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How To Build A Streamlined Super App Like Gojek?

Super apps have become the ultimate choice of the users. People are in favor of an all-inclusive application that provides multiple services from a single platform. The evolution of super apps took place when more users started having access to smartphones. Today, users have a never-ending demand; they want everything straight away without delay. For customers like those, the super app is a wonderful platform.

What is a Super App?

An application that encompasses many services to fulfill users’ needs is Super App. The services may include ride services, payment transfer, food delivery, salon services, etc. This type of application has created a huge impact on several industry verticals. It has transformed the whole scenario of on-demand apps where it hooks users’ attention so that they don’t quit the application.

Popular Super Apps


An Indonesian-based multi-service platform that started as a basic bike rider app has become one of the fastest-growing unicorn companies. It provides various services like GO-MART, GO-LIFE, GO-PAY, GO-FOOD, GO-CLEAN, etc. We will discuss all these services in detail as we proceed further.


It’s a Chinese instant messaging application that offers multiple utilities like movie booking, shopping, and cab booking on a unique platform. It handles every operation smoothly, and there is no need to download different applications.

Yandex Go

It’s a European super application that offers on-demand delivery and transportation services. The user can request rides as well as order their delicious food. The Yandex Go taxis have superb speed as they arrive in less than 5 minutes. The delivery of any grocery items takes 15 minutes, any important documents nearly around 20 minutes, and food from restaurants within half an hour.


  • Around 29.2 million active users are from Indonesia
  • There are about 38 million Gojek users across Southeast Asia
  • Upto March 2021, the total downloads worldwide have been 190 million
  • There are approx. 4 million applications that are listed on the google play store
  • AS of 2019, it had 2 million drivers

Reasons Behind Developing a Gojek-like Application

Super Apps have become the talk of the town these days. Every company wants to build an app like Gojek that serves multiple purposes. Without a doubt, it has become the most thriving business. Several reasons have fascinated the users to develop Gojek-like applications.

Some are below – mentioned;

  • It allows the entrepreneurs to boost the scalability feature. The services extend very swiftly; one can start by adding a few and then, during the process, keep on multiplying the services.
  • The essential thing is that it reduces the load of developing new applications for every application. It helps in gathering numerous ideas into one app.
  • The time taken to complete a task is specifically lower. This means that it works with greater capability.
  • Due to the varied services offered, there are chances to see positive growth in the revenue earned. The user engagement level gets a spikes up constantly.
  • Apart from these wonderful features, the Gojek application provides splendid discounts and deals. This entices the customers and compels them to download the app.
  • This application has a smooth and bilateral graphical user interface and advanced payment methods for seamless functioning.

Top Most Gojek On-Demand Services

This super application provides practically everything to the users. They don’t shy away from breaking into any new service. Some of those services are mentioned as under; 

  • GoRide: It offers on-demand taxi services to the users. The booking process is entirely effortless. Make the booking for your ride at any time with just a click on your phone. The drivers thoroughly scan every time after a successful ride. The customers can make the payment via cash or online, basically GoPay.
  • GoPay: It is essentially a digital wallet where one can store money. This wallet is linked with their bank accounts, which means one can transfer money to their accounts and the other GoPay users. There are numerous facilities inside GoPay like recharging your phones(both call and data), paying bills, etc. After every transaction, tokens and points are provided to buy vouchers.
  • GoLife: This offers a platform that yields laundry, cleaning, servicing services, etc., to the consumers. The services under GoLife are GoMassage( for providing massage services at your place), GoClean (for home cleaning facilities), GoGlam( for grooming services), and GoAuto(servicing solutions), etc.

Step by Step Guide to Develop Super App Like Gojek

Select a Platform

There are essentially three platforms available from where one can be chosen. It depends on the focussed target audience as to how many platforms or a single platform they need to pick out. One can go for more than one platform for a much better reach.

