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Enhance Your Business Growth With Cattle Management Software: Benefits And Development Process

The farming industry or animal husbandry has played a vital role in fulfilling our needs. From the very starting, people have been using traditional methods for farming poultry. However, just like the other industries, the livestock industry can also leverage the potential of the latest technological advancements with technological innovations. However, this industry has been overlooked and kept away from integrating advanced techs for a long time. But now, the time has changed as the digitization of livestock management is possible.

The latest technology trends revolutionize the cattle management world to reap the benefits and save time/money. The cattle management programs enhance the productivity and efficiency that were missing when applying the traditional methods.

Revolution In The Cattle Management System By Digitization

Earlier, traditional businesses like poultry farms, dairy farms, and other agribusinesses were managed manually. The managers must keep the workers’ records, feed the animals, and animals’ medication. Over the past few years, technology has changed how livestock managers work. It has made many management businesses quite easy and efficient like cattle management, restaurant management, dispatch management software. The cattle management industry use technologies based on nutritional knowledge, genetics, etc., to understand the animals in a better way. Various sensors can check the real-time milk quality, pregnancy hormones, health, etc. Also, the use of robotics is wide in this industry which also solves the issues of time management and labour shortage.12% of the dairy farm owners use the robotics, and it can rise to 20% in the coming five years.

Incorporating the technology also helps to keep up with animal welfare. Individual wearable sensors can be put on the cattle to monitor their activities and increase their productivity. The technologies help provide the cattle’s real-time health issues through data-driven insights. All of this plays a vital role for the management in making the right and fast decisions. 

What is Cattle Management Software?

Cattle management software is a collection of programs to manage/record the daily activities and store all the data related to the cattle in one organized dashboard. It helps to save you time and use separate programs to handle the different activities of animals. Also, using cattle management software, you can aggregate all the information about the animals singly and straightforwardly. Mostly this software is for managing the cattle. However, the management software can be used for:

  • Fowl
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Pigs
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits
  • Horses

The cattle record-keeping software can track the animals’ cost, performance, sales, and health. Also, it can maintain the calendars to remember the due dates like feeding plans, medical dates, locations, visits, etc. You are free to measure almost everything related to your animals and affect their growth and performance.

What Are The Benefits of The Best Cattle Management Software

Following are the excellent benefits of the cattle management software that can increase the productivity of your business.

Better Feed Management

Having a better idea about feed consumption management adds value to the operational efficiency at the ranch. You can get the well-panned feeding plans for your cattle and they can record the track of their feeding habits like how much they eat and at what time. The data collected this way can be beneficial for doing the feeding calculations and estimating the cost of the animal food. All of this can help the ranch owners to make the right and informed decisions.

Moreover, another benefit is that the cattle management system can count the calories and maintain the nutritional balance for each cattle. The pasture management is feasible with the use of this software, if your animals graze then you can plan the heard movements and field yields. If you change your animal’s diet then it can reflect the noticeable improvements that happened in animals. And how it affects their productivity when the cattle are on one certain diet.

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Easy Accounting

Accounting can be the toughest part for the ranchers but a cattle management program can lessen your pain for the accounting part by keeping every finance detail in well-organized order. You get the facility to merge your current accounting structure into the management software or create a new accounting structure using it. You can get customized software that can match your needs. You can access the details you want in a simpler and easy way. It helps you get rid of the daunting paperwork.

Detailed Individual Records

The detailed record-keeping features of this innovative software for livestock management are a helpful way for the ranchers to have various kinds of animals. They can keep extensive records of each cattle present on their farm. The detailed information regarding cattle can help you with various operations at the ranch. As you don’t need to find out the required information separately but the software can help you always in one go. The individual cattle records may include:

  • Weight 
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Breed
  • Nutrition
  • Performance
  • And other details

Along with the above-listed points and the other data fields, all the data can be updated and deleted as per the requirements. All the information is available to you with just a few clicks rather than searching on the papers and record books.

