An Exclusive Guide on Food Truck App Development

The on-demand food marketplace has become very successful and popular in current times. This online food marketplace has been responsible for pushing the business growth forward, corresponding to the revenue earned. The one that has received impressive acceptance by the people is the food truck business. Along with that, certain food truck apps have been successful in attracting more consumers. To discover food truck app development, let’s first learn about this industry.

What is a food truck business?

An extensive vehicle with an integrated kitchen that is used to prepare and serve food to the customers on wheels is known as the food truck business. It is an absolutely practical, suitable, and affordable form of the food business. Many startups are opting for this category because they don’t need to rent out places to build the restaurants.

The entrepreneurs and the people are also taking huge benefits from this business structure. They don’t have to pay exorbitant prices while serving and relishing the scrumptious food respectively.


  • There was a substantial growth of 13.7 % in the food truck business from 2017-to 2022
  • TIll Jan 2022, the employed food truck workers were about 40,547 in the US
  • Similarly, the operative food trucks were nearly around 35,000 in the US
  • The market value of the US food truck industry is about USD 1.2 billion  
  • In comparison to last year, the food truck market has increased by 6.5%. While as, from 2017-2022, it had a growth of about 10.2%
  • According to the IBISWorld, the market size of the US market will rise by 3.4% in 2022
  • The age demographics show that the people aged between 18-34 years are more likely to pick a food item from the food truck
  • Around 80% of people choose to eat from the food truck because of an incredible experience
  • The food truck business owners are 8% LGBTQ, 30% immigrants, 2% military experts, and 30% women.
  • Nearly, 24% of the startup chefs had started their career as a food truck owner
  • The excessive number of the food truck business is located in California, USA 
  • The budget friendly licenses and permits are found in Denver, USA 
  • The most expensive and taxing city to commence this business is Boston.The price of the licenses and the permits are around  $17,000, with yearly operating expense of $37,904

Food Truck Apps

There is absolutely no denial in agreeing that the food truck applications have contributed a lot to the effective branding of this business. People think that the social networking sites are enough to entice the customers. But there is more than meets the eye; dedicated applications produce huge sales and economic money.

Some of the most popular applications are mentioned as under;

Roaming Hunger:  The most in-demand application in the food truck business is Roaming Hunger. It has precisely influenced the food truck market. The most significant advantage of this application is that it connects the people who are hungry. Even it builds an association with the companies that require trucks for food events. They also help the food lovers in finding the food trucks.

Truckily: This is the free application that has made the lives of people extremely convenient. It automatically updates the location of the social media accounts. This works in a way that one can organize their location beforehand. So, whenever the food truck moves in any particular area, alerts are sent to the customers. The key thing is it concurrently updates the social media handles like Twitter, Facebook, etc., which keeps updated the users whenever there is the movement of food vehicles in any particular area.Therefore, it eliminates the need for constant logging-in and location updation at every step.

Truckster: This application is a multi-service platform that exhibits the current locations of the food trucks that are available at that point in time. Also, one can also search for the availability of any food truck by manually selecting the day and checking for the availability.

There is a proper way of operating a food truck. The amazing thing is one does not have to wait in queues to get their favorite food. People also share the food pictures and how they felt after eating it. This ensures lucidity at all levels as one sees what they are buying. It also helps in dispensing out information regarding the forthcoming events. This platform can be used in numerous ways to find new consumers to earn more money.

Street Food Finder App: 

The street food finder app has a user-friendly platform that helps locate, schedule, and book the food items available on the food truck. It gives information in the form of updates and schedules the plans weekly. It helps the consumers to make the booking at their own convenience. It is an all-inclusive application.

Let’s see how this app works!

One can go to the option of “What’s Open” to look for the food trucks that are fully functioning at the moment. One can also take the help of a map that shows any upcoming events. Also, the “Vendor’s List” also shows the approaching food events. With the proper selection of the desired food truck, one can reach their destination without much difficulty. There are dedicated updated versions of the street food finder app that show competition among its competitors.

The street food delivery app help in the door-to-door delivery of the online food to the customer’s doorsteps. It delivers absolutely everything in the dedicated time without causing any inconvenience to the customers.

