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List Of Top Blockchain Development Companies In the USA

Blockchain is a powerful technology that people find helpful in improving how they run their businesses. Businesses that are worried about privacy are fueling the potential of blockchain solutions by using smartphones and the internet more and more. When there is a need like this, the number of service providers also goes up.

Are you also looking for a trustworthy blockchain development company in the United States? Even though not every company is the same and can make custom blockchain solutions, we did a lot of research to find the best ones. Our list of blockchain development companies in the US can help your business keep growing in 2022 and the years after that.

List of the Best Blockchain Development Firms in the US

Since the blockchain industry is growing, finding someone who can turn ideas into a blockchain app that works is hard. We know that if you sign a project with an alarming development company, it could fail. That’s why we’ve done a lot of research and developed a list of the best blockchain companies for 2022. Here, we’ve done a lot of research on different factors and made a list of the best blockchain developers in the USA. The list below shows a wide range of excellent development services.

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Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the company that has won the most awards for making mobile apps. It is also good at making custom software and providing consulting services for technologies like Blockchain, AI, IoT, cloud computing, and augmented reality. From the beginning, the company has shown that it has a lot of potentials to help startups, SMEs, and large companies maintain their software solutions in the best way possible. The blockchain experts at Suffescom know a lot about Ethereum, Stellar, and other tools and technologies that use blockchain.


RisingMax is now a leader in blockchain development because it has a lot of experience making high-end business apps. The company knows a lot about the newest technologies, such as AI, IoT, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, and many more. They offer solutions for the whole blockchain process, from consulting to development, design, deployment, maintenance, and upgrades.

RisingMax stands out because it knows how to use many different blockchain platforms. They make making customers happy their top priority. They do this by being open about managing customers’ expectations and having a proactive and consistent team.


Quytech is the only top-rated mobile app development company on this list that has been helping startups move in the right direction for more than 10 years. They use the newest technology to make the idea of a mobile app a reality. They make mobile apps with great user interfaces and user experiences (UI/UX), work perfectly, and look great. They are very good at making Android and iOS apps, AI and ML apps, blockchain apps, AR and VR apps, and more. The company works hard and has helped clients from many industries succeed.

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Accubits is one of the best blockchain development companies in the United States. Their services include consulting, blockchain development, dApps development, and blockchain with technologies like IoT and AI. This company also offers other services related to software development, such as the creation of mobile apps, custom software solutions, and data analytics services. The company also worked with many Fortune 500 companies and finished more than 1500 projects all over the world.


Labrys is one of the best blockchain development and consulting firms, and it makes new blockchain products. They offer services from start to finish for startups, businesses, and even the government that need new software solutions. From smart contracts to mobile apps and everything in between, the company could handle development needs related to blockchain. The expert designers, analysts, and project managers are proud to offer great user experiences through high-performing web and mobile apps that use the latest technologies and frameworks. Labrys’s team can help businesses of all sizes use the benefits of blockchain technologies to make entirely new protocols and integrations.

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Bitfury is another top full-service blockchain technology partner with years of experience in the Blockchain ecosystem. The company makes software and hardware solutions that businesses, governments, and people need to move assets across the blockchain safely. With a global team of technology, communications, and security experts, the company thinks its blockchain solutions will open up new business opportunities.


MixBytes is also on the list of the best blockchain development companies in the US, and it has the high-level experience to take projects to the next level. The team stays on the cutting edge of every service they offer, from Blockchain to DApp development to consulting. Whether you are new to blockchain or an expert, their team will help you learn everything you need to know about adopting and integrating it.


The main goal of companies that make blockchain apps is to help businesses solve complex problems by using new technologies. They have proven to be leaders in their field regarding blockchain solutions. They also have a deep understanding of their field and the technical skills needed to improve business processes, increase the business’s impact, and help it grow. They are motivated to develop new ideas and make blockchain solutions to help shape the future.

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Ubisoft is another trusted technology partner that believes in delivering AI and Blockchain solutions to drive high-end business results. This team knows a lot about machine learning, natural language processing, blockchain, data science, and data analytics. Ubisoft helps startups test their ideas, make an MVP, and increase. They also offer technology consulting services to bring old systems to life so businesses can run at their best. They keep customers’ expectations in the open from start to finish.

HoC Solutions

HoC Solutions is also on the list of the most recommended blockchain development companies in the United States. They have a strong background in making software and mobile apps that get things done. Their main goal is to help businesses turn their ideas into profitable businesses. Before starting a project, they develop a workable plan for blockchain development. They set a realistic budget and try their best to stay on schedule while making the most reliable blockchain products possible.