Efficient Date Tracking

The livestock farming with the use of software helps in maintaining the track of the due dates of the animals. You can record crucial data like the calving period of the animals, which can help you control the rearing practices that happened at the farm. This automatic data tracking assists you to maintain a high-quality standard while at the same time saving you time to recall the urgent dates.

Better Event Tracking

There are various crucial events in livestock farming like medical treatment, breeding procedures, sales, and birth/death of animals, all these events can be tracked using software requiring less effort and time. It keeps you away from the challenging task of recording these events manually. The software compiles all the data in a constant series of activities/events.

Increasing Growth

Cattle management can be a tough job when there is no involvement in the technology. There is a number of animals on a ranch so keeping track of all is next to impossible in the absence of a program. On the other hand, those who use this kind of software comparatively get better growth and earnings. As everything is managed in an organized way and is on point. You can get what you want with just a click. So, overall, it helps to increase productivity and growth.

Genealogy Tracking

Genealogy tracking on a farm is as important as the other points mentioned above. It helps to evaluate the family records/history of the animals of one breed quickly and efficiently. When you use efficient cattle management software then you can keep eye on the breeding cost, and benefits of all kinds of breeds. You can produce high-quality and healthy offspring with proper knowledge but not only through guessing.


When you use the smart and best cattle management software you are free from unnecessary worries as you have everything maintained on the software where you can easily access every piece of information. Additionally, you get peace of mind with the increased growth and productivity at your farm; it adds to your economical value.

How to Develop Custom Cattle Management Software?

Understand Your Requirements 

It is the very first step of developing the software. Being a business owner you need to communicate your needs and business challenges to make sure your development partner can come up with the outcome you want. The right development partner will help you find out the potential of cattle management software that can help you grow quality-wise and economically. First, analyze what your competitors are doing to reap the most benefits from such kinds of softwares. And prepare a list of your weaknesses and positives and what role they plan in your farming business.

Some of the challenges that you may face in your ranch can be data centralization, traceability of operations, producing high-quality breeds, etc. All these can be overcome by the use of efficient cattle management software.

Finalizing the Team

You should choose the best development team based on numerous factors not only just one single criterion is enough. You need to conduct the deep research to find out the right one for you:

  • Company experience
  • Previous work portfolio
  • Development team expertise
  • Company Location
  • Development Team

Your selected development team will be comprised of the following members:

  • Front-end developers
  • Custom software developer
  • Cloud implementation experts
  • Backend developers
  • QA and testing engineers 

Proposal Delivery 

Once you are done with the requirement gathering phase, you can get the proposal prepared by your development partner. It may include the cost, delivery time, features included, and other details that are necessary to communicate to you at the initial phase of development. The other details can be like:

  • Technology Stack for development 
  • Required team details
  • The features /complexity of the project
  • Platforms compatible with the software 
  • The engagement models

Selecting the Technology Stack 

After getting the idea of the plan, the development company can help you choose the right tech stacks for your project. There are multiple options: which technology can be the best suitable for you? You will know with the assistance of your team.

For Utilities

Cattle Management Features 

Following are the must have features of a cattle management software:

Manage Inventory

You will get full transparency while managing and maintaining the inventory list with prices.

Livestock Tracking

Integrating the GPS/GIS features is mandatory for controlling the pasture movements and the ear tag sensors to track the locations.

 Cattle Feed Planning

Maintain the planned grazing for cattle, compare the pasture production output and prepare the corresponding reports.

Feed Mill Automation:

For optimized nutritional intake for the cattle at the ranch to ensure VFD compliance.

  Testing And Deployment

Once the cattle management software is ready, it must go through the rigorous testing phase to eliminate the bugs. So, it does not cause hiccups to the client when using it. After removing the errors, the software is ready for deployment. So, it is handed over to the client. If any technical issue arises, the development team is always ready to help its clients with 24 hours tech support.

Final Words!

Cattle management software allows you to handle your farming business in such a way that saves your time and efforts. At the same time, you achieve maximum productivity. If you are looking for a solution that can work best for you in solving all your challenges then opting for the cattle management software is the key solution for you. Therefore, leave behind the traditional ways of managing the livestock and indulge in the advanced and latest technology-based solutions.

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