FoodPops: FoodPops is a very sophisticated platform where instantaneous information about the availability of the food trucks is available. It shows only the real-time food truck accessibility just for “Today” and “Tomorrow .” This feature allows the users to use this application as it is based on valid data. It’s an absolutely user-friendly application that has a simple design, and every bit of information is synchronized in actuality.

Food truck app development

The food truck app development has changed the whole game related to the business performance and the customer experience. This application is more feasible and credible to connect more people and bring out an amazing customer experience. Efficiency is the prime factor behind gaining traction from the people.

Let’s have a look at some of the salient features that make the app a worthy one!


Time Scheduling: This is the most relevant feature that offers an organized time to the users. In that time frame, the order is accepted and sends an alert to the user. In that update, adequate information is sent to the customer. The update shows how much time will be required in the full preparation of the meal, therefore saving time. Hence, inadvertently it provides an alternative for the customer to choose the correct dish that takes minimal time in case of a hurry.

Menu access: 

The application has a menu of the food items that are available. By providing the authorization to the customers, they can hop through the entire menu that is located in the places nearer to them.

Reviews and Ratings:

Having a distinct section for the ratings acts as an advantage. Here, people will share everything about the purchased food item and give their honest feedback. Also, they can share the details about the services provided by the food truck service provider. This will help the other customers to have a look at the services and food items served by the food truck business owner.

Push notifications: One of the best features that are included in the food truck application is the notifications options. It helps the customers in getting updated and revised information about any changes that will take place in the current or future scenario. The location information is always kept upgraded from time to time.

For instance, if there is any change in the location or there is an addition of some new items in the menu. Then this is the way to provide them with all the latest updates.

Benefits of a Food Truck App

Time-saving: The food truck app has an exclusive menu that contains a list of the food items with a price list. This menu listing helps the customers to order their favorite food smoothly. It ultimately saves the customer’s time as they reach the destination when the meal is fully prepared.

Paperless transaction: Digitization has paved the way for online transactions, expanding with time. The model has become utterly cashless by incorporating various online payment methods. The paperless transaction helps maintain the total sales and tariffs on an everyday basis and maintains a record of this.

Food truck locator: This feature helps the users find the exact location of the food trucks. There is an integrated GPS facility and an in-built map system. This helps in easy navigation so that the users can find the food trucks easily.

Minimal initial investment: The preliminary investment required by a food truck business is extremely low compared to a full-fledged restaurant. There is no need to put money into building the infrastructure and renting the place. The only cost required is to buy the vehicle. One can also utilize their own automobile fully equipped with grillers, gas burners, exhausts, lamps, etc. Basic cutlery set along with disposables doesn’t cost much.

Lower operational cost: The restaurants require high-end services that include the cost of chefs, kitchen staff, electricity charges, cleaners, etc. In the case of food trucks, no such expenses need to be paid by the kitchen truck business. Because of minimal staff, the expense just gets curbed. Besides this, the maintenance cost of the furniture or decor gets reduced.

Fetching more customers: Who doesn’t want to get fantastic food at affordable prices. The food trucks are mostly pocket friendly; they serve quality meals to the customers. They can offer healthy and hygienic food compared to street food vendors. This is one of the enormous reasons customers get fascinated with the amazing combination of low prices and delicious food.

How much does a food truck pay for mobile app development?   

Normally, the cost of the development of a food truck mobile app depends upon the features that are incorporated in the application. The software cost and the developer’s charges cost around US $12,000-US $40,000.

Well, on the high-end side, everything related to the development depends upon the technicalities involved in it. Some of them are illustrated as under;

  • Exceptional UI/UX design
  • Smooth front and back-end of the app
  • Bug/Error removal
  • MVP testing
  • Technical documentation

All these factors play a crucial role in setting an amount for the food truck mobile app development.

Wrapping up!

The best way to have an advantage over the already existing or upcoming players in the industry is by utilizing the mobile application. Invariably, it should be seen what elements are supposed to make your mobile application unique and exceptional. By imparting ease to use software and intuitive design, one can really give a push to their business. The food truck business has already become a big name in the food delivery business and will continue to grow in the upcoming future.

At Suffescom solutions, we are a team of experts that will guide you in building a super stylish food truck apps.

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