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Agile Infoways

Agile Infoways is one of the top companies that offer IT solutions and services. We are very good at developing mobile apps, web apps, blockchain, AI, ML, AR/VR, UI/UX, and more. The company has been around the world for over 10 years, with offices in the US, Australia, the UK, and other places. It has provided custom solutions for small, medium, and large businesses. They know everything there is to know about IT technology and have delivered more than 2,000 projects to happy clients. When a company has a strong team, clients are more likely to do business with them again. They offer the most reliable and scalable solution based on what the market needs.

DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies is also one of the digital transformation companies with the fastest growth. It has offices in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. They make sure that its end customers get full-fledged blockchain products on time. They have over 100 professionals who know how to use technologies like AI, ML, blockchain technology, IoT, AR/VR, etc., to make the best solutions. DxMinds has delivered a wide range of technology solutions and mobile apps on demand. They are dedicated to giving customers ready-to-serve solutions for the future.


IdeaSoft is also a well-known company that started making custom software in 2016. It has offices in the US, Canada, Germany, and other places. The company helps businesses use new and proven technologies to make great products and improve business results. They offer a full range of software development services and create software solutions for companies that are very effective. Fintech, Blockchain, and Logistics are the industries that they focus on. You can use IdeaSoft to make your idea a reality and work with others to create something new.


ELEKS is a global outsourcing company that works with large clients and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to improve value through new technologies. They are a group of more than 1800 experts who offer a full range of software services to their clients. They make custom software, design products, make sure the quality is good, and offer support and maintenance services. They have helped businesses worldwide, such as retail, finance, healthcare, and more.

Chaincode Consulting LLP

Chaincode Consulting LLP is a top-notch blockchain consulting firm that improves businesses and processes with new blockchain solutions. Their expert team has the right mix of industry knowledge and development skills to use blockchain technology to its fullest potential. They have the most experience building large-scale, high-performance, decentralised applications. The company also solved fundamental business problems in the finance, health care, real estate, and supply chain industries using blockchain technology.


Small and medium-sized businesses use the software they make. When we build software from scratch, we always keep the end user in mind and try to make it as easy to use and valuable as possible. Adoriasoft keeps an eye on all parts of the product development process. They also keep up with technological changes when creating software and watch the product market to understand what companies want from high-tech software today.


Prix is a design and development company with a strong presence in the United States. They are creative and have a lot of promise. The company offers front-end and back-end IT services, such as design, digital marketing, and building mobile apps. They have worked on many projects for various industries, such as healthcare, media, education, government, and non-profits.


It was a great experience to work with the SoluLab team. The SoluLab team is made up of experts in their fields. They know everything there is to know about what they are doing, and the results are always great. To keep up with the changes in the industry, their crew is constantly learning and improving.

E-learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), SaaS, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and so on. Our talented team of developers has figured out how to do everything and is improving the industry. Look at our client testimonials and corporate portfolio on our website to see what our clients say about us.

Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a cutting-edge offshore company that focuses on developing products for new businesses. Over the past 18 years, we’ve helped more than 170 new businesses get off the ground and become successful. From the ground up, the company has used cutting-edge technologies and scale engineering to meet the changing needs of the business. They have more than 450 people who are good at solving problems working in 9 technology excellence groups. These groups include AI/ML, Blockchain, BigData, DevOps, UI/UX, Mobile, Wearables, and others. Overall, they give you a small, experienced, affordable staff with a wide range of technical skills.


InterScale is a lean and agile technology consulting firm focusing on Blockchain development, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Distributed Apps development, Automation, Cloud computing, AI and Data mining, IoT services and consulting, and IOTA. The company focuses on all parts of software development, such as programming, documentation, testing, bug fixes, research, new development, prototyping, and other software-related tasks.

What should you look for in a company that builds blockchains?

It can take a long time to find the right blockchain developer. Think about the following tips to find the best blockchain development company:

Requirements: Building a blockchain app is hard enough, but it’s even harder to tell a blockchain development company your exact needs. Before clearly describing your vision, you need to know what to build.

Choose whether you want a public blockchain development service or a private one. Set the project’s scope and how much time and money you will spend on it. This will help you figure out what kind of Blockchain consulting services you’ll need and how big a team you’ll need.

Budget: Once you’ve thought about what features you want your blockchain app to have, you should think about how much money you’re willing to put into it. The goal is to find a candidate who can provide a complete solution without exceeding your budget. A certified blockchain development company has different pricing models based on how long the project will take and how hard it will be. You can get the team together to talk about the costs.

Work Profile: Examine the work done by the companies that have been chosen. Ask them in detail about their past projects, like what blockchain platform they used, how extensive the database was, and how the clients reacted. You could also ask the Blockchain consulting service provider if they ran into any problems during the project and how they fixed them.


Businesses can get a lot out of hiring the best Blockchain development companies in the United States. So, it’s hard to find the best IT technology partner among the many consulting firms because there are so many of them. So we’ve made a list of the best ones so you can pick the one that fits your needs the best. You can only stand out from the crowd if you work for a company that is a good fit for you.

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