These platforms illustrate as under;

Web App

 In this case, the website is built to be completely optimized for mobile. It is the one that is hosted on the web and accessed on the device through a browser.

Native App

These applications utilize platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows. They use their development tools and programming languages. They have a better UI/UX design as compared to web apps.

 Hybrid App

This is also known as a cross-platform app where an exclusive application is built on HTML5 and then further made effective for various platforms. These applications are installed from the app stores in the same way as native apps. 

Choose the Features

For successful Gojek app development, certain features should incorporate into the app. Have a look at some of them below;

Multi Linguistic Support

Multiple languages add to the platform that allows the users to select the desired language. This is an impressive technique to involve and embrace a large audience section.

GPS(Global Positioning System)

This attribute initiates tracking down the service providers and getting updates about their live location.

Social Media Integration

It helps a lot to not make the registration process cumbersome. The users are enabled to sign up through their personal social media IDs. This gives them a convenient and easy way to create their platform accounts. After creating the account, they can use that social media channel and log in successfully.

Send Push Notification

Using the Push notification feature, service providers will be able to send notifications to users regarding updates, such as orders received, order dispatch, orders about to arrive, and more.

Schedule Booking

This option helps the users schedule their bookings in advance in case of urgency.

Payment Gateway Inclusion

The feature of inculcating the payment gateways in the application helps the users to pay in an online format. This could be through plastic cards, mobile wallets, scanning options, etc. This minimizes the demand for cash or cheque.

Technology Stack

The amalgamation of numerous technologies contributes to a strong platform. For the effortless working of operations, an adequate tech stack is very important. The tech stack involves Bootstrap, Crashlytics, New Relic, Nginx, Select2, Realm, HTML5, etc. It encompasses Java, Swift, JRuby, Golang, etc. The other tools include Google Fit SDK, Google Tag Manager, Google Wallet, Square, Mandrill, MailChimp, etc.

Designing and Development

The designing and development part comes when the above things are met, such as features, platform, tech stack, etc. The interface needs to be interactive for the uninterrupted navigational flow. This can done by using wireframes that are the framework of the application. It will help glance at the super app before commencing the backend process.It includes pop-ups,logo,header,share buttons, navigation systems,body content etc.


After completing the development process, it’s time to make the app live. But before that, it should be made sure that the app is bug-free. That’s why alpha testing performs verifies the app’s performance. It is then followed by beta testing, where access to the app is given to the actual users. The last phase of the SDLC process is where the end-users check and use all its characteristics and functionality. After the proper testing method, the application launch to the actual users.

Benefits of Super App Like Gojek

The benefits of this super app can be classified for both customer and business points of view. Here we go!

From the Customer’s Point of View

  • Makes their life easier by offering several services on the same platform.No, waste of time downloading multiple applications
  • Possess call hiding attribute for the security purposes
  • Provides information about the solution provider to update with the utility service
  • Promotes communication in numerous languages

From Businesses Point of View

  • They are capable of earning massive profit and revenue through commission
  • Transforming their business into a successful brand 
  • Engaging the customers and garnering their attention towards the app. This can be done by taking feedback and reviews in stride and working towards bettering it
  • Keeping users updated about their services and henceforth building customer loyalty

Cost of Developing an App like Gojek

The cost of developing an app like Gojek depends on many factors. There is no specific or constant price, but we can give an estimated cost of $15K to $80K.This range is based on the platform used, features offered, UI/UX design, the time required to solve complexities, etc. If you are interested in developing an app like Gojek, we at Suffescom provide a full-fledged Gojek clone script. 

Final words

As you have got a detailed understanding of the Gojek app, now is the time to take one step forward in creating it and earn big bucks, right from its features, benefits, its development process, and knowing the proper usage of technology stacks to build an application. If you are thinking of getting a top-class app like Gojek for your business, consult the best app development company. At Suffescom, we have an experienced team of mobile app developers that will guide you in developing a customizable Pre-built Super App With Add-on Features.

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