal engine game development companies will assist you. This article has narrowed down the top companies to give you a head start at making an informed decision.

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