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Top 10 Web Development Companies in Netherlands 2024

In today’s technology-driven world, building a website has become more crucial for modern business than ever before.

Tim Berners-Lee rightly said,

“The web does not just connect machines; it connects people.”

Today, a well-designed and appealing website resonates with a strong digital business identity and boosts visibility. Startups and established businesses in the Netherlands actively invest in website development to engage and attract new customers.

According to the Business Research Insights report, the web development market is expected to reach USD 89013.17 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.03% from 2021 to 2027.

Web Development

The above statistics clearly indicate that businesses worldwide have realized the importance of building an online presence. Businesses in the Netherlands are jumping on the web development bandwagon and getting good global exposure.

However, hundreds of companies are the Netherlands’ top web development companies, so finding a perfect business partner is often arduous.

If you own a business in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Almere, Haarlem, or anywhere in the Netherlands and want to build a strong web presence, we have you covered. We have compiled this list to reduce your time finding the perfect local web development company in the Netherlands.

All these top 10 web development companies are experienced and have a skilled web development team to strengthen your digital presence in the virtual world.

Best 10 Web Development Companies in the Netherlands 2024

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is at the top of our list of companies that create web solutions in the Netherlands. The company is developing splendid web solutions with its keen knowledge of advanced technologies. Suffescom has provided the IT industry with excellent web development solutions for the past 11 years. They offer services to small and medium-sized companies in the IT, financial, and commercial domains. Most of their business clientele is from the advertising, consumer goods, healthcare, and finance sectors.

They have a proven track record of offering clients Web and mobile solutions, making them leaders in the sector. The organization employs competent engineers in product design, quality assurance, and software development. This organization first attempts to comprehend the behavior of its customers before crafting early drafts of work plans customized to each person’s circumstances.

Founded in: 2013
Avg Hourly Rates: $25 — $49 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 250–999

2. RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax is one of the top web development companies in the Netherlands. They are the popular choice for businesses worldwide and are considered the top IT consulting firms that resolve challenges and explore groundbreaking opportunities. With a team strength of 250+ employees and 500+ happy clients, they have completed 1000+ projects, which is quite massive. Their top clients include NBC, Universal, BMW, Deloitte, Pfizer, Expedia, TOYOTA, etc. Their vision is to become the leader in providing robust and affordable web/mobile solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Their matchless web app development solutions are applicable in real estate, e-commerce, e-learning, health care, retail, logistics, etc. Their services encompass enterprise web, custom web, open-source, CMS development and integration, progressive web app development, and much more. The company has a fantastic development team well-versed in top programming languages, frameworks, databases, cloud technologies, etc.

Founded in: 2011
Avg Hourly Rates: $50 — $99 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 250+

3. Brthrs

Brthrs is a noteworthy web development company with expertise in building attractive, robust websites/apps. They have been in the industry for 15 years and have developed fully innovative products. Their talented development team includes conceptualization, content strategy, designing/development, testing, launch, and maintenance. The company has developed websites for popular brands like gitpl, power4people, Pure Africa, Globi, etc.

The company has developed several user-friendly and smart digital products embedded with top-tier features and functionalities. They understand the pain points and provide solutions that positively impact society. The company develops visually appealing and appropriate websites per client’s business requirements. Moreover, they offer 24*7 technical assistance to resolve every query and discuss project details.

Founded in: 2006
Avg Hourly Rates: $50 — $99 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 10–49

4. De Web Developer

De Web Developer is a leading web development company in the Netherlands. They create SEO-friendly websites that can take businesses ahead of the competition. After researching the market, they embed eye-catching UI/IX. Their professional team of developers is expert in creating websites for every industry, including healthcare, education, finance, supply chain, etc.

They hold the right expertise in HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS, which helps them create exceptional designs for their clients. Whether you are a settled business person or willing to start a business from a new niche, De Web Developers can be a one-stop-go company that provides everything you need. Their tailor-made website is responsive and accessible on almost every device and platform. Along with web development, De Web Developers also provide other services like webshop development, logo design, website optimization, and so forth.

Founded in: 2020
Avg Hourly Rates: NA
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: NA

5. The Brink Agency

The Brink Agency is a web development company in the Netherlands, founded in 2014. They specialize in creating high-quality online solutions that add real business value to their clients. Their services include tailored web development solutions that provide digitally transformative experiences for businesses, giving them a competitive edge.

