How to Host an Event in Metaverse?

The metaverse is a three-dimensional space where the real-world scenario is easily replicated with the help of smart technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. This has bridged the gap and created an environment offering a seamless experience to the users. This virtual space provides applications in various realms. For example, with incredible storytelling methodologies, advertising will be on the next level. Besides that, the brands can establish a superior interaction with the worldwide audience, irrespective of the obstacles.

One of the best implementations of the metaverse is conducting events and plunging into them virtually. The concept of hosting an event in metaverse already existed in the real world through summits, workforce meetings, concerts, trade fairs, game shows, and more. All these physical events can be successfully recreated in the virtual world. Thinking about hosting a virtual event seems baffling, but the metaverse has made such things possible.

To host an event in the metaverse, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Metaverse platform: There are several Metaverse platforms, such as Decentraland, Somnium Space, and The Sandbox, just to name a few. Find a platform that satisfies you. For instance, it must be versatile, widely used, and small enough for the event.
  2. Create an event space: You can rent or buy a virtual space on the Metaverse platform, supplied with building tools, or design one yourself.
  3. Design the event: Engage your venue’s planning tools to create the space of your dreams and offer your guests a visually appealing experience.
  4. Promote the event: Promote the event on social media and other marketing channels and attract attendees.
  5. Set up event features: Depending on the platform you select, you may be able to add interactive elements to your event, like games, auctions, or live performances.
  6. Manage the event: As the event continues, be attentive to your audience, deal with questions, and accomplish the stated goals.
  7. Evaluate the event: When it is over, look at its success and collect feedback from the attendees to improve future occasions.

Necessity for Hosting Virtual Event In Metaverse

The craze for virtual events among people has increased in recent times. But initially, things were not that great. It has undergone a lot of experimentation. Things have been hit and miss, but the long-term gain has made the event organizers realize it holds a future beyond imagination. Some of them are shown below;

  • Negligible travel costs
  • No time was wasted in finding the event venues
  • Non-stop customizations
  • Worldwide reach
  • Flexibility while broadcasting the event
  • Mitigated carbon footprint

More businesses look forward to holding a digital event in the metaverse because of the benefits.

Steps Involved in Hosting Event In Metaverse

Understanding The Purpose Of The Event

Before starting any event, it is important to analyze the event type. Whether it is related to music, entertainment, or, say, sales/office meetings, i.e., related to work, game events related to fun, meditation sessions corresponding to mind-calming, etc. This shows that every event has a definite purpose. After that, other things need to be looked after. Such as whether the event will be live or pre-recorded, functionalities that need to be added, an acquaintance of the audience with the platform, and new tools that need to be added to promote engagement.

Adding Multimedia Elements

Digital events do not allow people to have physical involvement. So, to express their sentiments and notions, the emotes panel lets people express their feelings. The digital avatars available have some limited expressions, so to amplify the virtual interest of the audience, certain emotions are included that are customized to the requirements. The pattern and the arrangement of the platform features are modified accordingly.

Metaverse Scalability Integration

If there is an abrupt crowd during a live event in the metaverse, it leads to the instant addition of new rooms and buildings, which are unavailable in the physical world. When a sudden over-gathering occurs, enlarging the physical venues is impossible. So, the elongated metaverse’s scalability is essential.

Incorporating Window For Social Exploration

The events should be lively and entertaining. The objective of a virtual event is to make the audience attend the event, and they should find ways to improve the social gathering. If we look at the traditional event, people attend the shows but are open to conversing with the other members. There are other things to explore. Metaverse, an innovative technology, is one step ahead of the real world. Therefore, the attendees will have opportunities to network. They should be able to experience such moments with the convenience of sitting at home.

Security Attributes: Inclusion

Anything happening digitally is prone to fraudulent activities and hacking. Therefore, adding such features that protect by adding superior privacy settings is necessary. The reason is only to provide access to the people who are part of the event. So, whenever the event starts, permission must be obtained to join. It includes the security protocols to prevent outsiders from entering the virtual event.

Picking Up The Appropriate Venue

After deciding on all the components and everything that goes into making a successful event, it’s finally time to choose a relevant platform. Various metaverse development companies globally have hired developers to build the best event-hosting platform. The selection is based on interactiveness, user-friendliness, attractiveness, performance, purpose, etc. The venue should provide an amazing setting for gala nights, comedy shows, music events, and work meetings. The venues depend upon the size of the crowds joining the event. A grand expo hall is selected if the crowd is huge, but an auditorium is the best place if the audience is small/medium.

Adding Connection Functionalities

Organizing a digital event aims to amplify the extent of engagement. Contrary to some webinar platforms, adopting metaverse-based platforms can fully achieve this. The former has the potential to bring an advanced level of collaboration and build a considerate amount of social bonding among peers.

While hosting the video, the spaces must be dedicated to connecting people while sitting in their personal spaces. There are extraordinary facets like question-and-answer sessions; also, there is the availability of the customized audio feature that helps the attendees communicate with one another while adjusting the volumes. This allows them to exchange words without any interference.

Systematic Utilization Of AR/VR

Technologies like AR/VR serve the main purpose of connecting people with the platform. The real-world experience is based on VR technology, which creates a 3D space. To witness the event, gadgets like VR headsets help witness the virtual scenario. Simultaneously, AR is responsible for adding interactive elements to enhance the user experience. These aid in transforming the landscape of the entire virtual ecosystem.

Inviting People

Whoever the target audience is, digital invitations are sent to them to grace the event. Depending on their tastes and preferences, people attend the events.

The above steps are crucial to hosting an event in the metaverse.


Metaverse allows people to showcase diverse opportunities and offer impressive experiences to attendees. The metaverse can transform people’s lives and change daily event routines by making events more interactive and attractive. Events are systematically planned, implemented, and managed via advanced technologies.

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