The Brink Agency can create customized web solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. Whether it’s a simple website with a clean design and reliable back-end logic or a complex SaaS application for B2B marketplaces, they strive to deliver a broad range of experience, the best development practices, and innovation for each web development project.

Founded in: 2014
Avg Hourly Rates: $50 — $99 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 10–49

6. Appwrk

As one of the finest web and mobile development companies, Appwrk IT Solutions has fruitfully delivered umpteen projects in the IT sector, irrespective of desktop, mobile, and web applications. The company has addresses in the US, UK, Canada, and UAE, serving numerous businesses, small and large, across the globe.

With a strategic approach to web design that focuses on technology companies (SaaS, B2B, and B2C), eCommerce, and more, their web designers create new milestones in the web design industry. Established in 2012, the company’s wizards have built 500+ web development projects. They work on advanced technologies like HTML, React, Node.js, CSS, Flutter, MongoDB, Angular, MySQL, PHP, .Net, and MSSQL.

Founded in: 2012
Avg Hourly Rates: < $25 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 50–249

7. Attract Group

Since 2011, Attract Group has enabled business transformation with digital solutions leveraging web development, project architecture, web design, application development, and IT business consulting services. The experts help businesses grow with their specializations in custom CRM and ERP systems, E-commerce and retail solutions, tailored solutions for custom web projects, Android and iOS apps, Flutter (cross-platform), and UI/UX Design.

Their web development specialists are tech-savvies of PHP (Laravel), Python/Django, HTML5/CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, React, AngularJS, NodeJS, MeteorJS, JavaScript, Ajax, and JQuery, offering best-in-class solutions to their target audience. With offices in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the USA (Las Vegas), they assist start-ups in faster emergence and help established companies digitize smoothly.

Founded in: 2011
Avg Hourly Rates: $25 — $49 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employee Size: 50–249

8. Edsson

Founded in 2008, Edsson is a leading web development company that assists businesses in the Netherlands and worldwide in strengthening their digital presence. The seasoned development team holds expertise in web technologies and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc. A well-crafted development strategy and agile approach empower them to meet clients’ expectations.

Leveraging its extensive domain expertise, team Edsson has assisted Netherlands businesses in multiple domains, including automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, banking & finance, and more. They have transformed multiple innovative business ideas into digital solutions following a tailored web development approach.

Hourly rate — $25 — $49 / hr
Location: Netherlands
Employees — 50–249
Founded- 2008

9. WayPlus Group

WayPlus is a top-tier web development company in the Netherlands, making it easy for startups and established businesses worldwide to join the technology revolution. With a unique combination of young and experienced professionals, they help Netherlands startups and established businesses reach a wide customer base. Over the years, they have offered affordable website development and design services, including — Project Planning, UX/UI Design and development, Quality Assurance, Integration, Support, Optimization, and Evolution.

Besides web development services, the company offers multiple IT services, such as digital marketing, business design, branding, email marketing, NFT projects, and mobile app development services. With over 100+ professionals, the WayPlus Group has delivered over 500 digital solutions to clients in 90+ countries.

Hourly rate — $25 — $49 / hr
Employees — 100+
Headquartered — Netherlands
Founded- 2020

10. Core Techies

Core Techies is a renowned website development company offering remote services in the Netherlands. The team works closely with the client, understands their website needs, brainstorms new ideas, and implements them according to their business needs. Implementing custom images, eye-catching UI/UX designs and an easy-to-navigate interface are the biggest reasons they have a five-star rating on Clutch and 4.7 on Google.

Core Techies provides the best web development services, such as web strategy and consulting, web prototyping and stories, web UI/UX designs, responsive web design, web development, web maintenance and support, and more. Within a short time period, they have deployed over 500 solutions for 300 clients worldwide.

Hourly rate — $25 — $49 / hr
Employees — 50–249
Founded 2012


We conclude our list of the Netherlands’ top 10 website development service providers. Selecting the right website development partner is vital for the business’s success and establishing a strong digital identity. If any of the companies mentioned above catch your eye, schedule a consultation call with their experts.

Choose the one that matches your budget, business vision, web development requirements, and goals. Remember, great web development partners build a good website and ensure it resonates with the brand identity.

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